51 Photos - Jun 6, 2013
Photo:                                Photo: This little guy walked in front of us during the bushwhack.Photo: Photo: In the drainage, about 300' prior to the slide.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: First sign of the Bottle.Photo: Rubble and sand.Photo: Photo: View from the Bottle's Base.Photo: Photo: Kevin about 1/3 of the way up.Photo: Phil on some nice open anorthosite.Photo: Photo: Next set of ledges.Photo: Photo: Photo: A dominant ledge set a bit over halfway up. It's easier to the right of this.Photo: Phil climbing the ledge, actually a tricky area.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A bit of rubble about 2/3 of the way up.Photo: Photo: Taking notes.Photo: Agony of de feet...Phil's.Photo: Headwall of the slide.Photo: Phil on the lower headwall.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Interesting weathering partway up the headwall.Photo: View of summit ridge.Photo: View of Phil.Photo: Crow or raven riding a thermal updraft.Photo: We're on target!Photo: Last of the Bottle.Photo: Working our way along the cliffs.Photo: Piton in the Bottleneck.Photo: Getting geared up for the climb up this, about 80'Photo: Kevin being belayed by Phil.Photo: Belay point in the krummholz.Photo: Photo: Close-up of the upper half of the Bottleneck.Photo: Lower portion of the crack ends at the treeline. We traversed left and up at the horizontal overlap.Photo: Phil on Chapel Pond Slab.Photo: The 'loose flake' on the Empress route.Photo: Phil heading toward the buttress.Photo: Storm moving in. It poured about one minute after this photo.Photo: