50 Photos - Dec 23, 2012
Photo: Mosaic of point on the slide.Photo: Photo: Photo: First up-close view of the beckhorn from the north side of the primary drainage. Snowing and picking up pace. We were about 1.5 hrs away at this point.Photo: Photo: Photo: Primary drainage about 1600' from bottom pitch.Photo: Photo: NP working his way up the drainage.Photo: Photo: Bottom of the runout. Notice the old tributary (left) that lead directly to Beckhorn and 2011 tributary leading closer to the summit.Photo: Photo: Getting steeper on approach in about 18" of crust/snow.Photo: Photo: Bottom of the first pitch.Photo: Photo: Breaking trail up the first pitch. Notice the slides on the southern side Dix' eastern ridge behind NP.Photo: Photo: Photo: A bit of ice.Photo: Photo: Set of ledges at the top of the first pitch.Photo: Slope of the mid-slide area.Photo: Photo: Photo: NP climbing the ice dragging a rope. We were both set to use protection if necessary, but didn't end up needing it after all...better safe than sorry.Photo: Looking up the thin slide toward the Beckhorn.Photo: Traversing over to the 2011 tributary.Photo: Looking up toward the final pitch...still an hour away.Photo: Photo: Mess of a new slide helped keep the snow stable.Photo: Photo: Ledges at between the two tributaries.Photo: God's artwork.Photo: Looking at NP above the ledges.Photo: Photo: Kevin above the central ledges in the snowfield.Photo: Photo: Photo: Using the flash on the camera to illuminate the snow...the sun had set by this point.Photo: Twilight on the upper pitch.Photo: Here's what it really looked like.Photo: Trigger point at the top.Photo: Ledge at the slide top...where it's steepest.Photo: Photo: NP on the final pitch.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: