11 Photos - Apr 6, 2012
Photo: Ok, feeding time at my zoo.... My son actually tried the Milo's kitchen treats, though he wouldn't let me take a picture of it, and he liked them too. He said they tasted like jerky!Photo: My animals move so fast they're blurry!Photo: This picture is blurry because my dog is trying to get away from me, I'm holding the treat, so he can eat it. This is his new favorite!Photo: I gave my other little dog a Pup-peroni and  she was trying to tug it out of my hand too!Photo: My patient big dog. Gotta love her.Photo: And the very impatient cats. Funny story...I didn't have enough cat treats left to go around so I broke up a Pup-peroni and they loved it.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: And now it's time to feed the rest of my zoo, my kids, some DelMonte fruit cocktail and watch our new movie.Photo: Eating fruit cocktail and watching a movie on a Good Friday, what a great day this is turning out to be.