298 Photos - Dec 31, 2013
Photo: Photo: The greatest learning in my year 2014 was "Love Changes Everything." I felt that every smile and care towards others generated positive energy, which made my life easy and happy. My friend from Somerset, UK, whom I have never had chance to meet yet, understands my feeling without speaking to her directly and sent me a gift containing a piano piece "Love Changes Everything" by Andrew Lloyd Webber this Christmas!! It was one of the biggest miracles for me this year. I deeply thank everyone I met and communicated, and everything happened in this year, and have determined to work harder in coming year 2015. Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. 
31st December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/88/viewPhoto: Machida - a town in the west suburban Tokyo that has everything required for city dwellers. We started our life from this town and have special memories connected to it. Hope some day we would come back here! 
30th December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/86/viewPhoto: 2014 is closing its curtain. Keep a good health everyone, let's welcome 2015 peacefully and humbly. Go slow, take it easy and learn to appreciate! - Taco-chan, the doggy and Mini Taco-chan, the stuffed doggy.
29th December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/84/viewPhoto: One sunny winter morning, a chubby cat, named "Feerangi" by my mother-in-law, sitting by the garden. Cats are our bright and adorable neighbors. Photo by Siddharth.
11th December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/71/viewPhoto: Indian restaurant Swagat (http://swagat-jp.com/) in Roppongi, Tokyo, run by a Punekar entrepreneur Mr. Sunil Kulkarni (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sunil-kulkarni/0/187/1b0,) who is well known in Japanese translation industry also. What made me surprised the most was that they had "Kanda Pohe," very much typical Pune local dish!! We enjoyed Hara Bara Kabab and Papadi Chat with Jal Jeera as starters. Relatively reasonably priced, I highly recommend this restaurant if you wonder the dinner options at Roppongi area.
10th December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/69/viewPhoto: Yellow tunnel and carpet at Jingu Gaien's Gingko avenue, Tokyo, taken at the end of this November. Although I enjoy my life in India, I always miss the beauty of four seasons in Japan. The place looks popular among Chinese tourists also. 
8th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/68/viewPhoto: There're so many things to consider..., English interpretation of menus in a restaurant in Tokyo. It is a specialty restaurant for varieties of Ochazuke dishes, boiled rice soaked in soup, topped with different ingredients like raw fish fillets, boiled chicken and vegetable pieces. Couldn't "I am free to do soup stock another helping" be proofread by someone else before printing? Tictac, so-called Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 is just five years away! 
8th December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/66/viewPhoto: Funny English series volume 1, "A snack for nights" mentioned on a package of the famous "Unagi Pie (a crispy sweet pie with a hint of eel powder)." I know very well how challenging it is to find out the best expression in a foreign language that sounds impressive to its native speakers, while maintaining the original (Japanese) meaning, that is why my eyes often catch this kind of phrases. *Eel is a specialty of Hamanako lake, Shizuoka.
5th December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/64/viewPhoto: Vending machine for packaged cut apples found in a crowded subway station in Tokyo. Japan is a highly-developed vending machine nation, but selling perishable foods like this is challenging and seems only possible in the bustling place where we can easily test the demands.
4th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/62/viewPhoto: Butterfly garden in Singapore's Changi International Airport Terminal 2. Set temperature and humidity are the most suitable for butterflies they are keeping here. Tired of all duty-free shops I did not have many businesses, the garden gave me a moment of great relaxation. Apart from it, the upper deck of the Terminal 2's main floor had a big and reasonably priced food court and fast-food restaurant, so I could enjoy Singaporean delights without worrying. Transit hours in a trip between Fukuoka and Pune has become one of my most pleasant time recently, and it is fun to plan how to savor it very well. 
3rd December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/60/viewPhoto: Can you guess what are these safety boxes? These are for charging mobile phones and smartphones completely worry-free. Set up at a mobile operator's office, anybody can use it with free of charge. I used paid safety charger boxes too (10-minute 100 yen.) I am sure there is strong demands in India too. 
2nd December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/58/viewPhoto: Safety net to protect workers on the utility pole. I always wish that lives of workers in India to be respected this way, and know even such basic requirements cannot be fulfilled easily. If only one can imagine another's circumstances as her / his own matter, this world would be much better place to live. 
1st December updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/56/viewPhoto: Flyers' favourite coffee spot, Hatti Kaapi at Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport. A cup of milk coffee is around 15INR, my husband said. I feel this airport has much more "out of the terminal building" snack options than Mumbai International Airport, and hope that all Indian airports compete for this aspect.
26th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/54/viewPhoto: UB City in Bengaluru. The mini-city houses a handful of high-rise buildings, such as hotels and office towers, and forms a stylish landscape. I did not have much business with their luxury brand shops and expensive restaurants, but it is good to take a stroll when you are in town. The JW Marriott Hotel here has Royce outlet (In BBC; https://www.royce.com/contents/english_india/), a premium Hokkaido chocolate shop.
25th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/53/viewPhoto: Akash Kandil cum Christmas lanterns found in Fukuoka, at an IKEA outlet. While St. Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas have become a part of Japanese festivals now, I dream one day Ganesha Chaturti and Diwali will also be widely celebrated in Japan. I am sure if it happened, many toy manufacturers would start making cute goods for our festivals. 
24th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/51/viewPhoto: Back here again, Mumbai International Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) Terminal 2. Constructed by GVK, now the terminal has become another "pride of Mumbai." I recommend GVK to develop this side (opposite side of the terminal building where the entrances to the parking and a few snack counters are there) also, as I believe there are a huge scope of earning revenue from those who come to see off their departing family members and/or friends.
21st November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/48/viewPhoto: First experience in my life - buying Okonomiyaki (left, around 550INR; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okonomiyaki) and Gyoza (around 350INR; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiaozi) at a Japanese restaurant in India. At Harima (https://plus.google.com/116920440198555301363/about?gl=jp&hl=en) in Bengaluru, choices of typical Japanese starters / appraisers including Sashimi (raw fish fillets) and Karaage (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karaage) are available, beside square meals like Sushi, Oyako-don (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oyakodon,) and Ramen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramen.) Taste of our Okonomiyaki and Gyoza? Mmm... frankly, though I deeply appreciated and enjoyed them from heart, if only we had had all necessary ingredients including special Okonomiyaki-sauce here, one could have cooked them better at home (I think I felt this because of their higher prices.) One step inside the restaurant, I felt as if I were back in Japan with their almost all customers were Japanese business people talking and laughing loudly. Even some Japanese staffs are working in the restaurant.
20th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/46/viewPhoto: Bustling and colourful Akola's vegetable market. Fresh vegetables are so much important source of energy to most of Indian people that shopping at the market first drain a lot of one's energy. Each shopper has a skill of distinguishing which one is the best quality and negotiating with shopkeeper at every purchase. 
19th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/44/viewPhoto: Sometimes, the extension cord matters a lot. Thanks to the kind staff at Westin Pune, I could comfortably work here since morning till evening. They answered my request and prepared a salmon and cheese sandwich, which is not on their menu. My favourite workplaces in Pune are Starbucks Coffee, Cafe Moche's in Phoenix Marketcity, and now this hotel's cafe. Pune is gradually getting to be a nomad friendly city.
18th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/42/viewPhoto: On the 1st November, Bangalore has officially become Bengaluru. According to the local people, "Bengaluru" has been the name in Kannada language always, so they do not feel any difference nor confusion after the name change. It is we outsiders who may tend to mistake the name for at least next one year. 1st November is also the "Kannada Rajyotsava", the Karnataka Formation Day in the state.
14th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/40/viewPhoto: A farmer and his partners working hard. Cows and buffalos not only play an important role in the farms in the countryside, but also well respected in the city traffic!
13th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/38/viewPhoto: Thermal power plant near Akola. Maharashtra state's electricity supplies depend mostly on thermal or hydro power generations, except for Mumbai's nuclear power plant. Gigantic thermal power stations look so prominent on this immense flat land that attract my attention from quite a distance. India urgently needs the renewable way of generating power particularly for small towns and rural areas, considering the increasing demand, as well as our big sacrifice in clean air and water. India's decision could decide the destiny of not only the country as well as our planet.
12th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/36/viewPhoto: Always smiling Jackie-kun, a three-year-old male Cocker Spaniel living in Akola. According to my niece, he is so popular among children around the house that they all wait for him at the time of walking in every morning and evening. He came from a Japanese family lived in Pune, who could not take him home with them to Japan. Since then, he has become our most healing, tender, and lovable family member. Every morning, he wakes me up by jumping on the bed and on my back. He barks bravely at other stray dogs and animals, but he pleasantly welcomes any humans. We all love him very much and wish his long and happy life on this special day of 11th November.
11th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/34/viewPhoto: Pune International Tea Party 2014 had been wonderfully concluded on Sunday, the 9th November. Around 40 wonderful guests from across the globe. I want to welcome people from varieties of countries and backgrounds and want to maintain a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating in the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh[at]gmail.com (replace "[at]" to "@" when sending the message), or join the Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/, or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/ or "Pune Expat Meetup" at http://www.meetup.com/Pune-Expat-Meetup/. The next tea party will be in the new year 2015, so my lovely Pune friends, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. 
9th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/32/viewPhoto: Traveling towards the eastbound Maharashtra state by a car, we see nothing but a sweeping dehydrated flat land for most of the hours. So, the sights like this give us a sort of relief that there exist some moist and water. Unlike Akola and surrounding area, the land near and around Aurangabad seemed to me particularly dry, harsh (rocky) and not ideal for farming. Bazaars at every such small town or village we pass by look like the main shopping area for the people nearby. As Diwali approaches, bareboned sellers arrange rusty Goddess Laxmi statues beside faded vegetable pieces, and equally skeletal, small people examine them. What are the definitions of affluence and happiness of those people? How about setting up giant solar power plants in those huge, plain, but infertile land that could be useful to supply power to the region? After all,  India is a big country with more than a billion populations, but much of her people are away from her resources.
7th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/30/viewPhoto: The last Pune International Tea Party in 2014 will be held on the 9th November, Sunday. Previously, I was hosting this kind of event at lunch time for Japanese nationals living in Pune, and that time "Japanese people gather at one place and speak in Japanese and exchange information" was the purpose; however, currently I have not set a particular purpose nor limit participants' nationalities. I want to welcome people from varieties of countries and backgrounds and want to maintain a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. I am keenly interested in collaborating with performers or organizers, like the International Singing Group from TCC (where I am also a member,) to make it more cheerful and fruitful. But for now, I hope just you will join and meet us, and enjoy. If you are interested in participating in the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh[at]gmail.com (replace "[at]" to "@" when sending the message), or join the Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/, or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/ or "Pune Expat Meetup" at http://www.meetup.com/Pune-Expat-Meetup/. Please feel free to invite your friends and family! I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!!
6th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/28/viewPhoto: Tottu-chan, the earthbound parakeet in Akola. I am not sure if all parakeets eat this way, using its hand - oops, sorry, its foot! Tottu-chan is a quite sensitive, moody parakeet. When all human family members sit for dinner or supper, she starts flapping her wings to let everyone know that she should also be there to taste some bites! I love to hear her purrs when she sits on my shoulder. Since found by my nieces one day, she's been the tiniest, but the funniest family member for my family-in-law. We see many wild parakeets freely flying trees by trees in India. 
4th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/24/viewPhoto: Chai Tapali (tea shop) on a highway near Akola. This simple place brings a moment of peace and relax for people nearby, perhaps working for farms or goods carriages in surrounding towns and villages. Ardha (half) cup of sweet afternoon Chai in a long-distance journey is pleasantly tasty, aroma of grated ginger and fresh milk gives instant energy to my mind and soul. While savouring my cup, quite a few villagers pulled up their motorbikes or auto-rickshaws in front and gazed at me, which made me feel like becoming a superstar or an elephant in tamasha!
3rd November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/22/viewPhoto: Goddess Laxmi. Singapore cents, Thai baht, and Japanese yen coins were offered along with Indian rupee this year, on the day of Laxmi Puja.
30th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/19/viewPhoto: Halloween ghost!? At somewhere around Amravati, Maharastra. 
29th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/18/viewPhoto: Going home with his precious partners after day-long hard work. Rices, cottons, corns, onions, sugar canes, and many other crops are on their harvest season in around Amravati, Maharashtra.
28th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/15/viewPhoto: Diwali holiday is over, start of a new week of the new year. The photo is a sunrise on the Day 1 of Diwali week, taken on the way to Akola at nowhere in Maharashtra. Every trip of traveling across Maharashtra state let me learn that India's majority of population live in the countryside, and their lives are not as easy as we imagine being in the city. 
27th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/11/viewPhoto: Happy New Year to all Hindu friends in all over the world!! 
24th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/9/viewPhoto: Today's the highlight of Diwali festival, Laxmi Puja. Taking this opportunity, we have renewed ASKSiddhi website. Developed by my husband's company ShimBi Labs (http://shimbi.in/en/index.html,) the new website adopts stable and scalable framework, easy-to-navigate blog style interface for handling future technologies and increasing number of visitors. Also, we are planning to implement responsive design to display properly on any devices. Diwali is the most important festival for Indian people, particularly Hindus. After Diwali, India will welcome the most pleasant season. I wish your days will be peaceful and full of happiness and love.
23rd October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://asksiddhi.in/blog/display/7/viewPhoto: Temple gearing up for Diwali. 
22nd October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=675Photo: Famous London Muffin in Koregaon Park opened their new cafe in Kalyani Nagar. I love all their breads and cakes those remind me of Japan, including An-pan (bean jam bread,) Meron-pan (bread with cookie crust,) sausage bread, "souffle" cheesecake. The bakery and cafe are run by Korean people. 
21st October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=674Photo: Super spicy cup noodle from Nissin Thailand. Otherwise, I liked the consistency of noodle.
20th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=673Photo: TGIF, enjoy your weekend before Diwali, Kalubai (the name of the Goddess) is blessing. *"Kalubai Prasanna" means "Kalubai's blessing."
17th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=672Photo: Bangkok's street art exhibition in front of MBK shopping mall. I wish Diwali in Pune would have been filled with such funs, instead of firecrackers. I would love Diwali when I had visited India for the first time and experienced it in the countryside town. However, after settling down in Pune and experiencing violent and relentless, meaningless blasts of firecrackers in this town, frankly, I started hating the festival. In recent year, we choose to run away from Pune and go to Akola. Although a few "fatakke" would occasionally crack in the sky in the night of Laxmi Puja, people keep the beautiful and peaceful tradition of "the festival of lights." Soon, my favourite Diwali is coming. 
16th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=671Photo: My "Full House" (though one extra,) Thai curry pastes collection. Each packet is as reasonable as around 40 USC / 25 INR in the supermarkets in Bangkok. Good for pasta sauce too sometimes. 
15th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=670Photo: Gulmohar trees give shade from the intense October heat we are experiencing this year. 
14th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=669Photo: This month's tea party was held on the 11th October, Saturday. Around 40 new and known friends from across the globe joined, and we introduced a cheerful self-introduction from each participant. We are gradually in need of bigger place, and it is a pleasant concern! I want to maintain the Tea Party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating in the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join the Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/ and "Pune Expat Meetup" at http://www.meetup.com/Pune-Expat-Meetup/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!
13th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=668Photo: Taxi parking from another angle, in front of the old Mumbai International Airport terminal in around 2007. Now the parking has become so sophisticated that this photo might give you an impression of 20 or more years old. 
10th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=667Photo: Another image of old Mumbai International Airport terminal building in around mid-October, 2008. Oops, where the ceiling has been blown out... !?
8th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=666Photo: Taxis lined-up in front of old Mumbai International Airport terminal. Photo was taken at around 2007. None of their engines was turned on, and drivers were peacefully sleeping inside or taking chai.  
7th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=665Photo: Sunday baking, Chocolate Cake. Maida (flour for baking in India I've recently learned from my friend,) butter, Cadbury Silk Almond chocolates, cocoa powder, eggs, and honey. No sugar added apart from that contained in the chocolates. I am planning to make it again for a Diwali family visit. Thanks to my dear friends Anne & Tomoko for giving me the inspiration.
6th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=664Photo: Starbucks Coffee Koregaon Park branch opens at 7AM, so it has become an ideal place for me to work in the morning with peace of mind. However, I have one complaint. When I ask them to prepare a special cup of cappuccino with "more coffee, less milk," I mean as I speak, never expecting their interpretation will be "an extra shot of espresso with less milk" with 20 rupees extra charge for the espresso shot (without asking me...) The coffee in the photo is their conventional cappuccino, after I have finally given up my hope. *Thankfully, friendly and eager staffs at Starbucks Coffee Phoenix Marketcity branch always understand what I mean! 
4th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=663Photo: "Wish you a Happy Dusera!", a handsome police officer in front of Pune station. I named him "Mr. Dabangg (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1620719/)"
3rd October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=662Photo: Tempting. Salmon sushi, a bit expensive with the price tag of 99 TBH (3 USD / 200 INR) I found in a Villa Market supermarket on Soi 11. Although the serving temperature seemed too chilled to me, I enjoyed the melting flavour. We can find many Japanese restaurants and groceries in Bangkok. 
1st October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=661Photo: Erawan Temple, Bangkok. Those young priestesses are dancing for the worshippers who visit to appreciate for the Hindu Lord Brahma for making their wishes come true. Under the terrible sticky heat of urban roadside, they dance whole day with the exotic rhythm and tune played by the temple musicians background.
27th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=660Photo: Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, then and now II. Toilets are also clean and sophisticated, I hope it leads an example for all toilets in India. With stable and fast free wi-fi connectivity, I think at least it is now better than Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport. I remember the time taking pictures was not allowed in the airport terminal in India.
26th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=659Photo: Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, now and then. From serviceable (lower) to elegantly yet functionally furnished (upper.) Still, the previous generation of terminal was much better than the Sahaar, Mumbai's dim, dismal, and old international terminal in around mid-2000's that had shrunken me by the sight of completely looking like a local railway station at the arrival from Narita, for the first time in India.
25th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=658Photo: Canteen at the Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Cheap, clean, quick, and delicious. Two people dined with a bottled water at around 100 TBH (approximately 3 USD / 200 INR). I think this is the best option to eat at otherwise very expensive airport. I had Kuai Tiao, a noodle soup with fermented bean curd (tofu). At the ground floor, ahead of the taxi counters. 
24th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=657Photo: I couldn't find my hometown Fukuoka in their Global in Spirit. At the Terminal 2, Mumbai Chhattrapati Shivaji International Airport. 
23rd September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=656Photo: Lavasa, a holiday destination near Pune. The photo was taken in 2010 and the area has been much developed by now (http://www.lavasa.com/), after overcoming environmental concerns. 
19th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=655Photo: Pune Fashion Week, runway Ganesha. I always like to see people here walking with their posture keeping up straight.
17th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=654Photo: Salmon sushi I ate at an Asian restaurant in the Amanora Town Center shopping mall about two years ago. Well, there's a long, long way to go... except for the shoyu (soy sauce) and mysteriously delicious taku-an (radish pickles.) In short, the "al dente" sushi-meshi (cooked rice marinated with vinegar) broke my heart.  
16th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=653Photo: Vending machine in a shopping mall. I took this picture about five years ago, but since then, I hardly see any other vending machines in the city. Pune is not ready for a "vending machine heaven" as Japan yet. 
15th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=652Photo: Hello everyone, another new week has started! Cheers and have beautiful days ahead!! *She is a gentle, good doggy Hannya-kun who lived in the office premise near the Sangam Bridge I used to commute in around 2007. Refer to the word meaning "Hannya" here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannya
14th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=651Photo: Our Goddess is just around the corner! 
12th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=650Photo: STOP and have some groundnuts! Sorry, I just took picture of you instead, handsome seller! Have a nice week ahead, everyone!!
7th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=649Photo: Auto-rickshaw in Bangkok (locally called Tuk-Tuk). I love this vehicle as long as the driver doesn't behave strangely. I have met many good drivers in Pune and other Indian cities, though, and I pray for his good fortune in my heart when I get down while paying a little extra than the meter's fee. Both experiences we can share here (however, I do not have an idea if it supports Tuk-Tuk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shimbi.autocope
5th September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=648Photo: Toyota Etios Cross (http://www.toyotaetioscross.in/), displayed in a shopping mall nearby.
3rd September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=647Photo: Dimer Dhokkar Dalna, Bengali egg & potato curry. The grated potatoes and boiled eggs were supposed to form a cake (see this: http://cooks.ndtv.com/recipe/show/dimer-dhokkar-dalna-and-luchi-174061), but this was also very tasty! It reminds me of a Maharashtrian countryside curry with slightly kneaded wheat dumplings inside (people call this dish a "Fish Curry," perhaps to make me feel happy.)
2nd September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=646Photo: Basa meuniere. A package of 6 frozen Basa fillets was 300Rs. at the Dorabjee's supermarket in Viman Nagar.
1st September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=645Photo: 30th August there was this month's tea party held at the Oakwood Premier in Koregaon Park. In spite of my low confidence about whether really people would come or not (which is my permanent symptom), there were more than 40 highly spirited ladies and gentlemen from across the globe joined the event. I am indeed very lucky to know each wonderful guest, which I feel at every tea party time. I want to maintain the Tea Party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating in the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join the Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/ and "Pune Expat Meetup" at http://www.meetup.com/Pune-Expat-Meetup/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!
31st August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=644Photo: Look, Radha-chan's (my niece) Ganesha is ready, dressed up in brilliant orange color and accessories, with Modak in his hand!! Ganapati Bappa Morya. 
30th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=642Photo: Happy Ganesha Festival, the festival of the God for a new beginning!! From now onward, India will be in the festival season, each stating the "End of Bad Things (Dasera)," "New Year (Diwali)," along with Christmas, Solar and Lunar New Year. I feel like I am given the opportunity to be better than before at every milestone. The photo is from my niece in Akola, "Eco-friendly Ganesha" she is preparing at her college. They dress in colours after this. 
29th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=642Photo: For my friends in Japan suffering from the heat and humidity. Tacochan 11-year-old, waiting neatly for some treat. *Pune is in the midst of Monsoon, and the climate is quite pleasant. Highest temperature is at the most 28 degree Celsius. Come here for a summer vacation.  
27th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=641Photo: We brought it from the Food Hall in Phenix Marketplace shopping mall. Still long way to go to beat the real Laksa Singapura on the street. We can find varieties of KOKA and MAMA instant noodle packages from Thailand and Singapore at Dorabjee's and Food Hall. 
26th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=640Photo: Today's "blog" post, an airplane is descending to Haneda Airport, Tokyo. From a hotel room located at Higashi Shinagawa. *Among my SNS circle in Pune, it seems to them not very easy to understand that there is a professional occupation called "freelance translator" and I am considered a housewife whose hobby is a "blogging," so I do not dare to deny it :)
25th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=639Photo: This month's tea party will be on the 30th August Saturday, and the venue is the Oakwood Premier, Koregaon Park (https://www.google.co.jp/maps/preview?ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=jp&sll=18.53345,73.910638&sspn=0.0312502,0.0439465&cid=64338647707247382&q=Oakwood+Premier+Pune&ei=vXH5U62WMpSjugSqlYGoBw&ved=0CP4BEPwSMA8), timing is 1600-1800. 400INR per person to be paid to the hotel directly at the entrance. Snacks with unlimited tea, coffee, and juice. We welcome everyone, just let me know in advance as I have to inform the counts to the hotel. I hope to maintain the Tea Party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating in the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!
24th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=638Photo: After seeing such a beautiful movie "The Hundred-Foot Journey" on Tuesday night, I have not felt like to live this normal, seemingly flat life..  I name it "Post-Movie Depression Syndrome." I have wanted something exciting, wonderful and dynamic things to happen; then, the universe reminded me of the life I have in my hand is in every inch interesting and unique, incomparable story and as the main role, I ought to act to the fullest and savour it every moment.
23rd August, updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=637Photo: Long-awaited movie, "The Hundred-foot Journey." I was thrilled by each dialog and action of Om Puri, one of my most favourite Indian actors who never fail to meet our expectations, smiled at graceful yet charming Helen Mirren, eye-feasted truly-savoury looking dishes including "innovative" ones, enjoyed all co-stars including Juhi Chawla and finally, now I am fallen in love with "Hassan Haji" (starred by Manish Dayal,) like "many other French women in Paris." Peaceful and lovable plot made me feel heaven that lasted even after leaving the screen, and I wished if our world were like that neighbourhood, then there would not have been any war or killing each other. Of course, the music by A. R. Rahman was superb! I immediately purchased the novel and am already dragged into Hassan's world. I am looking forward to seeing them again in Japan in November with my mother. 
*His photo taken from his official website - http://www.manishdayal.com/
20th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=636Photo: Just by looking at the sylvan scenery can unleash our creativity and imagination, perhaps because we know they are our great brothers and sisters who chose very different, unique way of living at the beginning of the earth habitat. In a thick grove surrounding the Munakata shrines, considered as one of the most-sacred places in my hometown. 
19th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=635Photo: TWININGS Tea Room in Bangkok. I like to host a tea party at my favourite places, so occasionally, just a walk-in style of the tea party, without preparing anything beforehand, is also a good idea. 
18th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=634Photo: Today's Krishna Ashtami, the birthday of Hindu Load Krishna. The photo shows Singaporean, regardless of religions and races, standing in line for the prayer at the Shree Krishna Temple on Waterloo Street, Bencoolen.
17th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=633Photo: Tea party season; this month's tea party will be on the 30th, Saturday, I am inquiring on a grand venue located on the Senapati Bapat Road. I will announce here for the details shortly, watch this space for the update! *The photo shows the arrangement at the Hyatt Regency in Viman Nagar last October. I hope to maintain the Tea Party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating in the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!
16th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=632Photo: India welcomed the 68th Independence Day, "Come Making in India" by the Prime Minister Modi. I thank mother India to let me live here happily and comfortably! 
15th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=631Photo: Nostalgic; when I was working for a software company, I would every morning turn this dusty junction called Parihar Chowk in Aundh. I live in the same city, but my lifestyle has changed dramatically being a freelancer at home always busy with work, now I seldom visit this side of the city with not even remembering such pretty town ever exists. I regret, and I want to maintain high curiosity as I grow old. 
14th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=630Photo: In spite of the draught alarm in the first 1.5 months of this Monsoon, Pune now gets ample rain before the Ganesha festival.
13th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=629Photo: After successful Magarpatta City, this could be another promising new township called "Nanded City", located at the suburb of Pune at the foot of Sinhagad Fort. 
12th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=628Photo: Ganesha on his way again this year, how fast time flies! The Ganesha festival main day will be on the 29th August.
11th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=627Photo: Obon - in mid-August every year in Japan, we believe the spirits of ancestors or late family members come back from the heaven. The left side plate is for my late father, and right side dumplings are for hungry child ghosts who is considered to bring my father's spirit safe home.
10th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=626Photo: Spring garden with flowers in full bloom. Could you find a squirrel hiding behind one of birches? If you could find her , please let me know. Photo taken in the end of February at somewhere in India.
7th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=625Photo: Today marks the 69th Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial Day. Every year this day, we think of the importance of every life and get angry on utterly stupid and wasteful idea of human-being of killing each other and launching / participating in the war. Praying for the better utilization of wisdom gifted to each of us. 
6th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=624Photo: Homemade Chicken Biryani. We used remaining Chicken Tikka brought from Marrakech (http://www.zomato.com/pune/restaurants/marrakesh?gclid=Cj0KEQjw3vyeBRDt673h5ZTYrdQBEiQAzhkf8nI11a6Zmgi0qtAkqHB81E07xqtWuPbMGl1hymIv9BcaAuvx8P8HAQ) previous day. Curry paste containing a rich amount of nuts (cashew nuts and almond) hidden inside rice and topped with roasted onions. 
5th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=623Photo: Another friend of mine in Pune; Kindle Paperwhite. I have used Kindle app on my smartphone and iPod touch, but now I can "dedicatedly" read Japanese books and magazines anytime by downloading them from online. Also, English books on Amazon.in are much cheaper than buying on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.jp (sometimes less than half prices). Cheers! 
4th August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=622Photo: Tetley Ginger tea, 180Rs. for 50 sachets. Best with black with a spoon of honey. My friend from northern Japan loves Tetley Masala tea. 
3rd August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=621Photo: A yummy carrot cake at a newly opened cafe in Phoenix Marketcity mall ground floor, Viman Nagar. A hint of cinnamon and other spices in the sponge and a sugar glaze on the top, it tastes just like I have been longing for years. Their baked cheesecake is also worth trying. The cafe, looks like from Mumbai, have good light food options too. I hope they will maintain their quality. 
2nd August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=620Photo: Home-made Sabudana Wada (fried Tapioca dumpling) cooked by my husband. Taste just like Japanese Age-mochi (fried sticky rice cake), yummy! However, I fail to understand this heavy snack is treated as "fasting food" in Maharashtra.
1st August updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=619Photo: Do you know Chaat Masala (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaat_masala)? We can find it in every supermarket or small shop in India, and moreover, many times in imported grocery shops in Fukuoka also. I love the taste and versatility of this almighty seasoning! Particularly, just adding a small amount of chaat masala in yogurt makes simple and healthy salad dressing. In Pune, adding this sauce to the mixture of boiled potatoes and assorted namkeen (salted fried snacks) is a popular street food.
31st July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=618Photo: "My Next Car (will be) Mercedes-Benz," proclaims the driver of a Toyota car. Well, do not laugh, expressing one's dream is no harm and especially that Toyota cars are on the luxurious range in India, the driver's dream may come true shortly. One of my dreams, being not as ambitious as this, is that there would be a co-working space for professional freelancers in Pune, which I was talking to my husband this morning. Freelancers have to pay a nominal fee (perhaps Rs. 3,000 per person per month) to guarantee the workspace. There will be Wi-Fi internet, desks for freelancers to work, conference rooms, tea / coffee servers, cafeteria, comfortably-set AC (not too cold, I mean) and clean bathrooms. This space is for any freelancers in any fields or categories, but who are very serious in their business, so in order to become a member, one need to go through a certain screening process. Crowd-funding could be an option for acquiring space and running costs will be jointly paid by the sponsorship of several big companies in Pune. A great social place for freelancers too! My daydream will go on.. and that is free to express!
30th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=617Photo: Supermarket series volume 3; PAZZTA (Maggi) and PASTTA (Bambino), both are instant pasta products having very similar names, lined side-by-side. A direct challenge by either party?
29th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=616Photo: I am in Pune, not Busan nor Seoul; finding container-full Korean bean paste packs in the Dorabjee's supermarket on the New Airport Road. It speaks about the large Korean population in Pune. 
28th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=615Photo: Gifts from my mother; Bluetooth keyboard and mouse made of bamboo, PC board from IKEA that lifts up the screen position and posture correction cushion Backjoy from Tokyu Hands. Now fully armed as a magnum translator!
26th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=614Photo: I was glad to find out that piles of chopsticks, Japanese, Chinese and Korean styles, in Dorabjee's supermarket on the New Airport Road, Pune. 
25th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=613Photo: Concluding my Singapore trip with the vending machine of a Japanese beverage company. Not as many vending machines as we find in Japan, however.
24th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=612Photo: An ice cream sandwich stall on Orchard Road, upstreet in Singapore. Literally, it was a sandwich of ice cream between real slices of bread and seemed very popular among local people with each stall gathering crowds everywhere. 
23rd July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=611Photo: A familiar face; I saw Salunki dining at a Starbucks near Merlion Park. One of my friends told me they are considered fortune birds in India.
22nd July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=610Photo: My most favourite Singapore breakfast, Kaya Toast; slices of crunchy toasts sandwiching load of butter and coconuts milk jam. We visited popular joints, Ya Kun (http://www.yakun.com/) and Toast Box (http://www.toastbox.com.sg/), both provide a Kaya Toast Set (approximately 4.5 S$) that comes with half-boiled eggs and Kopi (Southeastern style of coffee with condensed milk). It reminded me of Maska Pav (https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=maska+pav&es_sm=91&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=NZ3MU4rFHYKzuATWuYKQDA&ved=0CB0QsAQ&biw=1366&bih=578) served at Irani Restaurants in Pune and Mumbai. 
21st July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=609Photo: A group of Indian tourists at the pier in front of popular Merlion. They looked like a family or relative. I saw lots of Indian tourists in Singapore also. Ladies in their best Saree and Jasmine leis on their hair looked prettier among all. 
20th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=608Photo: My dream Pune 2114; as soon as I came out of the subway Raffles Place station, which is the gateway to one of the financial hubs in Singapore, big branch offices of Indian Bank and UCO Bank standing side-by-side caught my sight, and I felt as if I came time-travelled to a future Indian city.
19th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=607Photo: I love this idea; fresh Kiwi juice on the street comes with a handy plastic bag with a straw for easy carrying. In Singapore, tap water is certified as safe to drink, so I feel like to venturing fresh juice stalls on the street, unlike I do not dare to try in Pune or even in Bangkok.
18th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=606Photo: Tourist friendly nation, Singapore. The subway adopts a very cheap (just a 10 S¢) smart ticket that has a rechargeable function, so, although their ticket vending machines are made very effective and efficient for newcomers, tourists do not need to bother much about the fare to the destination every time they catch a train. Yes, it' just like Suica (IC card ticket)  in Tokyo, but the latter is way too expensive (2000 yen, approximately 25 S$ with 1500 yen initially charged; 500 yen for the card which is refundable by returning it to any JR counter).
17th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=605Photo: Besides Shri Krishna Temple on Bencoolen, Singapore. They are looking for volunteering (Seva) staffs too. Strangely, it looks interesting and tempting for me who do not dare to participate any such open festivals being held in India... 
16th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=604Photo: Shri Krishna Temple near Bugis Street, Singapore. Here again, many Singaporean regardless to races and religious were visiting to offer their prayers. Just like an Indian Embassy, once stepped inside it was typical Indian temple.
15th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=603Photo: One of official languages of Singapore is Tamil; so wherever possible, officially put-up signs are with Tamil notations that add further exotic taste to this beautiful townscape. By the way, whomever Indian-Singaporean I met were fresh and clean, with gentle, grace and brightness were applied to describing them who spoke fluent and sophisticated English. For me a person living in a small Indian city, they made me understand that "Yes, you are not Indian, but Singaporean." 
14th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=602Photo: Fukuoka Airport on a heavily rainy day in July. We call it "cloud burst," causing flood-like submerged condition on the road in front of our home within a few hours. Much needed such rain in Pune. 
11th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=601Photo: Ganesha idol found on a busy shopping avenue near the Bugis Street, Singapore. Many Singaporean, not only Indians but also Malays and Chinese, were offering prayer to him on their way to work or somewhere. 
10th July updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=600Photo: Taco-chan, my best friend in Fukuoka, approximate age 11. 
9th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=599Photo: An early summer day at a beautiful seashore near Satsuki Matsubara pine grove (http://www.city.munakata.lg.jp/e-kanko/miru/shizen-keikan.html) near my hometown in Fukuoka, Japan. Also, I just found that there is an official English website run by Munakata-city (http://www.city.munakata.lg.jp/e_index.html). 
8th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=597Photo: Train is passing through the old Manseibashi Station (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manseibashi_Station) in Akihabara, Tokyo. They preserve a part of the station structure so visitors can feel the time it was operational. The rest of the space is utilized for cafes and shops. There is a petit digital museum to let you know the history of the station and surrounding. 
7th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=596Photo: Medaka-san, known as the Japanese rice fishes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_rice_fish), swimming  and sunbathing in carefully protected pots kept beside the main chamber of the Chinkokuji Temple, Fukuoka.
6th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=595Photo: Beautiful mountain and ocean in my hometown Fukuoka; a view from Chinkokuji Temple (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1022381-d1423869-Reviews-Chinkokuji_Temple-Munakata_Fukuoka_Prefecture_Kyushu_Okinawa.html), Munakata, located at about 25km off central Fukuoka.
5th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=594Photo: Black cloud over the sky in Akihabara, Tokyo. 
4th July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=593Photo: English translation of tourist information in Tokyo. Although much better than nothing, still direct translation of Japanese is not recommended; it looks good but does not leave much impression for English readers.
3rd July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=592Photo: My mother's love; she ordered extremely sweet and juicy Mexican mangoes to treat us, surprisingly by hopping 1,000 yen per piece! The taste was different from the Mangoes we eat in India, but surely, we enjoyed it very much. 
2nd July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=591Photo: Missing the Masala Dosa at Up South (http://www.zomato.com/pune/upsouth-viman-nagar). 
1st July updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=590Photo: Shirakami-sha Shrine (http://www.gethiroshima.com/museums-attractions/shirakami-shrine/), a small shrine located in the heart of Hiroshima city. Many business people were dropping by on their ways to work in the morning. 
30th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=589Photo: Crowded Starbucks Coffee at the Phoenix Market City shopping mall, Pune. People in Japan often ask me how my life in India has been. Well, in short, my 10 years in Pune have been as if I have lived in different countries! 
29th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=588Photo: Former Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, now called Atomic Bomb Dome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroshima_Peace_Memorial). Damaged by the explosion of the atomic bomb dropped by the US air force during the World War II on the 6th August, 1945. Registered as the UNESCO World Heritage site.
28th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=587Photo: Fukuoka Airport, from the international terminal. 
27th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=586Photo: Itsukushima Shrine, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site floating on the sea shore. 
26th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=585Photo: So, Japan was defeated by Columbia and ousted from the FIFA World Cup 2014. However, I personally get more encouraged now than then, because I sympathize their feelings in their most difficult moments in their career, and look forward to learning what the top-notch players speak and do about their failures. I feel our players more close to my heart imagining their great pains and misery, than continuously listening to a high confidence of winning heroes, and I think I am not the only one. Now they are going to face storming criticism by various media as returning to Japan, so I just thought of expressing that my heart is with them. By the way, this picture does not have a direct relation with the comments; another interesting English translation I found in a washroom in Japan.
25th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=583Photo: My mother and the floating "Torii" gateway to the Itsukushima shrine, located on the Miyajima island in Hiroshima. 
24th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=582Photo: At an American-chain restaurant in Japan. Let's check the spelling before printing!! 
23rd June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=581Photo: Wide and flat; the main street of Hiroshima city center.
22nd June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=580Photo: Praying for peace and a nuclear-free world, in front of the spirits of victims of the atomic-bomb attack by the United States of America over Hiroshima sky during the World War II on the 6th August, 1945. Now, is "peaceful" utilization of nuclear power really possible? I think Japan should lead the answer; "Let all the souls here rest in peace; For we shall not repeat the evil. (written on the monument, originally in Japanese)"
21st June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=579Photo: Deers set free near the World Heritage site Itsukushima Shrine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itsukushima_Shrine) in Miyajima island, Hiroshima. 
20th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=578Photo: Vegetarian menu available at a popular Okonomiyaki restaurant Nagata-ya (http://nagataya-okonomi.com/en/), near the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. 
19th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=577Photo: Copy of the Letter of Protest from the Mayor of Hiroshima to then Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee for his conduct of nuclear test in 1998. Seen in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. 
17th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=576Photo: On our way from Hakata (Fukuoka) to Hiroshima by Kodama, the local Sinkansen bullet train. Unfortunately, there was no Wifi connectivity in the coach. 
16th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=575Photo: Season's taste. A basketball size of sweet watermelon is available at around 25 INR.  In Pune in the first week of June.
15th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=574Photo: Special cake for the 9th anniversary of my husband's company ShimBi Labs (http://shimbi.in), which has built and been maintaining ASKSiddhi website for the past few years. I must ask them from which cake shop in and around Viman Nagar they ordered this sophisticated piece! 
14th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=573Photo: Movie shooting was going on at Changi International Airport, Singapore. Unfortunately, it seemed not to be for a Bollywood movie. Shared by my husband on the 11th June. 
13th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=572Photo: A pleasant encounter tells us that a certain majority of Indian immigrants in the country; the State Bank of India ATM at Changi International Airport, Singapore. Shared by my husband on the 11th June. 
12th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=571Photo: Bustling Mumbai International Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) at a night. Shared by my husband on the 8th June.
11th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=570Photo: All-time-favourite street food menu with unrealistic price tags at the Mumbai International Airport. Shared by my husband on the 8th June. 
10th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=569Photo: Open museum in the new Mumbai International Airport terminal building. Shared by my husband on the 8th June. 
9th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=568Photo: Hydrangea announcing the arrival of rainy season (Tsuyu) in Fukuoka, Japan.
8th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=567Photo: View in a long tunnel on the express highway between Mumbai and Pune; my husband shared the photo on the 5th June. 
7th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=566Photo: My husband shared me these pictures of pleasantly appearing pre-monsoon clouds on the express highway between Pune and Mumbai. Soon, they will pour over the sizzling ground to instantly cool it down. I love this greenery season the most, like everyone else in this part of India! 
6th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=565Photo: My hometown and Pune (morning) were on the almost equal temperatures yesterday. Monsoon is about to tap the door in Pune. 
5th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=564Photo: Happy Birthday Taco-chan (Nobita-kun). More precisely, my mother informed me that on the 3rd June 2005, he came to my parents' home. Since then, he has given them joy, smile and happiness, at the same time, shared their pain in difficult moments and silently healed them. He also lost his dearest person who was my father. Thank you for being there, my dear Taco-chan. 
4th June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=563Photo: Ponies met at the Miyajidake Shrine in Fukuoka. Buying a few sticks of carrot at 100 yen (around 60 rupee), we can enjoy interacting with them. 
3rd June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=562Photo: Gifts and letter from my dearest friend from UK. Although we have never met before, she understands me very well and I feel she is very close to me. Thanks internet, and thanks Il Divo (http://www.ildivo.com/uk/node/12565) for bringing her in my life! 
2nd June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=561Photo: Cup Noodle Curry. My instinct has me pick up this flavour while I am away from my home in India. Particularly, I love freeze-dried beef and omelet cubes topped on the noodle so I do not expect it will be available in India any time soon. 
1st June updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=560Photo: One of the funnest things to do while flight transit at another country's airport between Mumbai and Fukuoka is getting a book about the country. This time, I found this book interesting; Short stories written by young and promising Singaporean writers. 
31st May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=559Photo: Each day, I feel a different impression from the morning ocean as compared with the previous day. Another peaceful morning by the seashore in my hometown Fukuoka.
30th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=558Photo: Lettuce hotpot. Ingredients; a large ball of lettuce and a few slices of pork ribs. Cook lettuce leaves and pork together in a soup (boiling water with a few soup cubes) and once cooked, eat them with soy sauce with citrus juice (Pon-zu sauce) served in each bowl. Yummy and healthy!
29th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=557Photo: Strong wind and high tide; another face of otherwise peaceful ocean from the shore at my hometown Fukuoka.
28th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=556Photo: I chanced to feel someone's eyes on me on my way back home from a morning walk, then noticed this chubby little brown cat staring at me. In Fukuoka, May 2014. 
27th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=555Photo: Morning walk at my home town Fukuoka. May-June is the most pleasant time to follow this daily routine. Looking at the waves rapping on the shore and retreating I feel like I am interacting with the ocean and mother earth.
26th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=554Photo: Cost Coffee near Gate 77. Surely, free Wifi connectivity is available in the new Terminal 2, Mumbai International Airport. We need a mobile phone number to receive a code via SMS. 
25th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=553Photo: Coconuts ice cream at Malaka Spice. I have many opportunities to eat coconuts in Pune. 
24th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=552Photo: Sarasbaug Ganapati Temple (https://www.google.co.jp/maps/preview?ie=UTF-8&q=Saras+Ganesh+Mandir&fb=1&gl=jp&hq=sarasbaug+ganapati&cid=12708684407551052580&ei=HSZ9U6XVGIjn8AWbpYDYAw&ved=0CKwBEPwSMBA&source=newuser-ws) in Pune. We like to visit here on every new year's day. 
22nd May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=551Photo: My favourite pass-time, "flight transit". Fortunately, I can enjoy the transit at every certain interval due to non-availability of direct flights between Mumbai and my hometown Fukuoka. PC-oriented nomad-workers, like me, can work everywhere in the world anytime, and among which an airport is one of the most ideal, comfortable and best "working places". Air-conditioned, free-WiFi connectivity, wide choices of food courts, power supplies, etc..., and most pleasantly, just by lifting my head up I can feel the dynamic atmosphere in which many different people from across the globe are passing by in front of me. Imagining where each passenger is heading or returning to is also interesting and exciting. The photo shows the Hong Kong International Airport. 
21st May updated (日本語) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=550Photo: OyaKo-don, diced chicken (Oya, parent) pieces and onion slices boiled together with sweetened soy sauce, topped with egg (Ko, child) slightly heated with the sauce, then served with cooked rice. I think it is one of the easiest Japanese dishes we can cook in Pune; I found bottles of Japanese soy sauce at Food Hall in Phoenix Marketcity and Dorabjee's supermarket. 
20th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=549Photo: "India Bodhi Tree", the sign shows; at the temple my father's side grandparents sleep. 
19th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=547Photo: Fukuoka Airport has two separate terminals, one for domestic and another for international, and these are not directly connected. Subway and major local transportation are attached to the domestic terminal, so we have this pleasant 5 minutes shuttle-bus ride from the international terminal to domestic alongside the busy runway while watching planes keep landing and departing, as soon as we have arrived. 
18th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=546Photo: On my way from Mumbai to Fukuoka, at Singapore Changi Airport. I tend to enjoy my time the most during the transit. The giant airport provides lots of tourist friendly facilities with either free of or small charge, and among which I love this one the most; a freely available foot massager. 
17th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=545Photo: Summer is around the corner, the Pune sky in the mid of March 2014.
16th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=544Photo: Hello everyone! A doggy I met at Lalbaug Garden in Bangalore. 
15th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=543Photo: Organic, biotic and dynamic design seems the theme for the new Mumbai International Airport terminal building, just like the city of Mumbai itself.
14th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=542Photo: It says all, at the Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2. 
13th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=541Photo: I sometimes remember her, Hime-chan living in Aundh. 
12th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=540Photo: Purely vegetarian gratin sauce mix found at a grocery shop near my mother's house in Fukuoka, Japan. 
11th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=539Photo: How surprised I was when I found them in a grocery shop in Hakata, Fukuoka; MTR Ready-to-Eat curry. I spoke to my mom loudly that how MTR restaurant was popular in India with prime ministers and presidents kept visiting, and how tasty those packaged curries were, to advertise to other customers in the shop. 
10th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=538Photo: Whenever I come back to Japan, I need a few days to get used to the overdose of "arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much)" and / or "omatase shimashita (I am sorry for keeping you wait)" said by a shopkeeper referring to each action I make, and I end up responding "you are welcome (doumo)" and / or "not at all (iie)" with bow and somewhat embarrassed feeling. (;P) Dear young student part-time workers, I think it is a good idea to keep your quality of extremely respecting customers throughout your business life, and you will be equally respected and appreciated by most of the counterparts in all over the world.
9th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=536Photo: Parking entrance at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Is there any chance that visitors (non-fliers) can also enjoy the new terminal? If yes, then we guess this building might be a shopping mall open for public. 
8th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=535Photo: Something very sophisticated setup at the new Terminal 2, Mumbai International Airport. It looks like any Indian IT company's cubicle. 
7th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=534Photo: New Terminal 2 at the Mumbai International Airport. 80-odd boarding gates in this building.
6th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=533Photo: This may be a good news for all travelers; this time, I was not asked to fill the immigration form at the time of departure at Mumbai Airport as  "Japanese passport holders will not require to fill the form", according to the lady at the airline's check-in counter. Later, my husband shared this link for reference that explains foreigners will be no longer required to fill the departure forms, while Indian passport holders will not need to fill the arrival forms: http://boi.gov.in/content/discontinuation-filling-departure-embarkation-card-foreigners-and-arrival-disembarkation
5th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=532Photo: Outside the new swanky Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 building, the legacy premises is under demolition. One page in the history is about to close as a new page has opened. Thank you my dear old terminal, I will not forget you, my gate to home for many years.
4th May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=531Photo: Travellers, get ready for the new Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport!! Back in 2001 when I visited India for the first time, I could never imagine that some day she will welcome us this way!!
3rd May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=530Photo: 30th April, Pune had a good amount of shower in the evening for about an hour. Was it the rehearsal of Monsoon 2014!? 
2nd April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=529Photo: Lunch buffet at Novotel Pune (http://www.novotel.com/gb/hotel-6833-novotel-pune-nagar-road/index.shtml?xts=201912&xtor=SEC-706-GOO-%5bppc-nov-mar-goo-in-en-in-bro-sear-in-loc%5d-%5bnov-v178276-pune-6833%5d-S-%5b+novotel%2520+pune%5d&xtdt=23314346). Highlight was smoked salmon.
1st May updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=528Photo: Perhaps the son (or daughter?) of Tan-chan, the dog living in a sports gym near our home. Both doggies are kept together under the gym, and they welcome early birds visiting for their work-out every morning. 
30th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=527Photo: I will miss them, Tomato Onion & Cheese Uttapam with yummy Sambar soup at Up South (http://www.zomato.com/pune/upsouth-viman-nagar). I call them Uttapam Pizza. I just hope they will use less baking powder. 
29th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=526Photo: Dora Observatory at Paju, South Korea, where we can overlook the border and North Korean propaganda village. It reminds me of the fact our neighbors are still in the Cold War. I hope their slogan will come true in the near future.
28th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=525Photo: Anju-chan living in the temple where my father sleeps. Formerly, she had belonged to a Brazilian family living in Fukuoka, then adopted by the nun as the family went back to their country. Long life, Anju-chan!
27th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=524Photo: A cloudy and humid evening in Viman Nagar a few days ago, in front of Drabjee's supermarket (http://www.justdial.com/Pune/Dorabjee-&-Co-Pvt-Ltd-%3Cnear%3E-Viman-Nagar?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=codered). 
26th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=523Photo: Taj Mahal Hotel New Tower, front and back. Could have done some more things to look slightly better from the back side also, couldn't they?
25th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=522Photo: Although I go to Japan relatively often, I like to renew my passport in India, because it gives me an opportunity to visit Mumbai Consulate. This time, I had to renew my passport much earlier than expiry, due to the broken page (thanks to Thai immigration officer.)
24th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=521Photo: Hey, how are you doing? My name is Jackie, I hope I am bringing you some relief from the crazy summer heat in Pune. *His nickname is Katsura-kun. 
23rd April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=520Photo: In the past three days, Pune has had evening shower with thunder and lighting, which is somewhat abnormal weather in April. However, humidity and uncomfortable warmth come after the rainfall surely tells me that, "Rainy season has not arrived yet, dear!"
22nd April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=519Photo: On the hustle and bustle street in front of ever-crowded Gateway of India, Mumbai. Yet, how peacefully she sleeps! 
21st April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=518Photo: Boats heading to the Elephanta Island. At the Gateway of India, Mumbai. 
20th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=517Photo: Yeah, we are in "Mumbai" friends, aren't we!? 
19th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=516Photo: Image in a dream II, Mumbai. 
18th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=515Photo: Down with fever for the last couple of days. Guess where it is? A scene from the window at the famous place.. *Hint: See the 14th April update. 
17th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=514Photo: Famous Leopold Cafe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopold_Cafe) running since 1871 in Colaba, Mumbai. 
14th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=513Photo: Quick Chelow Kabab (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelow_kabab) at home. We brought Kapila's Kabab (http://pune.burrp.com/listing/kapila-kathi-kebab_dhole-patil-road_pune_shops-road-side-stalls/171492138) from Dhole Patil Road, prepared half-fried egg and steamed rice at home and put all together, yummy!
13th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=512Photo: I had to get my new passport from the Mumbai Consulate, so we did a guerrilla visit to Mumbai last week along with my nieces and Nanand (sister-in-law) who were visiting us from Akola. However, most of the time we remained cool indoor to avoid strong heat, either eating or drinking something! I always love Mumbai's vivid, brilliant and lively atmosphere! 
12th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=511Photo: Recently, kind Starbucks people offer each guest a big slice of cake for tasting, which gives me energy!
11th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=510Photo: In these busy days, I am healing myself by looking at pictures taken during the Goa trip in February. It was cool yet humid morning. 
10th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=509Photo: Yes, I admit that my life in India has been quite flat these days... due to a heavy workload. However, I thank God for never letting me suffer from less job, and I will continue my humble efforts. When I am in Pune, I tend to work harder as there are not many other things or attractions to do ;). So, at least my heart will fly to the 35000 feet above! 
9th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=508Photo: One of my favourite places to drop in when I visit Bangkok. Twinings Tea Boutique in the Emporium shopping mall (https://www.facebook.com/pages/TWG-Tea-Salon-Boutique-The-Emporium/252831061486553) in front of BTS Phrom Phong station. Carefully brewed fine tea aroma and taste are so deep and special that coffee cravers like me can also be fully satisfied. I love their scoops of dark tea flavoured ice cream too. 
8th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=507Photo: My friend Yossy shared the information about these astonishing packaged curries she brought from Dorabjee's (https://plus.google.com/100844201782716269754/about?gl=jp&hl=en). Who said Beef Curry is not available in India? Very much there particularly in the states like Goa and Kerala. There is a big Malayalam community in Pune. *Photo courtesy: Yossy
7th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=506Photo: 5th April, we had this month's tea party. I appreciate each and every guest for making the party successful, and these wide and beautiful smiles are the rewards to me. As the temperature surged in Pune on that day, Mr. Jun Kato's hearty handmade Sushi treats were the perfect escape for us!! He has been in India since last year and is running the first-of-its-kind Japanese beauty salon in Pune, Beautech Japan (https://www.facebook.com/beautechjapan1?ref=br_tf) in the Season's shopping mall in Hadapsar. Apart from his business, he is aiming to introduce Japanese culture to the people in Pune and he is really successful at it. I hope to maintain the Tea Party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future! See you all in July!! *There will be no tea parties planned as I will be in Japan in May and June.
6th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=505Photo: I call them "Indian Snow", pure white candy lei for Gudi Padwa (Hindu New Year, it was 31st March this year). I enjoy their hard and rocky touch as long as I like.
5th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=504Photo: Precious Santra Bulfi (Orange fudge) brought from Nagpur by Sulakshana Vahini ;). Today was my grandfather's 22nd memorial, so I offered one piece for him who liked Yokan (Japanese bean-jam cake: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y%C5%8Dkan) very much. I hope he enjoyed it in the heaven. 
4th April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=503Photo: A scene from Nagesh-san's auto-rickshaw volume 2, at Yerawada. I always love to see a woman walking with pulling herself up, it looks really beautiful and being proud. 
3rd April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=502Photo: Sitting relaxed behind the reliable man's back! Nagesh-san, one of the kindest and most trustable auto rickshaw pullers in Pune. If you are looking for safe transportation in the night and on Saturday / Sunday, call Nagesh-san! He plies only on 19: 30 onward on weekdays, and full-day on weekends. When you have a fixed schedule, he can come and pick up you as well as wait for you at the venue with some waiting charges. Phone number: 9860619766
See also: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104291321552560317079/albums/5851336085129264017/5851336127417261874?pid=5851336127417261874&oid=104291321552560317079
2nd April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=501Photo: Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abhisit_Vejjajiva), a former Thai Prime Minister, has got an Indian citizenship and is going to stand for the 2014 general election in India as an independent candidate. Actually, his name "Abhisit" is rooted in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, meaning "fearless" or "victory". 
1st April updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=500
*Today is April Fool.Photo: I love their Shrewsbury biscuits very much! Kayani Bakery (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g297654-d1200951-Reviews-Kayani_Bakery-Pune_Maharashtra.html) on East Street. Yes, they have no branches so we have to go all the way to the bakery to get yummy slices of their collection. Sunday closed. 
31st March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=499 http://ow.ly/i/54UI7Photo: Saxophone Pub in Bangkok (http://www.saxophonepub.com). We love to visit here whenever we are in Bangkok. Particularly, the group in this photo performed damn excellently, and I forgot the group name... The keyboard player I saw him performing at Rosabieng restaurant (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293916-d1755494-Reviews-Rosabieng_Restaurant-Bangkok.html) on Sukhumvit Soi 11 sometimes. 
30th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=498Photo: Summer at its maximum blow in Pune. Sometimes, I like to borrow a place at a fine cafe in air-conditioned shopping mall in the afternoon to save energy. ;) Make sure of selecting a corner table so that nobody can peek in the screen. :)  
29th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=497Photo: I am always curious about those doggies on the street that why they are so relaxed and carefree. Look, they even don't pay attention to the human who is tip-toe approaching them with a camera in hand. I wish their good health and happiness. 
28th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=496Photo: Quick, Cheap and Delicious! My favourite Onions & Tomatoes Cheese Uttapam (left) and Paper Masala Dosa with yummy Sambar soup at Up South (http://www.zomato.com/pune/upsouth-viman-nagar). Tricolor is three different chutneys. Their stronger "Filter Coffee" is also my favourite!
27th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=495Photo: Entrance of a shopping mall in Pune. This seems a default setup in any mall in India. I call it “the Gate of Unwelcome.” 
26th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=494Photo: Varangaon, a small village in Maharashtra. I often visit here for my dear grandmother in-law. Ajanta and Ellora are relatively nearby this village. 
25th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=493Photo: Soy milk in India. I like to heat it once before consuming, as we do for cow milk. Natural sweet is perfect match with instant coffee powder. 22 Rupee for each 200 ml pack. 
24th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=492Photo: The end of the old thing is the start of a new thing. Follow your heart, then you will find the way, Ganesha says. 
23rd March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=491Photo: Our "home" in Bangalore, Adarsh Hamilton (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g297628-d1818764-Reviews-Adarsh_Hamilton-Bangalore_Karnataka.html) located in Richmond Circle. Extremely clean hotel welcomes you with fresh "sabon" fragrance in all over the premise. Friendly staffs and the varieties of yummy food choices at the restaurant. Sometimes, we get a double room at around 2500 INR per night when we book through a package plan on the travel websites such as ClearTrip. Japanese restaurant "Harima (http://www.hirogroup.com/harima.htm)" is located quite near from the hotel. 
22nd March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=490Photo: Ladies and gentlemen, the summer has arrived in Pune, the swimsuits announce. 
21st March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=489Photo: Anda Methi, instead of Palak. Yummy!
20th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=488Photo: JINRO, a popular Korean Soju brand is here now and looks like promoting hard!? The advertisement seen at Malaka Spice, the 5th lane of Koregaon Park. 
19th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=487Photo: Came here after many years! With Sulakshana Vahini ;), Abhi Dada, Soundarya-chan from the US and my husband, we enjoyed the Thali and chitchat to fill the gap while we had been apart. Shreyas Maharashtrian restaurant on Apte Road (http://timescity.com/pune/deccan-gymkhana/maharashtrian-restaurant-shreyas/57279). The food varieties they serve are rather "Pune" specialities than Maharashtrian. Clockwise from nearside; Puri / Bhakri / Chapati, Besan paste, Cucumber & peanuts salad, Papad and Pakoda, Kadhi, Puneri Cauliflowers, Puneri Channa Masala, Amti (sweet & sour dal soup), Potatoes & Karipatta (curry leaves). Surely, they serve unlimitedly. 
18th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=486Photo: Today was Ranga Panchami. Holi Hai everyone!
17th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=485Photo: My friend Yossy recommended a bottle of Rose Water by Forest Essentials (http://www.forestessentialsindia.com). Fresh scent of pure rose petals continues for a day long. It calms my skin in our Pune's current environment where summer heat is gearing up. A small bottle with 100ml content is 575 Rupee. 50ml travel size (325 Rupee) and 200ml large size (1025 Rupee) are also available. 
16th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=484Photo: Bangalore Palace (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangalore_Palace). Hmmm.. Despite the great history, grand exterior and relatively expensive entry fee (225Rs. per person for Indian citizen and additional fee for camera), I could not help noticing the poorly maintained interior in every corner of the palace. Also, those randomly exhibited displays and photos just told me that the Maharaja and I would never be able to become friends, if we happened to meet in time.
15th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=483Photo: She was outside, and we were inside the fence. Looked like in hurry to go somewhere, good luck, "holy" cow!
14th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=482Photo: Menu of a small dhaba on a highway off Pune. Within a few years since the entry to India, the Danish brand Tuborg (Carlsberg India) has become the first international name in India to be listed in the top five most selling beer brands in India last year (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Tuborg-breaks-into-list-of-Indias-top-5-beers/articleshow/20712220.cms).
13th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=481Photo: My small happiness in Pune is meeting cutie doggies in every corner of the city. Most of them have peaceful natures though your mom won't suggest you to touch them. 
12th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=480Photo: Shortly past 11a.m. on the 11th March, 2011, when I was as always busy with many works in the office, a phone call came from my husband informing that there seemed a big earthquake hit Tokyo. I asked my mother to continue attempting to reach out my grandmother and brother's family living in the Kanto area using my Skype Out, as phone calling was not useful at all. Shortly after we confirmed their safety, I saw the horrible footages my colleague showed me on a streaming news channel... the giant tsunami waves swallowing the cities in my home country. That day and following nuclear accidents (including its impacts that continue even now) marked a deep scar in our hearts. Nature controls every life on the earth. Every wisdom of a human can turn to a deadly weapon. We are sharing the same destiny.  
11th March updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=479Photo: March tea party theme was "smiles". I felt like I was purified by the "flower" of everyone's hearty smile. I thank each of my friend, old and new, for joining the tea party, even if yesterday we had minor rainfall in the afternoon and road trip must have been not very pleasant. Also, yesterday was a "surprise" day! Kato-san came along with his Sushi varieties to let everyone sample them. At the next tea party, on the 5th April Saturday, he and Cafe 3.5 (http://www.zomato.com/pune/cafe-35-viman-nagar) are going to collaborate for the tea party, and there will be full-fledged Sushi rolls, along with regular high-tea treats! Please take this opportunity to join us and let's have a good time together! I hope to maintain the Tea Party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!
10th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=478Photo: Maharashtra experiences abnormal amount of rainfall this year. In some parts reported giant hail (ice) fall that damaged crops, etc. In Pune, although it is not extreme, we do have occasional rainfall, which is unusual in March.
9th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=477Video: Enjoy the two-minute super-fast taxi ride shot on the way from Bangalore Airport to the city. 
8th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=476Photo: A panoramic image of a lane near the Richmond Circle, Bangalore. Calm and greenery. There was a small stadium too. This picture was automatically created by Google. Tomorrow, I will introduce you a pleasant night ride of a taxi from Bangalore Airport to the city. 
7th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=475Photo: Stylish and spacious Bangalore Airport (Kempegowda International Airport: http://www.bengaluruairport.com/home.jspx?_afrLoop=1326776839985967&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=11b4hxf134_4). Unlike that shabby Pune Airport, they have almost everything an urban airport must have. Particularly, I liked the Live Pasta offered at the food court inside security area. By the way, I remember till recently, taking pictures were somewhat taboo even in the giant Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and a creepy looking officer would often come and warn the people, but it seems things have been changed nowadays. They have ample cafes and eateries outside the terminal too. 
6th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=474Photo: Once people have grown up, doing something "without purpose" is often viewed curiously or "fishy" :) But I want to encourage everyone to come join the monthly Pune International Tea Parties without worrying too much! I am running this type of petit yet regular get-together since around 2007, initially in the form of lunch parties, "without purpose". No commercial intention and I am not looking for any profit other than gaining new friends. "No purpose"  is "infinite purposes", therefore, any new ideas or joint events that make the tea parties more pleasant and interesting are always welcome! I look forward to meeting many new friends on 9th March (Sun.) at Cafe 3.5 (http://www.zomato.com/pune/cafe-35-viman-nagar) Viman Nagar. I hope to maintain the Tea Party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!
5th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=473Photo: Bangalore Metro (Namma Metro: http://bmrc.co.in/). Although currently operational stations are very limited, soon it will be an important transportation for Bangalore citizens and I envy them! Dear poor and slow Pune, you will have no idea of having one in the immediate future.. Moreover, I still felt like as if I were in a dream to catch such a state-of-the-art train in India, when walked out from the M. G. Road station along with city dwellers.
4th March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=472Photo: One evening in Bangalore, on the way back to the hotel an auto-rickshaw wallah stopped in front of Siddharth-san telling, "I remember you, I took you to hotel some day." Challenging the rickshaw wallah's claim, he only told him he would go to the same hotel on the Richmond Circle and kept quiet. Surprisingly, the rickshaw wallah was true; he pulled up in front of the right hotel most of the taxi drivers and rickshaw pullers did not know and would confuse with just simple instructions. We do not visit Bangalore very often and it was a pleasant surprise.
3rd March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=471Photo: A part of inside the Google Bangalore office (http://www.google.com/about/company/facts/locations/). Yes, they provide free meals, drinks and snacks to their employees! I dream that some day there will be such clean and comfortable office for "nomads" to come up in India too! (Photo courtesy: Siddharth-san)
2nd March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=470Photo: Olacabs in Bangalore (http://www.olacabs.com/car-rentals/bangalore). Although GPS devices are mandatorily equipped in each cab, most of the drivers do not know how to get to our hotel. 
1st March updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=469Photo: Maharashtrian sweet pies offered when we visited Ms. Satoko Damle in the middle of February. It was so light and yummy, just melted in my mouth. Unfortunately, I forgot the name, even if I asked her many times... 
28th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=468Photo: Swensen's, Au Bon Pain, Krispy Kreme, Taco Bell... Bangalore is flooded with popular American fast food chains we can find in Bangkok too! Expect these will come to Pune soon!!
27th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=467Photo: Of course, Starbucks Coffee is available in Bangalore too, next to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Church Street backside of M.G. Road. 
26th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=466Photo: 24th February 2014, Pune had a light shower in the afternoon. It was a time when we started feeling the temperature was surging after slightly exceptional cold climate in the middle of February.  
25th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=465Photo: A dog sleeping peacefully in an afternoon in Viman Nagar. Hey buddy!  
24th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=464Photo: February Tea Party was characterized by the "young spirits" with no regards of anybody's age! From children, students to entrepreneurs, all were "young at heart" and I enjoyed the conversation with every friend. So wonderful people are in Pune, and I am proud!! I would like to thank each of the participant for visiting all the way and making the tea party excellent, as well as the Cafe 3.5 for homely and friendly arrangements. I hope to maintain the tea party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future!
23rd February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=463Photo: Memory of Goa... I miss Goa. 
22nd February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=462Photo: Cute yet thoughtful advertisement, "Do you know what the milk likes?" We tend to forget other creatures on the earth while consuming things daily without the conscious.
21st February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=461Photo: Delighted by Starbucks Coffee staff's eager effort to welcome Japanese guests in a special way, keep it up! 
20th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=460Photo: India, often referred to as a backward nation having many problems including inequality, poverty and corruptions, and is collectively called "the land of unwanted" (it is true, I have been told by many people in Japan that "if I have the same amount of money and time, why I choose to go to India? I will go to Europe instead", and I agree with it). Foreigners, I understand the pain you are going through every day, because you were told to come and stay here even if you did not want. (Yes, I sincerely feel pity of those people, how miserable I would feel if my own life were decided by someone else including a company.) However, I want to be another foreigner who can feel and think of massive other people / living things in the world who are in much more difficult situations in their lives than myself and be strong to act something, before crying over the situations I cannot change. This is also a precious lesson India taught me.
19th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=459Photo: When I feel a little tired or exhausted, spending afternoon few hours in a Starbucks often significantly improves my productivity. No doubt has become one of my most favourite "nomad" locations in Pune. 
18th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=458Photo: For the first time, we tried these MTR's ready to eat dishes. Dal Fry was creamy, while Mixed Vegetable was rich and both went well with chapati. Around 50Rs. each packet. 
17th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=457Photo: We tried AutoCop app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shimbi.autocope&hl=en) developed by ShimBi Labs (http://shimbi.in) on the road. The rate showed on the app was almost accurate; now they are trying to work on a few adjustments such as the "waiting time" counts at signals or in heavy traffic. According to my husband, this app is meant for a part of social awareness. By channelizing frustration or good experience of an auto-rickshaw ride to share it on various platforms of social media, the company aims to facilitate people in India, including auto-rickshaw wallars, to be more aware of the results achieved by accumulating the day-to-day service (work) good or bad, thus think more carefully about their quality. In short, the app focuses more on sharing experiences than complaints. 
16th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=456Photo: Visited Mr. Tajima (http://blog.goo.ne.jp/khelgharjp-tj/e/96c7f9e1fe439f89fc932742fcfaff29) at Jnana Prabodhini (http://prashala.jnanaprabodhini.org/). According to him, this is the school open for all children where they teach how to think and act that can transform the society. I know very little about this school, now look forward to learning more with him. 
15th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=455Photo: In Hyatt Regency Pune (http://pune.regency.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html), I found NTT docomo's WiFi connectivity option popped up on my PC when selected "Hyatt" from the list of Open WiFi networks. However, I do not know if a visitor like me who just visit the hotel for the coffee shop can also freely access to their WiFi, as I have not tried yet to fetch the "Internet Access Code" from the hotel's front desk, as instructed on the screen.
14th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=454Photo: Our February visit to Goa was half (or mainly!?) for my husband's business, so I was spending my time in the resort and its surrounding beach at the peaceful Bogmalo with no particular sightseeing. However, amazingly even the beach shack I spent most of my time every day provided a little slow but free WiFi connectivity, and due to that I could proceed my work without trouble. This perfectly-shaped turbinal and beautiful pictures (2014 Goa: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104291321552560317079/albums/5977546525808165377) are the only souvenir I could bring from Goa this time. Now, recalling our last trip to Goa back in 2007, I have searched archives then found articles about it on ASKSiddhi Classic! Hahaha... these articles are trying to introduce "the place called Goa" and what I felt about the experiences! If you read Japanese and are interested, please enjoy "Goa in 2007" from here: 2007 Goa Trip Day 1 (一路ゴアへ: http://jp.asksiddhi.com/travel/goa_1.htm); 2007 Goa Trip Day 2 (悲恋の岬: http://jp.asksiddhi.com/travel/goa_2.htm); 2007 Goa Trip Day 3 (ひたすら海へ: http://jp.asksiddhi.com/travel/goa_3.htm) 
13th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=453Photo: Goa - the heaven on the earth, at least for the people who live in India! Goa always makes me feel at home, even when I visited there for the first time in 2002. Perhaps that is because of Goa’s truly exotic atmosphere where everyone feels like "a foreigner" or forgets about being “a foreigner”. When Vasco da Gama arrived, Goan people must have welcomed him with smiles? The photo shows a stray dog with a meditating man. Initially, he looked clearly bothered by her approaching, then finally he “approved” her sitting besides him. 
12th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=452Photo: Foods I enjoyed in Goa, clockwise from upper left: Cheese chili naan, veryx100 spicy but the best finger food to accompany with beer; Goan fish curry. Rich fish aroma in the curry soup; Bebinca, the Goan traditional sweet tastes like a coconuts flavoured caramel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bebinca). It reminded me of a Japanese sweet Yokan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y%C5%8Dkan); Crispy Ebi-ten (battered fried shrimps) at the Joet's (https://plus.google.com/104035212604115667211/about?gl=jp&hl=en). Yes, Tempura was brought to Japan by Portuguese (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempura); Crepe Mandovi at the High Tide restaurant in Panaji (http://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g303877-d477614-i75697082-Hotel_Mandovi-Panaji_Goa.html). Goan-style crepe wrapping around butter sautéed coconuts and vanilla ice cream, topped with crushed almonds and chocolate sauce; Seafood Mandovi style at the High Tide, perhaps another Portuguese inspired dish.
11th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=451Photo: The new swanky terminal building is almost ready in Goa also; it will soon welcome you! (Below picture shows the old Dabolim Airport terminal building currently still in operation, looking exactly like a railway station.. ^^; Reference: http://www.navhindtimes.in/goa-news/soft-opening-new-dabolim-airport-terminal-dec-19)
10th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=450Photo: In Goa, liquors are much cheaper than in Maharashtra. We get a pint of Kinfisher at around 45Rs. even in a restaurant, in fact it was less than most of soft drinks including fruit juice or "Mocktail".  
9th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=449Photo: Seems like we have just missed their live concert held in Goa on the 5th February. (Bellamy Brothers: https://www.facebook.com/bellamybrothersindiatour)
8th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=448Photo: Bogmalo beach (https://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=bogmalo+beach+in+goa&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x3bbfb801f0ce701f:0xb01261a095e50f6f,Bogmalo,+Goa,+India&gl=jp&ei=BNL0Urv4JYSUkwWq14HQBw&ved=0CNgBELYD) is located just backside of Goa's Dabolim Airport thus far (20-30km) away from the usual tourist centers such as Panaji, Anjuna and Calangute. While there are no many typical Goa-style attractions around here, we can enjoy relatively peaceful beaches.
7th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=447Photo: My late father's favourite, Taco-chan remembers him and is still chasing after him.
6th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=446Photo: Now, I am on my way to Goa, one of the Asia's funkiest destinations. 
5th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=445Photo: Cafe Columbia (http://www.zomato.com/pune/cafe-colombia-kalyani-nagar) is another favourite place we can enjoy casual dining in Kalyani Nagar. My recommendations are Herb Crusted Basa (right, around 280Rs.) which is tenderly escalloped white fish with garlic sauce, and Nasi Goreng with half-fried egg (left, around 200Rs.). Of course, they serve a handful of Columbian foods, including special South American style pancakes. 
4th February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=444Photo: Marrakesh (http://www.zomato.com/pune/marrakesh-kalyani-nagar). Finally, we found a fine kebab and tikka place in Kalyani Nagar. We took out juicy exotic chicken tikka Murg Nizami (170Rs.) and nuts-rich tender Lamb Kafta (185Rs.) that instantly melts in your mouth. While they were preparing, we went to the Wine shop just backside of the restaurant to get a few canned beer. They have an outlet in Magarpatta (http://www.zomato.com/pune/marrakesh-magarpatta) too. Home delivery is also available.
3rd February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=443Photo: Sour strawberry could be a yummy ingredient for salad! 1. Cut strawberries and almonds in pieces, 2. Roast the almonds, 3. Mix altogether with salad vegetables and herbs like lettuce, rucola, parsley leaves, and 4. Serve with your favourite salad dressing. We learnt the recipe from GreenTokri (Reference: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/arugula_strawberry_salad.html)
2nd February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=442Photo: Starbucks at Amanora Town Center (http://www.zomato.com/pune/starbucks-coffee-hadapasar). Now, I think I have conquered all the Starbucks outlets in Pune so far, which will be the next?
1st February updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=441Photo: Happy Lunar New Year! This Horse year, I aim to review my life to seek if any new learning from the past events, spend every day humbly and gracefully without forgetting appreciation, and try to find out what kind of behaviours I should follow to respect the future generations of living things on the earth, lessons taught by this affectionate animal.
31st January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=440Photo: Egg curry is one of my most favourite dishes in India. While we eat meat and fish less frequently than the opportunities we have in Japan, eggs are easiest and yummiest sources of protein. The photo shows egg curry prepared by my husband. 
30th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=439Photo: When the occasions like Republic Day approach, people in town and media get increasingly patriotic mood. I liked this decoration at a shopping mall in Pune, Republic Day version!
29th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=438Photo: TJ's Brew Works (http://www.zomato.com/pune/tjs-brew-works-hadapasar) in Amanora Town Center was the place where I have never experienced in Pune till now. One of the most impressive presentations was the number of beer kegs lined up inside the pub. Start with the trial of four flavours of their home-brewed beer in some 60-70 Rs. before choosing a mug of the day! Personal thanks to Markus-san for inspiring my husband a beautiful place ;)
28th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=437Photo: I am back in town and so as the tea party! January Tea Party symbolized the perfect start of yet another excellent year 2014. Variety of people from Brazil, Congo, France, Germany, Russia, Japan and India got together at one corner of Pune amazed me very much, all thanks to those who arranged, supported and attended the event. I hope to maintain the tea party a homely place for everyone who wants to meet new people in the city. If you are interested in participating the event, please write to Yoko at yokodeshmukh@gmail.com, or join Facebook page "Pune International Tea Party" at https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/ or Meetup page "Young Internationals in Pune" at http://www.meetup.com/Young-Internationals-in-Pune/. I sincerely look forward to meeting many new friends in the future! 
27th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=436Photo: Happy 65th Republic Day! Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and his wife were chief guests for the parade in Delhi this year, which was considered as a significant remark as the first Prime Minister from Japan to attend in the history. Prior to his visit, many local papers reported about the possibilities of strengthening the relationship between India and Japan in various fields. However, his "proactive" appeal for selling the Japanese nuclear technologies to India is just disgusting.
26th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=435Photo: Bookshelf besides the PBC (http://www.zomato.com/pune/pune-baking-company-jw-marriott-pune-senapati-bapat-road) bakery in the JW Marriott Pune (http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pnqmc-jw-marriott-hotel-pune/) on Senapati Bapat road, one of my most favourite place to sit with my laptop due to their hospitality and beautiful cappuccino. Did you find your book to read?
25th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=434Photo: Starbucks Aundh (http://www.zomato.com/pune/starbucks-coffee-aundh). Now Starbucks seem aggressively increasing their outlets in Pune.
24th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=433Photo: "Fasting Food" was a new concept for me when I heard about it for the first time. This is a typical "Fasting" menu in Maharashtra, made of soaked Tapioca, boiled potato, peanuts powder cooked together with ghee, purified butter. Quite high calorie isn't it!?
23rd January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=432Photo: Sourrrrrrrr Indian strawberries became straight to jam. A package of strawberries was found at around 35 rupees at StarBazaar (https://plus.google.com/107331241325354358328/about?gl=jp&hl=en) supermarket. 
22nd January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=431Photo: Starbucks Coffee at Phoenix Marketcity (https://ja.foursquare.com/v/starbucks-coffee-a-tata-alliance/5290642411d2d81221df8c80) has become one of my favourite places to bring my laptop since it is convenient for grocery shopping afterward. Free WiFi is easy, enough fast and comfortable. They sometimes distribute a trial cup to each customer, yesterday it was Vanilla Latte (a left side paper cup). Frankly speaking, this much size is sufficient for me for their "Latte" series. After all, however, I once again think of the great changes I saw in Pune; 10 years ago (or even 5 years ago), I could never imagine we would have a good casual coffee shop like this where one can just sit for a long and talk peacefully, if not Starbucks.
21st January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=430Photo: Dokin-chan, a doggy lives in "The Bounty (https://plus.google.com/110067784763297835359/about?gl=jp&hl=en)," a popular bar and diner in Kalyani Nagar. She subtly lets us know that if any delicious meat that one cannot eat up, she will be always there to support.
20th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=429Photo: Zakir Hussain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zakir_Hussain_(musician)) is a world well-known maestro for Tabla. Yesterday on 18th January, we got an opportunity to attend his performance in Pune. Humble yet charming, he instantly grabbed my heart as he appeared on the stage. Then his perfectly precise Tabla beats, first with Sarangi (Sabir Khan), then with Drums (Ranjit Barot), and finally with Kerala traditional instruments such as Maddalam and Edakka, resonated with my inner universe. One sad thing was the audiences behaviour; I believe it was an excellent performance, but people seemed to hurry home with leaving the Maestro and other artists on the stage... No encore at all. I hope some day people in Pune will learn how to respect the art. I attended his performance last time exactly 10 years ago in 2004 at Koregaon Park (ASKSiddhi link: http://jp.asksiddhi.com/pune/special/instrument.htm)
19th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=428Photo: I am glad to find out Christmas is still going on in Pune. 
18th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=427Video: Much awaited new terminal building will open at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on the 12th February 2014 (Reference: http://qz.com/165845/heres-a-look-at-mumbais-swanky-new-airport-terminal-inspired-by-a-dancing-peacock/). The video was shot from outside the new terminal building this month, hope I will take pictures from inside the terminal next time.
17th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=426Photo: Believe it or not; I found this much giant strawberries (Ichigo) at a supermarket near my mother's house. My hometown Fukuoka ("Ama-ou" variety) and Tochigi ("Tochi-otome" variety) in north Kanto are two popular Ichigo regions. Sweet and juicy, Japaness Ichigo tastes like peach. Last year, I remember we picked up one news from India on ASKSiddhi (http://jp.asksiddhi.in/news/27032013_1/260.html) that there is an experimental effort in Talegaon strawberry farm remotely controlled from Japan (Reference: http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/strawberry-farm-in-talegaon-remotecontrolled-from-japan/1093903/). Soon Indian consumers may enjoy the quality of Japanese Ichigo. 
16th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=425Photo: Laxmi for my dearest mother in Japan. I had completed it in the morning on 12th January, just before flying back to India. Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Laxmi is also believed to protect home, so I put all my good wishes and prayers in the picture for my mother while laughing loudly by watching midnight comedy shows on NHK regularly broadcasted on Saturdays. Thank the Goddess and my father for letting me keep the promise!
15th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=424Photo: Nun's favourite dogs at the temple where my father sleeps. Black one is Ange-chan, and white one is Sally-chan.
14th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=423Photo: Ramen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramen) is the king of so-called “B-kyu” (“Grade B” or “mass-favoured”) gourmet. Most Japanese people, particularly those who are in need of quickly filling the stomach, love to eat for lunch or sometimes after-drink. Although it originated from China, Ramen varieties in Japan have evolved in a unique, deep and countless way. One may assume that almost every prefecture has one very original or “Gotouchi” Ramen. When I sit in front of a bowl of steaming Ramen, I think of the story behind it and enjoy the composition of various condiments to let my eyes feast first. 
13th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=422Photo: Sunset at an extremely cold day in my hometown. I am on my way to India today and praying for the mighty scarlet sun to protect my mother during my absence. 
12th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=421Photo: Today marks the 69th Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial Day. Every year this day, we remember the importance of every life and think of the utterly stupid and wasteful idea of human-being of killing each other and launching / participating in the war. Praying for the better utilization of wisdom gifted to each of us. 
6th August updated (日本語はこちら) -Photo: Sweets collection at the Kanti Sweets (http://www.zomato.com/bangalore/kanti-sweets-jayanagar) in Bangalore. Brown cubes at upper- and middle-left shelf boards are famous "Mysore Pak (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mysore_pak)", yummy caramelly speciality from the city.
11th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=420Photo: Time flies very fast; now we are already on the 10th day of the new year. What is your year 2014's resolution? I have decided it today. * The left one is 2013 diary, right is 2014.
10th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=419Photo: Beach at my hometown in Fukuoka. Whenever I come here, I imagine that if I were a seagull, I would fly far and far ahead on the ocean to our friend's country Korea. So at least I will greet them from here with gathering my all energy, "Annyon Haseyo~!!!"
9th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=418Photo: Neco-chan, a peaceful calico cat sitting in a small Saibaba temple.
8th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=417Photo: One of my most favourite destinations in the world, Ohori Park (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4805.html) in central Fukuoka. I love greeting ducks, swans, turtles and carps whenever I come here. I would visit this park every day in my childhood, and here I found Orion's Belt in the night sky for the first time in my life, as well as learned to ride a bicycle. Students or youngsters practicing trumpets or trombones in the distance at sunset time adds a nostalgia in the air.
7th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=416Photo: Beautiful peacock Rangoli art drawn by colleagues at my ex-workplace in 2011 healed my heart. 
6th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=415Photo: I tend to ask the driver-san if he will go to my destination before getting on taxis in Japan, just like I do while getting on an auto-rickshaws in Pune. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, Japanese driver-san are much thoughtful than Puneri driver-san as I see they try their best to save the fare for the customer as much as possible, ;)
5th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=414Photo: Diwali, Christmas and New Year altogether come to an Indian shopping mall. 
4th January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=413Photo: 2014 is a Horse year according to the Japanese Zodiac (http://japanesezodiac.com/) most of us follow. Twelve animals are associated with twelve years on a particular order; thus each of you have own sign according to your birth year. Find out yours at http://japanesezodiac.com/
3rd January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=412Photo: New year's special meal called "Osechi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osechi)" prepared by my mother. Each food has special and auspicious meaning and altogether arranged in a multitiered "treasure" box. She kept another small box aside for my late father. 
2nd January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=411Photo: I saw the first sunrise of 2014 in my hometown Fukuoka, Japan. I will treasure this preciously shining diamond deep in my heart through the year. Good health and happiness to everyone. 
1st January updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=410