193 Photos - Mar 3, 2013
Photo: 2013 was a great year for me. In addition to achieving the 10th year milestone for ASKSiddhi website, personally I reconfirmed that my life is nothing but because of big-hearted India, particularly I thank my husband and his family who are the sources of inspiration, my mother who likes the country after her very first visit to overseas in the beginning of the year and now greatly understands my life, and my friends who endorsed and participated my monthly Tea Parties and music activities "Yuru-on" in Pune I have started. Professionally, um..., I am working on the 31st December 2013 and will work on the 1st January 2014 as usual.. Of course, I am greatly obliged to my respected customers for their trusts and supports. I will continue putting my best effort to observing India and the rest of the world through a "positive" pair of glasses in order to identify the best attitude as an inhabitant of this beautiful planet. I wish everyone a great new year ahead and see you again!
31st December 2013 - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=409Photo: Perhaps most of my Hindu vegetarian or Muslim friends from India may raise their eyebrows; Shochu (Japanese distilled liquor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sh%C5%8Dch%C5%AB), Soju (Korean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soju) and other strong (around 25%) alcoholic beverages are available with king size. Cheers to Bacchus!!
30th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=408Photo: Tips are not custom in Japan. However, the number of staffs in the hotel I usually stay in Tokyo looked from overseas, particularly China. I would like to pay my respect to them though what I can afford is small.
29th December update - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=407Photo: Mt. ACROS (https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=acros+building+fukuoka+japan&espv=210&es_sm=91&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=osq-UoTMNM7OkQWy44GABw&sqi=2&ved=0CCgQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=578), a green building in the heart of Fukuoka, Japan. I remember when it was new, it looked like a building. Rooftop observation deck is open only on Sat., Sun and holidays. (Reference: http://www.acros.or.jp/english/)
28th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=406Photo: "Hey you, how're things going?", asks another Japanese Nandi bull we met in Kushida Shrine in central Fukuoka. 
27th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=405Photo: At Kushida Shrine in Fukuoka, Omikuji fortune papers are translated in four languages; English, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese.
26th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=404Photo: Our small Laxmi Puja in 2011. Merry Christmas to everyone in the world. 
25th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=403Photo: Malai Kulfi (http://www.tarladalal.com/Malai-Kulfi-(-Kulfi-)-4005r), my favourite Indian ice cream. It tastes like sweet and spicy frozen condensed milk. 
24th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=402Photo: Wada Pav, the Indian burger. Around 5 Rupees on the street, there are always crowds gathering around popular stalls. The patty is croquette made of potato, karipatta (curry leaves) and other savoury ingredients. I can never forget the sensation when I experienced a Wada Pav for the first time in my life. (Reference: http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/poori-bhaji/) 23rd December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=401Photo: Japanese Nandi Bull (http://myaukun.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/many-legend-ox-bullfinch-and-pine-tree-of-michizane-fukuoka/) we met at Dazaifu Shrine, Fukuoka. It was snowy rainy day yesterday, still many people were making visits to one of the most important shrines in Japan.
22nd December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=400Photo: Vastu Puja set up. 
21st December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=399Photo: I am missing slightly hazy Pune sky. Aren't the clouds looking like "mirroring" Japan islands? 
20th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=398Photo: My Christmas bashes, a colorful keyboard cover and lovely paper envelop for my work station. 
19th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=397Photo: Laxmi drew in around 2005.
18th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=396Photo: Indian woman drew in around 2002-2003 with colored pencils based on a miniature art brought from India. I was looking forward to living in India that time.
17th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=395Photo: Small-scale Christmas trees and illuminations near my mother's house in Fukuoka. I pray to the stars for each wish written on the crystal plate will come true. Early Christmas wish to my friends in India, Japan and the world! 
16th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=394Photo: Whole frozen salmon delivered to my mother's house as a winter gift today. My big surprise was that each fillet was packed individually so that storing them in the freezer was damn easy! I strongly feel Japanese packaging maker should aggressively enter India with edible or degradable options.
15th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=393Photo: Octopus curry - perhaps one of the most unimaginable curry dishes for many of my Indian friends. Garnishes are snap peas and a slice of Japanese omelet roll. 
14th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=392Photo: Birds flying over the evening sky in Akola, Maharashtra.
13th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=391Photo: I saw my 2013's last sunset in India on 10th November. The sun was so beautifully setting that looked as if it concluded my fruitful life in India this year as always. Thanks India I hope I am not forgotten by her by the time I will return in the new year..
12th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=390Photo: A scene from Nagesh-san's (https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104291321552560317079/albums/5851336085129264017/5851336127417261874?pid=5851336127417261874&oid=104291321552560317079) auto-rickshaw. If you can make out where in Pune the photo was taken, you are an expert on the town! 
11th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=389Photo: We visited a Russian restaurant in Fukuoka named "Tundra (тундра)" (https://plus.google.com/110539322863014104231/about?gl=jp&hl=en). The restaurant runs more than 60 years now and still remains popular. Interestingly, they also call the tea "Chai". Russian Chai was black tea with an elegant infusion of strawberry jam. The photo is Piroshki (пирожки) fried buns filled with minced meat, rice noodle and chopped onions, very yummy. 
10th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=388Photo: The entrance of Phoenix mall on Nagar road, Pune. The photo was taken when my mother visited for the first in the beginning of this year and shared the most memorable moments together. All the places I would go regularly turned very special just because she was with us. I wish she will visit so often that her presence will also be a daily life. 
9th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=387Photo: Unlike India where cows, donkeys, goats, parakeets, squirrels, mongooses and sometimes camels and elephants walk around, I can find cats at the most on the streets of my hometown in Fukuoka, Japan. However, I would often meet Yezo sika giant deers in Shiretoko, North-eastern Hokkaido, as well as hear that boars and monkeys are usual unwanted visitors in Japan's mountaineering towns and villages. Somehow we are inter-connected with each other and every living thing.
8th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=386Photo: 7th December is my niece Siddhi-chan's birthday. So here is her Rangoli (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangoli) art titled "Laxmi" drawn with all her might. Wish her the best luck!
7th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=385Photo: Just like Christmas stars, Aakash Kandil is the essential symbol of Diwali, festival of lights in India.
6th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=384Photo: Diwali treats at my sister-in-law's house. Clockwise from Shakarpara (round biscuits); Matari (salty Namkeen), two different Laddu cooked by her husband; Chewda. Surely, every snack was delicious!
5th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=383Photo: View of Vadgaon Sheri in the distance, from Koregaon Park Plaza mall, Pune. We can see the high water level in the middle of the rainy season. This year, Pune sees a strange weather; there were still several thunderbolts and heavy rainfalls last week according to my husband.
4th December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=382Photo: One winter morning in Pune, near Hyatt Regency on Nagar Road. One of my favourite scenes. 
3rd December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=381Photo: Inside and outside of Taji Mahal Hotel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Taj_Mahal_Palace_Hotel) located at Apollo Bunder, Mumbai. Tourists can enjoy the luxurious ambiance of the hotel lobby and coffee shops.
2nd December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=380Photo: Black sesame curry at a restaurant (http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1315/A131504/13103802/) in Haneda Airport (original menu was with slices of pork cutlet that I asked them to remove). Must be inspiring dish for Indian homemakers too!? Personally, I wanted to feel stronger flavour of sesame which was somewhat killed  by spices.
1st December updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=379Photo: Siddhi-chan collection number 4, a girl taking a breakfast with boiled egg, apples and....? Thank you for enjoying my dear niece Siddhi-chan's gallery for four days. Expect she may be a budding designer in Japan or somewhere else one day ;)
30th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=378Photo: Siddhi-chan collection number 3, a girl watering flowers and seaweeds.
29th November updated - jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=377Photo: Siddhi-chan collection number 2, a diver and sharks, watch out!! With sea urchins and mysterious deep ocean flowers.
28th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=376Photo: Siddhi-chan, my younger niece's collection number 1, "Independence Day." How cute the face expression of every child is!
27th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=375Photo: Tajima Sensei featured in Sakal Times (eSakal - http://epaper.sakaaltimes.com/SakaalTimes/25Nov2013/Enlarge/page3.htm). Shuttling between Saitama and Pune, he puts all his efforts and resources for bringing betterment for slum dwellers, particularly young people. Let's spread words!
26th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=374Photo: Mavali Tiffin Room (http://www.mavallitiffinrooms.com/) in Bangalore is the legendary restaurant, running for 90 years now. Quite simple yet extremely clean place, I feel the secret of their long success is that they remain focused and continue striving for the best possible food within everyone's budget. Also available MTR Masala.
25th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=373Photo: The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru, finally in my hands. My discovery of Nehru from the Prologue is that he is a romanticist.
24th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=372Photo: I was astonished by finding Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Church Street in Bangalore this February. I guess they will see more success in India than the coffee shop chain as people here already have what people from outside call "Indian Doughnuts", the most powerful sweet namely "Gulab Jabun" in their flavours. Comparing with Gulab Jabun, doughnuts are quite healthy confectionery! To my further surprise, nobody was queuing up in front of the shop as we saw in Japan when the first outlet had opened (Reference: https://www.google.com/search?q=%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AA%E3%82%B9%E3%83%94%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%83%A0%E3%81%AE%E8%A1%8C%E5%88%97+%E6%96%B0%E5%AE%BF&client=firefox-a&hs=Zf4&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=fflb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=mBSQUv-pMIS6kQXZ-YAg&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&bih=637)
23rd November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=371Photo: Home-made Chakli (http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com/chakli.aspx), another typical snack we enjoyed at the time of Diwali. Salty, spicy and crunchy! I cannot stop my temptation. We often store pre-fried Chakri in the refrigerator and heat them with oven before eating.
22nd November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=370Photo: Shakarpara (https://www.google.com/search?q=Shakarpara&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb) is one of a few sweets I can enjoy among all the collections of knocking-out Indian Mithai!! Specially I love those prepared by my Nanand, the beautiful sister of my husband.
21st November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=369Photo: From 7th to 9th November this year there was the Pune International Jazz Festival (https://www.facebook.com/PuneJazzBluesClub) held. Thanks to my friend's arrangement, luckily I got a ticket for 8th performances where Japanese artists played. Listening to high quality live Jazz performances was like a dream to me. Immediately after that I have come to Japan and will stay here till the new year. Therefore, my conclusion of Pune 2013 was filled with music, the essence of life I cannot live without it. I will talk about further details about it in coming days.
20th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=368Photo: I love this simple Batata Bhaji, boiled dice-cut potatoes stir-fried with a few basic spices like mustard seeds, Jeera (cumin) powder, a pinch of chilli until they are slightly burned. One will realize the richness of their flavours, perfect with chapati as well as for omelet filling.
19th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://www.jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=367Photo: High-tea has become increasingly popular in Pune in recent years. Handful of fashionable cafes, including hotel lounges, offer their best selections of confections and snacks at a reasonable rate (300-400 each). This is high-tea arranged for our monthly Pune International Tea Party at the Hyatt Regency in October. This month, the Tea Party will be held on 24th Sunday from 4 p.m. at Cafe 3.5, another unique tea room in Viman Nagar. Check it out for more details here: http://www.internations.org/forum/show_post/1045214#1045214 or sign up for the Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/
18th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=366Photo: Delicious meal at Amritsar Punjabi Dhaba (https://foursquare.com/v/amritsar-punjabi-dhaba-jalna/51557722e4b0fe49ecab1d4e) near Jalna, Maharashtra. Their efficient and prompt, professional service healed our tiredness from a long-haul journey. Also excuse me, another remarkable fact was that they maintained the toilet quite clean even though they are not located near any tourist places, which was one of the most important factors for female travelers.
17th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=365Photo: On-site Pani-Puri (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panipuri) Wallar. Tastes great with ingredients healthy and hygienic, he was on extremely high demand at the time of Diwali. I love Pani-Puri, particularly the richness of "Pani" containing black salt and cumin, and enjoyed countless.
16th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=364Photo: Cows found on Mumbai - Pune Express Highway while heading to Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport. Sometimes goats, or sometimes elder men or women appear, that is Mumbai - Pune Express Highway. Nobody knows from where they come, and to where they are heading!
15th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=363Photo: Yet another cute Ganesha found in front of Salil Hotel, Soi 11. He sits and quietly observe Bangkok's one of the busiest and funkiest hangout district for tourists.
14th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=362Photo: Mini golden Ganesha found yesterday in front of a beauty parlour on Soi 11, Bangkok. So kind of those pretty girls offering him cold drink with a straw, he also looks happy!
13th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=361Photo: A mysterious cow dressed up in orange robe has arrived. Someone said she belonged to a fortune teller. Hope the fortune teller cares for her fortune the most! 
12th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=360Photo: Today was our 11th wedding anniversary. Past 11 years of our lives, including initial 1.5 years in Japan, were filled with trials and errors in every factor. Unlike my great friends who are also married to Indians, I am still like a drop of oil in the water dissolving the Indian society; I am not able to merge with it completely. However, my life in India is still joyful and enjoyable, thanks to my husband and big India, and I am grateful about it. I hope by now we are making a better team!
11th November 2013 (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=359Photo: Home made uttapam made of Idli batter brought from a Marwari shop (small store run by individual). The key of delicious crunchiness is the balance of flame, timing and instinct that all my husband only has ;-)
10th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=358Photo: Tottu-chan, a female parakeet eating green chili. She likes Mukhwas (digestive aid) and coriander leaves too. Nervous and versatile Tottu-chan was about to learn to say "Namaste". I will try again next time I visit Akola :)
9th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=357Photo: Long way to home in an evening along with cows near Akola, Maharashtra. 100 years ago, his grand grand father may have walked this road similarly, every day for many years. 
8th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=356Photo: A small fort built by children I've found on the day 1 of Diwali this year. It will be destroyed by boys-cum-small-barbarians! They look like saying, "Here comes Diwali, c'mon let's enjoy!" 
7th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=355Photo: These are Rangoli arts drawn by my younger nieces on the occasion of Diwali this year. Although she took help of a pattern book, it is amazing considering that these are drawn with freehand! 
6th November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=354Photo: So, finally Diwali 2013 has been concluded today. We spent an entire exciting holiday with my husband's family in Akola, a cute town in Maharashtra unknown to most of the Japanese and foreigners! Highlights of the stay were my elder niece, who is much grown up now, made me rediscover this interesting city on her scooter, while I made sure of the excellent talent my younger niece is gifted in drawing. Thank you Diwali, and I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Once again, Happy Diwali to all!!
5th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=353Photo: Sunrise we saw at nowhere in Maharashtra on the first day of Diwali this year, 1st November. On the long way to Akola, we passed through several small villages and towns where hardly we could find festive mood. Vegetable sellers sitting in front of miserably small onions, no electrical speculators on house walls, people wandering around a dusty bazaar under the scorching heat with no cheerfulness on their faces... As my husband says, Goddess Laxmi does not bring money but prosperity. On this Diwali, I am grateful for clothing, food and housing I am given with my satisfaction and think of who may not have.
4th November updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=352Photo: Today's the main day of Diwali, Mahalaxumi Puja! So, two new family members, Jackie-kun male doggy and Tottu-chan female parakeet also dressed up, wore kum-kum (auspicious red mark on forehead) :)
3rd November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=350Photo: So far, my knowledge about Diwali is the festival of light, not noise and pollution due to the overdose of fatake (fire crackers) that make people (and eventually, may be your respectful Goddess) run away. The Diwali I first time experienced back in 2001 was very humble and beautiful. Every house placed oil lamps (diya) on the wall and hung Aakash Kandir (lantern), simply breathtaking. I felt people's deep heart of respect to the festival. I believe the Goddess Laxmi also needs only this much.
2nd November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=350Photo: Wish a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to everyone! 
1st November updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=349Photo: Chapati and two sabzi, a salad; gorgeous supper is ready, all made at home. 
31st October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=348Photo: This is the version of cucumber salad added peanut powder (https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104291321552560317079/albums/5851336085129264017/5933146006523807746?pid=5933146006523807746&oid=104291321552560317079). Mmmm.. "I'm lovin' it!"
30th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=347Photo: The Doggies I met in Viman Nagar this afternoon. October heat seems to be quite beating them. There was also a doggy colleague in the company I visited today named Charlie-kun.
29th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=346Photo: It looks humble but tastes fancy. Bharit is most of Maharashtrian people's favourite. Roast a large eggplant on direct gas flames, remove the skin and mash it, then fry with onion, tomato and some masala. It remains seldom, but I like to utilize it for pizza topping next day.
28th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=345Photo: Left is Sony Ericsson Xperia mini I bought in 2010 which was, I believe, one of the tiniest smartphones in the world. It is so small and minimal, but has worked enough hard for me, at least she allowed me to check emails while recently she often behaved strange and even refused to pick up the calls. It is a smartphone but I have given up using her for Facebook, Twitter and other stuffs long time ago. Anyway, thank you for being with me all the time. 
27th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=344Photo: Today was a virgin live for "Yuru-on Pune - Music Club for Busy People" members at the monthly tea party held at Hyatt Regency Pune. We sang "Hana wa Saku (Flowers Will Bloom; http://www.nhk.or.jp/japan311/hanasp.html)" and "Top of the World". It was so wonderful time singing together in harmony and cool guitar accompaniment in public. Special thanks to Hyatt Regency for openly allowing us the performance, and everyone in the tea party who cheered and listened to us. Pursuing something I love to do makes me realize that there is always somebody who supports it; without that even a tiny dream can become as tough as conquering Mr. Everest. At "Yuru-on", while setting this "Hana Wa Saku (Flowers Will Bloom) as a main theme, we hope to enjoy songs from Japan, India and all over the world together with busy people from young to old, regardless of nationalities. We are aiming to start full-fledged activities from January next year.
26th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=343Photo: Tomorrow will be the first mini-mini live for "Yuru-on Pune", a music circle for busy people. We will perform from around 4:30 at Hyatt Regency Pune (https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=Hyatt+Regency+Pune&fb=1&hq=Hyatt+Regency&hnear=0x3bc2bf2e67461101:0x828d43bf9d9ee343,Pune,+Maharashtra,+India). Stay tuned ;)
25th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=342Photo: Egg Bhurji is Indian style scrambled eggs. People adding spices even on egg dishes shocked me so much when I visited India for the first time. While breads or chapati are standard accompaniments with the Bhurji, I like to eat with steamed rice. (Reference recipe: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Egg-Bhurji-(Scrambled-Eggs-Indian-Style))
24th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=341Photo: Forbidden delight, tomato & basil Matki spaghetti; 1. Boil the spaghetti noodles, 2. Heat the olive oil on a pan and add chopped garlic, shallow fly for some time, 3. Add Matki, cut onions and fly for some time, add salt and pepper or red chili, 4. Add tomato puree and a half cup of water, boil for sometime, 5. Add tomato ketchup or any sauce of your choice. I like to use Oyster sauce, 6. Add fresh basil leaves and serve on cooked spaghetti. Matki is sprout beans so we do not need to cook much. I remember someone described the taste as "milky". 
23rd October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=340Photo: Matki, moth beans sprouts are favourite meat substitute and these are really stuffing. They contain rich vitamins, minerals and protein and less fat. I like to use Matki for pasta sauce. Tomorrow I will introduce tomato based tasty pasta using Matki. 
22nd October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=339Photo: So, the reviewing committees have been held twice so far for yet-to-born "Yuru-on Pune (temporary name)", the "loose" or "relaxed" concept of music circle and we together enjoyed singing and playing both times with the accompaniment of K-bro's guitar. All "committee members", 6-7 of them, love music from their hearts, and we plan to perform a "guerrilla live" this weekend. Yes, we are highly enthusiastic. However, since the most of the members will be out of town in November and December, full-fledged activities are expected to start from January 2014. We will be back again that time to invite people for this beautiful "yurui" or relaxed, yet passionate music circle with more details, stay tuned!
21st October updated (日本語はこちら♪) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=338Photo: "Does the God really exist?", "Yes He does, if you truly believe. At the same time, He does not exist if you do not believe in Him or pretend to believe in Him. God is not in statue, temple, ritual nor religion, but He is in all shapes and in your heart. Remember my words, the God does exist, at the same time, the God does not exist," I had such conversation with Mr. Bill Gates in my mysterious dream this morning. 
20th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=337Photo: Introducing Tan-chan, a gentle and elegant doggy living in a sports gym near our house. There is another doggy friend of him and both look overweight, which might pose a slight concern for the owner from business reputation aspect :D. He does not speak much, just silently greet people every morning who come for their workout.
19th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=336Photo: Cucumber seller. Under the scorching October sun, these look really tempting. Thank you! 
18th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=335Photo: "Appeared North America in the morning sky. O clouds clear now. Soon there will be Kojagiri Purnima (http://www.astrocamp.com/kojagiri-purnima-2013-date.html), the autumn full moon festival celebrated the whole night with boiling milk outdoor. People believe drinking the hot luscious milk, contains various nuts, dry fruits and high concoction of moonlight, keeps them away from all colds and bad health during winter," the bird says. In fact, I love the festival the most among all, which will be celebrated tomorrow this year. 
17th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=334Photo: Blooming lotus flowers in a hot morning. Tell me God if it is true that all living things are interconnected? Then these beautiful pink lotuses are my sisters.
16th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=333Photo: Facts book about Panmunjeom we bought at the time of South Korea side DMZ tour last year. History of two tragic wars and Cold War in Korean peninsula, getting around of DMZ and JSA including Panmunjeom, North Korea's propaganda village etc. Hope to visit there some day, as well as Wagah border between Pakistan and India. (Reference: http://www.tourdmz.com/english/07guid/tour1_1.php)
15th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=332Photo: Kame-san, a turtle I met yesterday at a Ganesh temple, Pune. Indeed Kame-san moved slowly, and I did not find he had any problems with it. (Reference: http://j-lyric.net/artist/a00126c/l013258.html)
14th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=331Photo: Tasty cucumber salad: 1. Cut 2-3 cucumbers in dices, 2. Add a pinch of turmeric, chili, salt and sugar, 3. Heat the oil, add mustard seeds to pop them, 4. Sprinkle the hot oil on cucumbers, and mix well. Enjoy the spicy savour!
13th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=330Photo: We had Mr. Kato and other wonderful members yesterday for the first "reviewing committee for the Yurui Ongaku Club (loose music club)". However, "reviewing committee" was just a naming; we have already started activity ;)
With the perfect accompaniment of Kato-san's guitar and the beautiful lead by Yamamoto-san, who is a professional singer, we all sang different songs together. I was very happy and felt like my dream came true. The time went very fast.
Here, I list up the songs we picked up yesterday -
Hana wa saku (Japanese song; Flowers will bloom)
Nagoriyuki (Japanese)
Nada sousou (Japanese)
Gandhara (Japanese)
Itoshi no Elie (Japanese)
Itsumo Nandodemo (Japanese)
Kimino hitomi wa ichiman volt (Japanese)
Top of the World
Tickets to Ride
We are the World
Hard to Say I'm Sorry
Time to Say Goodby (Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman)
I Believe in You (Il Divo and Celine Dion)
Among this, I have both score and CD of "Hana wa saku", so we can start practicing immediately. We are thinking of relatively simpler harmonious songs that allow anybody to participate easily. We are planning to gather at Cafe 3.5 next Friday again from 3:30p.m. to 4:30p.m., do join us if you are interested.
Our common goal is to start with a small number of people initially, and slowly and gradually expand. Ultimately, we want to try Gospel singing, charity live at shopping malls or large hotels, and / or performing a recital at nursing homes and children's homes.
Here, we are using Cafe 3.5 as a venue with free of cost; so in order to ensure we enjoy the club with full heart, I would like to ask each member to pay 150INR minimum in the beginning for a pot of tea and a small sweet. I consulted about this idea to the cafe owner, and she also agreed with it.
To tell you the truth, I am basically very shy of strangers, but all other members are very warm-hearted and kind people, so you will definitely enjoy the time. We welcome everyone, from children to adults to sing together.
12th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=329Photo: K-san, a Japanese couple who had lived in Pune for more than 10 years, always knew the best places to shop. This is one of such tea shops Kiwalkar & Company (http://www.justdial.com/Pune/kiwalkar-and-company-%3Cnear%3E-narayan-peth/020P7010772) where we always buy tea leaves for souvenirs to bring to Japan. Aromatic Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Orange Pekoe etc. are available by measure from 100g.
11th October updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=328Photo: I am not really a festival familiar type of person and even sometimes reluctant to participate in Indian festivals, but this Diwali I have a promise to fulfill so since the past days I have started preparing whenever I find time. Ladies and gentlemen, wait to see what is about to come into the world before Diwali...
10th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=327Photo: Aglio Olio with canned tuna and chives; 1. Boil the spaghetti, 2. Shallow fly chopped garlic and chili flakes with a sufficient amount of heated extra virgin olive oil, 3. Open canned tuna on the pan (do not add the oil in the can, caution for oil splash), then add chopped chives, 4. Add cooked spaghetti, salt and pepper to taste and mix well. Be careful not to burn chili flakes, as they are in the picture. Strips of cabbage may be better and healthier combination.
9th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=326Photo: Isn't it a dream!? Spice Jet (http://www.spicejet.com/) is finally starting the flights between Pune and Bangkok, one of my most favourite cities in the world, four days a week from 27th October this year. Hurray!! I have been hearing about the rumours of Bangkok direct flights to be starting from Pune Airport since the beginning of this year, which seem to be materializing now. Clear fare is not known (may be minimum Rs. 16,000 return?) yet but should be competitive rate considering that the carrier is one of the leading LLCs in India. Spending a weekend in Bangkok? It will be shortly possible for Puneits too! (Photo courtesies: Indian News and Times, and Trail Blazer Tours India)
8th October updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=325Photo: My favourite "office" recently is Cafe 3.5 (http://www.zomato.com/pune/cafe-35-viman-nagar) in Viman Nagar, where we host monthly tea party. Varieties of teapot teas and accompanying sweets and snacks are tasty yet relatively reasonable. Clean, comfortable and peaceful while working, specially on weekdays, and everyone know finding one such places is not easy in Pune. Also, additional quality for me like freelancers is that whenever you feel tired you will have companies to talk! I often come here with my laptop and Wifi router, and stay for the whole afternoon.
7th October updated (日本語はこちら♩) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=324Photo: Have you known SOI, the Symphony Orchestra of India (www.soimumbai.com)? Shamefully, I had not known them until the 3rd October 2013. SOI was born in 2006 at the National Center for the Performing Arts (www.ncpamumbai.com) in Mumbai as India's very first professional Symphony Orchestra. Since then, they have remarkable achievements in India as well as overseas, and finally have come to Pune for the first time. The fee for the concert was not set as it depended on individual donations, therefore many people from young to old attended. The evening started with India's national anthem, and concluded with Johann Strauss I's Radetzky March under never ending curtain call. Although the venue, which was an auditorium in a school, was not made for the Orchestra performance thus acoustic quality was poor, attending such concert in Pune itself was like a dream for me. I am now determined that I will go to Jamshed Bhabha Hall (https://plus.google.com/104644479886969176612/about), SOI's home ground next time to listen to their performance. 
6th October updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=323Photo: Today, I would like to introduce you a smiley encountered on a cup of cappuccino :) Small but unexpected pleasure blow out all stresses on the day. 
5th October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=322Photo: Haji Ali Dargah on the Arabian Sea off Mumbai from distance. Pilgrims must wait for low tide to make a visit to this beautiful and mysterious mosque. Last time I visited the Dargah was back in January 2002, and I want to visit again to enjoy Sufi music played on Fridays.
4th October updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=321Photo: A bored-look watchman in front of a shopping mall. Often I wonder what are their targets, theft, terrorist, or customer? That's a question, he also says. 
3rd October updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=320Photo: 2nd October is Gandhi Jayanti, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Winning the independence of India against the British Empire, he proved to the world that violence and greed are not only the methods to change a nation. I am not sure if Gandhi were alive, he would like how his country has become. He brought a freedom to the nation from outrageous rulers, but he did not have enough time to guide people how to be free from the corruptions, casteism, poverty, inequity, lack of morality etc. Now it's the Gandhi in every Indian to lead her / him to bring change in the society so that she / he can be proud of, and I hope this way he will live forever.
2nd October updated (日本語はこちら♫) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=319Photo: Delicious Palak (spinach) salad: 1. Cut the spinach, chop the onion and tomato, 2. Add salt, a table spoon of lemon juice, 3. Add a pinch of cumin powder and chili powder, chopped garlic if you like, 3. Add two table spoons of olive oil and mix altogether. You may also use fresh Methi leaves. Enjoy fresh lemon aroma and full flavour of cumin powder. 
1st October updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=318Photo: I met a black goat munching yummy palm leaves in Viman Nagar a few days ago. So I felt relaxed as at least he would then know what the white goat wrote to him in the letter. (Reference in Japanese: http://www.mahoroba.ne.jp/~gonbe007/hog/shouka/yagisanyubin.html)
30th September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=317Photo: I love cafes. In the year 2001 when I visited Pune for the first time as a tourist, coffee here generally meant either South Indian filter coffee or "Nescafe". Yes, Cafe Coffee Days (http://www.cafecoffeeday.com/) and Barista (http://www.barista.co.in/users/index.aspx) were also there at very limited locations, but with their 50-odd rupee for an expensive cup of coffee comparing with that orthodox filter coffee of around 8INR, I would not feel free to drop in the places. Within just a few years since then, a cup of cappuccino or cafe latte had quickly been adapted by young middle-to-high income populations thanks to Costa Coffee, The Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves and finally Starbucks, which I guessed their coffee was too expensive for India, have arrived here one after another. Most pleasant factor recently is that those coffee shops seem to have finally accepted that playing loud rock'n roll or Bollywood music is just annoying customers who come there to enjoy conversations.
29th September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=316Photo: Choosing from a long list of menu without food pictures is one of the toughest and funnest moment when dining at a restaurant in India. We have to guess hard from the name of cuisine, and be careful, you may be told "(the dish is) not available" from the waiter even after spending half an hour for the brainstorming!! One will naturally learn that it is always better to keeping multiple options at a restaurant, as well as life.
28th September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=315Photo: Welcome to India, the land of colours and Chaos! Gateway of India is the symbolic monument of the British Raj, facing the Arabian Sea it served the official entrance to India at the time. The breathtaking magnificent structure of Indo-Saracenic style comes in the sight as we approach the port through the narrow alley among buildings, fosters our mood of excitement that says "Yes, we've come to Mumbai!" (Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gateway_of_India#cite_note-SimonSt-Pierre2000-11)
27th September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=314Photo: Have you ever read this excellent comic series "Buddha" written by a Japanese cartoonist late Osamu Tezuka (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osamu_Tezuka)? We can purchase from any online bookshop in India (http://www.amazon.in/gp/product/000725167X/ref=junglee&tag=juamz1-21). One can be easily and greatly familiar with the birth of Buddhism and Buddha's life. While I surely own all titles, I am gifting for my nieces in India and nephew in Japan one by one.
26th September updated (日本語はこちら♫) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=313Photo: Water cows going home in an evening after bathing in the river near the Kalyani Nagar - Koregaon Park bridge. Ahead of the herd there was an elder man dressed in white working attire with a white turban leading them. What a touching discipline they follow.
25th September updated (日本語はこちら♩) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=312Photo: I saw a rainbow over the Pune Sky in the morning, 22nd September. That afternoon I met many angels in the September Tea Party (https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104291321552560317079/albums/5851336085129264017/5926502449032718866?pid=5926502449032718866&oid=104291321552560317079) so perhaps this was the bridge carried them from heaven!
24th September updated (日本語はこちら♬) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=311Photo: Japanese style vegetable soup curry: 1. Cook the rice, 2. Cut vegetables of your choice in dice size. I used potato, zucchini, onion, carrot, spinach and chopped garlic, 3. Heat olive oil, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds, and shallow fly the garlic, add onion, 4. Add all other ingredients, 5. Add around 600-700 cc water and boil for 20 minutes, 6. Add 2 cubes of Japanese curry paste if available; if not then add curry powder (we can find in Dorabjee's: https://maps.google.com/maps/place?ie=UTF-8&q=Dorabjee's&fb=1&hq=Dorabjee's&cid=0) and Knorr's soup (Thick Tomato if you like sour) + Hoisin or Chinese multipurpose sauce is a good combination. Slight salt and pepper to taste. You may add tomato ketchup too. 7. Serve on cooked rice.
23rd September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=310Photo: September Tea Party welcomed around 20 or more guests from across the globe, backgrounds and generations! I cannot help smiling when I see the pictures (counted more than 100!!), thanks everyone who joined, thanks Cafe 3.5 (http://www.zomato.com/pune/cafe-35-viman-nagar), which has become a home base for the Tea Party, for their warm hospitality. The next month Tea Party we will borrow the Hyatt Regency Pune (http://www.pune.regency.hyatt.com/‎) for the venue. Hope to see you all again, as well as meet many new people!
Do join us from the Tea Party Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/
22nd September updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=309Photo: Sunset time at Marine Drive near Nariman Point, Mumbai. What is your memory connected to this romantic avenue? I have two memories; the first one tracks back in 2001 during my visit and stay in India for the first time. I sat by the bank and hummed a Japanese song "Yashi no Mi (A Palm Fruit; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxT7q-AfJy8)", looking at the setting sun on the Arabian Sea and thinking of how far I came. Second one comes from this January. We walked here with my mother visited us from Japan, and that was the moment our long awaited dream came true. Clockwise from right: a crow enjoying sun bath; a building ahead is Air India's symbolic former headquarters (this year the company shifted the headquarters to Delhi, reference: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-02-15/news/37100980_1_air-india-nariman-point-moves-headquarters); Everyone likes the place. I love Mumbai.
21st September updated (日本語はこちら) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=308Photo: I haven't had a chance to visit Pune's first Starbucks Coffee (http://www.starbucks.in/) yet, even if it is located near from our house, but I visited India's first outlet in Mumbai this January. The shop is in a premise of the city's pride Taj Mahal Hotel (http://tajhotels.com/Luxury/Index.html, owned by Tata Group, the same body that runs Starbucks in India), so a security gate is installed at the entrance. The coffee chains are rapidly mushrooming since the late last year in India in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and now in Pune.
19th September updated (日本語はこちら♩) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=306Photo: Last day of Ganesha festival today. When people were about to say adieu to Ganapati at around 5 p.m., heavy rain started in Pune so taking him out of the mandap (pavilion) became eventually impossible. We interpreted this event as Ganesha took "pudchya varshi lavkar ya (come back next year soon)" message from people so seriously that he almost refused to leave! Now it's around 9:30 p.m. and rain has stopped, and finally he is moving to the river with people frantically dance on the tunes of loud music with max volume playing this year's trend song called "Lungi Dance (http://youtu.be/2kWLyInyjOE)". Oops, while I am writing this, again rain started... seems Ganapati really decided not to move!
18th September updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=305Photo: Surprising encounter with a big & golden Ganesha in front of the Bangkok ISETAN. We met familiar Indian idols in many places across Bangkok and Ayuthaya, and found that many Thai people were respecting them from their hearts.
15th September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=302Photo: Kawaii (*^o^*) squirrel in Akola. Every morning, she eats Chapati for her breakfast fed by my mother in law (Aai). Munch munch, yummy yummy! 
17th September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=304Photo: Twin Ganesha using pencils, water-colors and water-color pencils. When I have time I like to draw a set of two Ganesha or Laxmi's postcard size pictures for my mother, so she can put them in frames respectively, keep one for herself and give another for her friend. Surely these are drawn based on a sample miniature I brought from the market which is muchx100 beautiful and detail.
11th September updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=298Photo: Rare combination: an Indian at Dorasan, the nearest South Korea side station from the border. The station was built in 2002, in order to serve for the welcoming entrance for visitors from North Korea. When we visited Seoul in 2007 May for my best friend's wedding, symbolic freight train operation had just started to carry goods to the Kaesong Industrial Region in North Korea, and we could feel the momentum of friendship between two countries. However, soon after, it stopped due to the change of situation. Almost untouched X-ray machines and immigration counters in the station looked as if they were speaking untold stories. My dream is to cross the border and travel through Eurasia continent, like migrant birds freely flying from South to North I saw that day. Photo was taken last December just before DMZ and Kaesong had closed due to the tension caused by North Korean missile test. Some good news reporting yesterday that Kaesong will reopen on 16th this month.
12th September updated (日本語はこちら★) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=299Photo: According  to my personal research, playing Chopin's "Raindrop" have brought actual rains with a higher rate since this July, with around 85 percent of rains were considered to be triggered by the Prelude within two hours, the data show... Forgive me Pune for spoiling your Ganesha festival since the day before yesterday ;)
10th September updated (日本語はこちら♬) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=297Photo: Our Braun tube TV brought a fortunate encounter this evening. India's national broadcasting station Doordarshan (http://www.ddindia.gov.in/) today inaugurated its first HD broadcasting with much awaited Zubin Mehta (http://www.zubinmehta.net/) conducted live concert with the Symphony Orchestra  from Germany, which was held in Kashmir. My heart was moved by the great fusion with Kashmiri artists of traditional instruments, as well as the tenderest ever Symphony No. 5 of Beethoven I have ever listened. I feel truly lucky and proud of witnessing the historical concert over the air, and knowing about him. I believe many Indian young people in across the country also watched this concert over Doordarshan and got a great inspiration. Link to the recorded program on YouTube: http://youtu.be/nqRQN7Ukik0
7th September updated (日本語はこちら♫) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=294Photo: Here, Ganesha is almost at your doorstep.. Tomorrow is the first day of Ganesha festival in India this year. Coincidentally, tomorrow is also considered as the auspicious day in Japan because two "9" (nine) lap over (重陽 [ちょうよう] in Japanese), which is the biggest sunny number (reading "yang" in Chinese) according to the Chinese theory of Yin-Yang. So, prepare for some extra bonanza brought by Ganapati Bappa! (References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang and http://www.bukyu.com/seck/s9.html)
8th September updated (日本語はこちら★) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=294Photo: Looks like you all are crazy about a therianthrophic deity called Ganesha.. Ahem, excuse me, here comes your proud holy Cow from Akola taking his route, everyone get out of my way!! *Drumbeats background...*
9th September updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=296Photo: Rain... around 3 p.m. we got a light shower in Pune today. Except for the rainy season from June to September, there are few chances of rain here, so I feel delighted whenever I see some fresh water on the ground. AccuWeather indicates the similar weather in the coming week (Reference: http://www.accuweather.com/en/in/pune/204848/daily-weather-forecast/204848)
5th September updated (日本語はこちら♪) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=292Photo: Idli (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idli) is a South Indian steam bread made of rice and black lentil batter fermented for about a half day. Yummy yet healthy, easily digestive snack that is often eaten for breakfast in Maharashtra too. Particularly Pudina chutney (green paste made of mint [Pudina], coriander, garlic, pinch of grated coconut, etc.) and Sambar soup (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sambar_(dish)) make the golden combination with Idli, because all taste sour and gentle to stomach. We like to use MTR Sambar powder (http://www.amazon.com/MTR-Sambar-Powder-200g/dp/B000JSSNFW) and bring premixed Idli batter from the nearby store, so what we need to do is keeping the batter for a half day, and cutting and adding your favourite vegetables and boiled water to the MTR masala while steaming Idli and mixing the chutney! Recently, the Times of India covered that Idli is considered the healthiest breakfast option by many Indian people (Reference: http://m.timesofindia.com/india/Idli-sambhar-most-nutritious-breakfast/articleshow/22129608.cms?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral)
3rd September updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=290Photo: Market is filled with full colours, the colours of India! Just 5-6 years ago when Pune did not have many supermarkets, we would go to Mandai market every Sunday morning to buy vegetables for the week. Also, Sunday is the day most of farmers around the city deliver their farm products to the market so we can select from very fresh and huge varieties of vegetables. Nowadays, we try to arrange whatever available vegetables in a supermarket nearby, eventually missing the opportunity to breathe these colours of freshness. Apart from Mandai, Pune has popular markets such as Shivaji market and Yerwada market.
31st August updated (日本語はこちら♬) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=287Photo: Rice bowl topped with canned oil sardine: 1. Cook the rice, 2. Open the can of oil sardine (non-tomato, the photo shows tomato based one I bought by mistake) on heated pan, 3. When the contents are heated well, add cut onions, 4. Finally, add some sauce for taste (no salt). I added Chinese multipurpose sauce and also grated cheese, 5. Place on cooked rice. Easy lunch is ready! 
4th September updated (日本語はこちら♬) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=291Photo: Recently, we find various General Mills (http://www.generalmills.co.in/) products in India, including Pillsbury Atta, cereal bars, and finally Betty Crocker (one brand under General Mills) Pancake Mix. Just a few years ago, pancake in India was synonym for Dosa or Uttapa, and this kind of pancake mix products were only found in Dorabjee's (http://www.zomato.com/pune/dorabjee-and-sons-camp-area) like selected supermarkets' imported food shelf and priced as high as 300-400INR. Western style pancakes are getting increasingly popular here, even McDonald's (http://www.mcdonaldsindia.com/) serve their popular pancakes for breakfast menu. I am also a pancake lover, and it is pretty happy trend! Betty Crocker Pancake Mix is priced at 175INR.
29th Aug. updated (日本語はこちら♩) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=285Photo: One of the most challenging factors of the urban human lives in Pune is the unavailability of the varieties of casual entertainments that can fit for everyone's interest. For me, grinding coffee beans and dripping a special cup sometimes bring me a relief. Now, the Auchan supermarket in the Koregaon Plaza mall (http://www.auchanindia.com/store_locator_PUNE.html) sells coffee beans by measure, which is a great convenience for us unlike we needed to go to a specialty shop keeping all other businesses aside! Each pure coffee bean variety costs from 50 - 65INR per 100g. I bought each 200g of American Blend (around 56INR per 100g), Washed Arabica (around 59INR) and Italian Espresso (around 65INR) beans. I still need a hint of sourness in the American Blend. Surely, the shop will grind the beans for you too.
27th August updated (日本語はこちら☆) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=283Photo: I think it's been about two years since the Koregaon Park Plaza (www.koregaonparkplaza.com/) has opened, and still empty except for the basement floor's supermarket Auchan (http://www.auchanindia.com/store_locator_PUNE.html) whenever I visit on weekdays. The mall suffered from a fire last year and had closed for many months, but the situation was alike even before that. Surely, as people say in different online reviews, the mall is now clean and beautiful because very few people visit! Similarly, either success or failure of a mall is getting so obvious that now the owners should think of very new, innovative way of running their businesses. Quite interesting as the malls in India are coming to the turning point.
30th August updated (日本語はこちら♪) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=286Photo: 800INR (700INR for lunch; beer & other drinks separate) each is all one has to pay for these authentic, mouth watering Korean delicacies. Happy Days in Kalyani Nagar (Backside of Bank of Baroda, Central Avenue; Phone: 9922161472; the map below shows approximate location) is run by a Korean family. There is no particular menu, so it is suggested to book a table in advance. They said they could entertain a certain degree of customers' requests / preferences. One Korean gentleman can speak fluent Japanese, and another Korean lady can speak fluent English. Clockwise from right: Chijimi pancake; Bulgogi beef; Bibimbap sizzling rice bowl; Kimchi and different Korean pickles & side dishes; Green chilli mix (very spicy); stone bowl for Bibimbap straight from Korea.
26th August updated (日本語はこちら!) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=282Photo: From this month, I have resumed international gathering in the form of tea party, taking help of my friend who opened a new shop, Cafe 3.5 (https://www.google.com/search?q=Cafe+3.5&rlz=1C1SNJC_jaJP485JP485&oq=Cafe+3.5&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=lrd) and yesterday was the first party. I really enjoyed thanks to the friend, her lovely husband and friendly shop staffs. Particularly, I love their tea varieties, and I think it will be one of my most favourite "workplaces" to visit with my laptop. By the time of the next meet-up planned on Sunday 22nd September, I will fix the guitar string and want someone to play good music!
Join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/213725268657442/
25th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=281Photo: We ordered GreenTokri last Saturday, and here they come! Fresh salads with tasty and healthy home-made dressings and pasta sauces, and all we can order online now. Your order will be fulfilled depending on the availability of vegetables, for example, this time we were informed that they did not have cherry tomatoes in stock from the delivery boy. In this case, he will ask you to pay the amount deducting that of the cherry tomatoes.
* Sorry, in the last post about GreenTokri on XX(date) I wrote that they accept only phone orders, but it looks online order is already in place. However, payment can be made only on delivery (PoD), not through online transaction (i.e. credit card / debit card payments are not yet available).
GreenTokri: http://www.greentokri.com/
23rd August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=279Photo: India's first concept of Japanese founded and owned beauty salon Beautech (http://www.beautechjapan.com/) opened this month in Pune's Season's mall (http://www.seasonsmall.in/, 2F), near Magarpatta City. They introduce the state-of-the-art intense pulsed light (IPL) equipment imported from Japan that achieves pain-free hair removal and smoother & fairer skin. According to Mr. Kato, the owner of the salon, they currently offer limited trial schemes for under-arms treatment etc. There will be always a native Japanese and Japanese / English speaking Indian staffs who attentively provide services for customers with the high-quality Japanese-style hospitality. Currently the salon is for ladies only. More pictures of the salon, please check the following link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.611047815613437.1073741829.100001246717903&type=1&l=95ed89e3a4
22nd August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=278Photo: ASKSiddhi website was built by a team of developers in my husband's company ShimBi Labs (http://shimbi.in/), and is run by one person for translation and update, both voluntarily. I want to introduce so many news and things from India that may change people's perspectives on the country, but there are great hurdles such as time and resource restrictions. Now I've come to know one of the answers to overcoming this is to keep on introducing whatever small pieces of cheering information "every day". Also, unlike the year 2003, now there are a number of news sites in Japanese that introduce daily India news. So my focus will be to continue putting all efforts to introduce only positive news and information from India and make ASKSiddhi the pleasant and unique place for the people who love India.
* This Rangoli was drawn by my dearest nieces in Akola :)
21st August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=277Photo: There are also many stories behind 10 years of ASKSiddhi's survival and growth. At a time, I almost stopped uploading  news for many days, giving an excuse of my busyness. Then my Indian boss who spoke and read Japanese almost like native speakers encouraged me to continue; that time I realized there were people who were reading my news even though I could not see them. Since then, I determined to not to let ASKSiddhi die! During the flight transits to Japan, in the morning I suffered terrible stomachache and vomiting, and even in the night my father passed away, I uploaded news. That all thanks to you, my readers. I am so grateful for providing me this excellent opportunity.
20th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=276Photo: 19th August 2003, we uploaded the first news in Japanese (Indian restaurant's "Atiti" at the New York Blackout: http://jp.asksiddhi.com/news/19082003.htm) on the Web, aiming to explore positive faces of India and introduce them in Japanese. Since then, ASKSiddhi has grown so much with thousands of news and columns, all thanks to readers. 10 years in India were filled with memorable experiences and great lessons. It is our passion for being different, and we will continue uploading only positive news and maintaining a positive attitude. It is our mission to keep learning about India and the rest of the world. It is our devotion to investing our genuine efforts in ASKSiddhi so that it can encourage some readers. Soon, ASKSiddhi will experience the 3rd renewal with better layout. Lastly but most importantly, I sincerely thank you all for supporting us. I look forward to keeping strong bond with you in the future.
19th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=275Photo: In India, where far more than a billion people live, finding a faithful person is sometimes easy but many times very difficult. Mr. Pravin is working as a driver for my husband's company ShimBi Labs (www.shimbi.in) since the establishment in 2005. With my experiences of a handful of other drivers in Pune, I know how precious he is "just because": he is punctual, as his standard duty time starts at 15 minutes before the promise; he is honest, as he will never ask any extra fee than he need which is modest; he is kind, even he once offered his financial support when we've met an accident which was not because of his mistake at all, though we declined. My husband and all his clients (as he is always so highly demanded that he takes other clients on weekends) say he is the person with whom a woman can travel alone in the night. Opening your heart and listening to the inner voice, like my husband is doing, could be one of the keys to finding out the person like him.
1st September updated (日本語はこちら★) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=288Photo: I love Bangkok, a city of big heart that embraces everything, from tradition to modern, from cheap to luxury, and all cultures across the globe while maintaining the taste of exotic Thailand. I also found many cultural, life style and other influences from / similarities with India. We find Indian tourists at every corner of Bangkok, and also there are quite a few industrial bodies promoting businesses between Thailand and India. From left, the Watt Arun of Hindu temple style structure, a brilliant Buddhism wall painting in Watt Pho, and a Tuk Tuk taxi similar to auto rickshaw.
18th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=274Photo: Just saw a dog getting on to the auto-rickshaw! I was waiting to see the driver-san to come back and be astonished by an unusual passenger.. It was a rainy day, so she also needed an escape.
17th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=273Photo: My favorite bed sheets & cushion covers seller in Tulshibaug shopping bazaar located in the old Pune. It is always really fun to choose from their full varieties of lovely block-print patterns. We bought 5 sheets with 900INR (1 piece 200INR and 100INR discount for bulk purchase!) this January. The shop owner suggested soaking the sheets in salt water before use to fix the color.
16th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=272Photo: Cream Buns (approx. 60INR each), Melon-pan (a bread covered with cookie crust, approx. same INR), An-pan (bean jam filled bread, approx. same INR), smooth Cream Puffs (choux a la creme, approx. 120INR a pack of four).. London Muffin (http://www.zomato.com/pune/london-muffin-koregaon-park) in Koregaon Park brings me a heaven. Run by Korean people, so they close on Sundays. 
16th September updated (日本語はこちら♪) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=303Photo: I went to Seattle for my business last week, and here is the picture. Will you believe it? Well, this is taken in Bangalore this March, though you may not believe at a glance! Yes, India is also changing slowly. Happy Independence Day! 
15th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=271Photo: Sarson ka Saag (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarson_da_saag) is one of my most favourite Punjabi dishes, which is made of mustard leaves! Slightly bitter taste gives richness, and I think it is a good combination with butter Naan as well as jeera rice (although authentic version seems to come with Makki di Roti). We ordered the dish at The Great Punjab restaurant in Koregaon Park (http://www.zomato.com/pune/the-great-punjab-koregaon-park).
24th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=280Photo: Chadha (Mr. Sarbjit Singh Chadha) is Japan's first Indian Enka singer. According to Wikipedia (Japanese: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%81%E3%83%A3%E3%83%80), he came to Japan when he was 16 with his brothers to learn orange farming. Then he fell in love with Enka, a genre in Japanese pop music (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enka), and pursued to be a singer under great masters like Saburo Kitajima (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabur%C5%8D_Kitajima). His debut was 1975, but due to several restrictions, he changed his courses and founded a successful import / export business that grew to 1 billion JPY (around 10 million USD) annual turnover. Yes, he is Sardarji! In 2008, he transferred his business to his Japanese wife in India and return to the Enka world. Photo captures him singing "Omokage no Hito" in an NHK program this June. 
14th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=270Photo: Have you ever thought of what dogs in Pune dream about? They often look very relaxed, and that make me smile :) This doggy I saw near Sangamwadi Bridge about two weeks ago. 
13th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=269Photo: Now you can find GYUDON, a rice bowl topped with thin-sliced BEEF cooked with sweetened soy sauce, in Pune. Photo shows the famous Malaka Spice's new menu we found yesterday. They now serve Oyster Tempura also, which is somewhat avant-garde dish for me. Looking forward to trying their Gyudon with my beef-eater friends.
12th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=268Photo: Money in India - in Japan still many people often ask me that if it is true that the "price standard in India" is one-tenth of that in Japan. Well, India has almost every option; you want luxury she has sky-high prices that most of Japanese people in Japan may not afford. Even if you are very poor, you will find the place to survive, no matter how the life looks terrible. Richest people in the world and poorest of poor coexist, India is literally for everyone. On 15th,  we will celebrate 67th Independence Day.
11th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=267Photo: The river beside Bund Garden, Yerwada about 10 days ago. Rainfalls are getting eased in Pune in the past week, some light shower in mornings and afternoons. Most pleasantly, laundries are drying faster! Looks like similar weather will continue next week according to AccuWeather: http://www.accuweather.com/en/in/pune/204848/daily-weather-forecast/204848
10th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=266Photo: After Judo and Karate, Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, seems to gain popularity in Pune. I saw quite a few sports gyms and cultural clubs hosting classes. Soon we may find Indian fighters in Taekwondo's world championship or Olympic games! The photo is a scene from Taekwondo performance we came across on Insadong street in Seoul last December.
9th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=265Photo: GreenTokri delivers fresh green vegetables and herbs directly to customers in and around Pune with incredibly affordable prices. Yesterday I attended a seminar where the founder Mr. Marc Cremer spoke his passion for agriculture in India. He is a third-generation Indo-German, brought up in Germany and now living in India for about 15 years with his family for his farming business. His story and positive approaches to life in India was inspiring and encouraging for me. They also provide processed foods such as pickles, sauces, dressings. Today I will try their pasta sauce, which they distributed to the attendees of the seminar for free, for lunch. GreenTokri: http://www.greentokri.com/AboutUs/tabid/90/Default.aspx
8th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=264Photo: I had lived in Nagasaki in my age 9 to 11, and the stories of the Atomic bombing I learned went deep inside my heart. I will not forget these dates, 6th August and 9th August. While Japan-India civilian nuclear agreement is under negotiation, I still strongly feel India can avoid nuclear power plants as much as possible. "We are used to load shedding, and still managing." Government is finally granting subsidy to industries / companies that try to save energy or produce green energy such as solar power. Either by developing own innovative way (that many examples from Indian history also show), or importing energy friendly solution from developed nation, I believe India can show the difference that not only benefit the country but also is respected by the rest of the world.
* Picture shows Pune sky this morning.
6th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=262Photo: OLA Cab from Bangalore (http://www.olacabs.com/) is an innovative new venture. Just dial the number or inquire on the website according to your area (they now provide services in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune), they will arrange a vehicle on time. Each car installs a GPS enabled mobile device that shows the fare and distance to the destination. However, some drivers do not know how to operate it so eventually, we may have to reference the map on our own smartphone to direct the driver.
5th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=261Photo: Yesterday, we finally got sunlight in Pune after so many weeks! Since we have come back to Pune on 8th July, there were only rainy days under thick cloud. This year Monsoon caused terrible flood in Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and other states, and thousands of lives are claimed to be lost, and many people are still in evacuation or difficult living condition. 
4th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=260Photo: At the Persian restaurant Ayeeda on Church Street, Bangalore this March. Near side is Biryani rice with Persian cheese (may be goat cheese) and rum buds topping, and back side is tomato based chicken stew (both are very sweet). I am used to Indian spicy foods, so I badly needed some red chilli in these exotic dishes! 
3rd August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=259#.UfyIbMwkZG8.twitterPhoto: Energy and active Indian Elephant we met in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo last August. The population of Indian Elephants are on the decline due to unstopping forest destruction by humans, and they are specified as Endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Many troubles and incidents caused by the encounter between elephants and humans have been reported in India recent years.
2nd August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=258Photo: Summer in India is like  hell but also heaven. These are locally retailed version of Alphonso mangoes, texture and taste are sweet and slightly sour, juicy mousse. Many times we keep cut mangoes in the freezer for some time and make them half-frozen mango sherbet, yummy! Best season for Mango in India is from April to May. 1st August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=257Photo: Uttapam, Indian Pancakes made of the batter mixture of Urad dal and rice, fermented for about a half day (or one night), is a favorite breakfast option for Maharastrian people. Chopped onion, tomato and green chili are typical ingredients to be mixed. Photo shows the mouth-watering Utappam and Sambar (South Indian sour beans stew) cooked by my husband in the middle of this summer.
31st July updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=256Photo: Sanitary napkin product by a Japanese company Unicharm has finally arrived in India this year.
I am really looking forward to all those super comfortable sanitary napkins in Japan will be exported to all over the world, and bet they will be appreciated by billions of women.
30th July updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=255#.UfdMgrcYqbU.twitterPhoto: Jackie (2-year-old male English cocker spaniel), owned by a Japanese family who had lived in Pune for about 3 years and went back to Tokyo, now lives with my husband's family in Akola who love him very much!
*This is a picture taken when he temporary stayed with us in Pune before his "long journey" to Akola.
29th July updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=254Photo: Dog and cat adoption camp I found in May. Many stray animals are living together with humans in India. One interesting story I heard yesterday was monkeys appeared in Kothrud, one of residential areas in Pune, robbed mobile phones from people, not interested in food, which means tech savvy trend is not only among us :) However in the modern city landscape, those animals face a lot of difficulties such as abusing & killing, traffic accidents, consumption of dangerous materials from garbage like plastic bags. In Pune, the government periodically spay female stray dogs for birth control. Reference: PETA India (http://action.petaindia.com/)
7th August updated - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=263Photo: Lunch preparation is my duty every weekday.
Today I cooked cold pasta with chopped cucumber, 
tomato and onion, tasted with Umeboshi 
(plum pickles brought from Japan) 
and cheese sauce, with peanut powder topping.
28th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=252Photo: Chili's, Amerian style diner in Phoenix Market City Pune.
They start serving alcohol drinks.
27th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=251Photo: As a second-year "Nomad" (freelance) worker, 
cafes in this kind of shopping mall become handy and comfortable workplaces 
in the scorching Pune summer afternoon.
26th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=250Photo: My hometown, Fukuoka from the airplane. 
I will be back in May to meet my dearest mom.
25th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=249Photo: Just a few years ago, I could hardly find 
a good shopping mall to chill out 
in a sizzling afternoon.
Now, I can choice!
24th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=248Photo: Sarasbaug Ganapati, a place for relaxation in Pune.
23rd March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=247Photo: Cafe Leopold, the most favorite place for everyone 
visiting Mumbai.
Recommended menu is Chicken Stroganoff.
22dd March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=246Photo: Small wedding in the countryside of Maharashtra.
They are somewhat looking bored on their big day, 
may be because of tension.
21st March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=245Photo: Mouth watering Chicken Biryani at Blue Nile restaurant, Camp.
20th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=244Photo: The moment Chapati is plumping on the gas 
is very difficult to take picture.
19th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=243Photo: Yummy rich Cheese Cake had been 
a dream never came true for long. 
Now, we can enjoy 
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cakes 
in many cafes and restaurants in Pune.
18th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=242Photo: Mandai, one of the largest vegetable markets in Pune.
17th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=241Photo: My favorite dress shop Vh @ Amanora, Pune
16th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=240Photo: Firecrackers seller in Akola the day before Diwali last year.
Obviously, they were getting huge businesses on the day!
15th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=239Photo: I love their Chicken Tempura - Malaka Street @ Phoenix Market City
14th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=238Photo: Mumbai International Airport on 7th January. 
New terminal construction is slowly progressing. 
It has changed a lot since my first arrival in India 
back in 2001. 
13th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=237Photo: Kingfisher with chilled glasses!
12th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=236Photo: Good quality cardigans, like this, 
is highly appreciated by my Indian family 
for their souvenirs from Japan, 
particularly in winter when 
late night / morning temperature drop 
as low as 5 degree C.
Recently, we can get a cardigan just for a few dollars in Japan.
* This lady is just for cardigan sample
11th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=235Photo: Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai.
It was built as the first 5-star hotel in India in 1903.
The photo shows the New Wing Tower.
Though very tight entrance security reminds us of 
the horrible terror attacks in 2008, 
tourist can enjoy peaceful and tranquil moment 
at their coffee shop on the ground floor.
10th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=234Photo: Quatuor Ebène, French quartet visited Pune and gifted us
beautiful evening with their incredible performance 
on 5th March Tuesday @ Hyatt Regency.
9th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=233Photo: International Women's Day offers are blooming in the city.
Photo shows the entrance of Gold's Gym, Kalyani Nagar.
They offer 50% discount on yearly membership for women on the occasion.
8th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=232Photo: Cute black doggy looking at me in Lal Bagh, Bangalore
in February 2013
7th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=231Photo: Much awaited panty liner found in 
the super market in Phoenix Market City, Pune
6th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=230Photo: My husband's story was covered 
in Sakaar Times 4th March edition, 
English daily mainly distributed in Mumbai and Pune areas.
(e-Copy available here: http://epaper.sakaaltimes.com/SakaalTimes/4Mar2013/Normal/page8.htm)
5th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=229Photo: Cute gym outfit brought from Reliance trends
2nd March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=226Photo: Early morning in January 2013, Pune
26th February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=222Photo: Peter Donuts, Aundh
3rd March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=227Photo: If you are looking for safe transportation
in the night and on Saturday / Sunday,
I would like to introduce you one of the most faithful auto-rickshaw drivers in Pune, Mr. Nagesh.
He plies only on 19:30 onward on weekdays,
and full-day on weekends. When you have a fixed schedule, he can come and pick up you as well as
wait for you at the venue with some additional charges. His phone number is: 9860619766
1st March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=225Photo: Ladies @ Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
28th February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=224Photo: Mysore Pak from Bangalore
25th February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=221Photo: Cafe illy @ Bangalore International Airport
24th February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=220Photo: Grand piano at Phoenix Market City, Pune
27th February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=223Photo: Adarsh Hamilton Hotel, Bangalore
23rd February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=219Photo: Bangalore International Airport
20th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=216Photo: Auto driver's license information
22nd February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=218Photo: UK Brand "French Connection" 
in Phoenix Market City displays a polo-shirts 
with Japanese text writing 
"French language connection".
4th March updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=228Photo: Before starting the TCWorld conference on 21st Feb
21st February updated
http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=217Photo: To tell you the truth... we 'visited' India's first Starbucks in January as I mentioned yesterday, but did not have coffee there... because of the crowd! Instead, we went inside the Taj Mahal Hotel, the India's crown hotel to have a wonderful afternoon tea. A pot of fine tea was around 220INR, which was expensive if we think of that Tapari chai is around 5INR, but not unimaginable one considering the five-star standard ambiance and service. That day my mother was with us visiting India for the first time, very happy and beautiful moments I will always keep as a treasured memory in my entire life.
20th September updated (日本語はこちら♬) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=307Photo: "Pseudo" meat sauce spaghetti for vegetarian: 1. Boil the spaghetti noodles, 2. Saute chopped garlic with heated olive oil, 3. Add onion, then canned baked beans, 4. Add tomato puree, salt and pepper to taste, 5. Boil it with low flame for sometime, add basil if available, 6. Serve on cooked spaghetti. Here, I utilized typical Maharashtrian home dish Chawali chi Bhaji (black eyed peas / cowpea dish: https://www.google.com/search?q=Chawali+chi+Bhaji&rlz=1C1SNJC_jaJP485JP485&oq=Chawali+chi+Bhaji&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=Chavali+chi+Bhaji&spell=1) that we cooked previous night.
14th September updated (日本語はこちら♬) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=301Photo: Salunki is one of the common birds we can meet in Indian cities. They have black feathers with yellow circles around eyes. Behind our kitchen window grill seems to become their favourite place for making a nest, hatching eggs and growing up chicks since last year. This year also, they had been staying with us for over a month till last week, and I enjoyed at the same time learned a lot from their well-disciplined daily chorus that would draw a curtain at sunrise and wind down at sunset. My friend told me finding two Salunki together is an auspicious sign because usually they behave independently. These are two Salunki I met about two years ago.
2nd September updated (日本語はこちら!) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=289Photo: Each time, power failure reminds us that there are people who are working behind the infrastructure for 24/7, with no concern for festivals, to procure the limited resource to us. Yesterday, Kalyani Nagar had no power since morning due to a major breakage of electrical cable near Kalyani Bungalow, and finally it has restored around 3 a.m. this morning. Salute to the people who worked for us overnight!
6th September updated (日本語はこちら♩) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=293Photo: Kingfishers are the popular beautiful wild birds we can meet in Pune. Many people may know them because of the famous indigenous brewery Kingfisher. They are amazingly beautiful and I expect something lucky event whenever I see them. Carrying a binocular with you is recommended to enjoy bird watching when you are visiting India.  
13th September updated (日本語はこちら♪) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=300Photo: When I am working on a non-confidential job (such as the translation of publicly available product or non-product information), I like to come out of home and drift about different cafes cum "offices" in the city. There are many places providing free Wifi connection, but I carry !dea's internet USB on my own. Here is the cafe Pune Bakings Co. (http://www.marriott.com/hotels/photo-tours.mi?marshaCode=pnqmc&pageID=HWRAL&imageID=8) in the JW Marriott hotel on Senapati Bapat Road. I like the place because one slice of yummy icebox cookie is accompanied with a cup of cappuccino (150INR). They also have delicious Subway style sandwiches, with the choice of varieties of fillings such as smoked salmon, different hams, cream cheese, fresh salads etc.
28th August updated (日本語はこちら♫) - http://jp.asksiddhi.in/daily_detail.php?id=284