20 Photos - Sep 16, 2013
Photo: This is my shopping experience at Save Mart Supermarket and the Pacific Coast Selections pasta sauces that we decided to try. #cbias #FreshFinds #ShopPhoto: Looking to make a delicious pasta, I looked through the Save Mart Supermarkets ad. They have some great deals!Photo: I wrote out my list of essentials, I almost always buy more then what's on my list.Photo: I brought my daughter with me to be my little helper. We arrived at Save Mart in the late afternoon.Photo: Right as we walked in there are some ads and a recipe magazine called, In Good Taste. I like the recipes they publish.Photo: My little shopper, Bella, loves that Save Mart Supermarkets has these grocery carts for customers in training.Photo: I love that they carry such a variety of gourmet cheeses.Photo: We found the perfect cheeses to go with our pastas. We picked up the grated parmesan and romano, and the parmesan flakes.Photo: Right after the cheeses we walked through the bakery, everything looks so good.Photo: The french bread is baked fresh daily. I picked up a loaf and smelled it, I couldn't wait to try it.Photo: After getting the french bread my daughter and I found the Pacific Coast Selections pasta sauces. I needed one marinara for my pasta dish.Photo: Right next to the marinara is the alfredo sauce, I decided right then that I wanted to make two pasta dishes. So I picked up a container and looked down to see their pastas. They were just what I needed!Photo: These Pacific Coast Selections pastas will go great with their pasta sauces. I decided to get the Tricolor Five Cheese Tortellini and the Meat & Fine Herb Ravioli.Photo: As I turned around I spotted this salame display, this would be a great with cheese and crackers as an appetizer.Photo: So I grabbed some cheese, this time some cheddar and headed toward the cracker aisle.Photo: Along the way to the crackers I saw these milks in glass bottles. These reminded me of my childhood, I drank the best chocolate milk from glass bottles straight from the local dairy farm.Photo: I was almost to the crackers when I realized I needed some chicken for one of my pasta dishes. I like that this is from our state and is always fresh!Photo: Finally we made it to the crackers! My daughter was so happy that our shopping trip was done, we grabbed a box of crackers and headed to checkout.Photo: Our little grocery cart worked great for this shopping trip. Now we were ready to make some pasta!Photo: Thanks to Save Mart Supermarket I was able to make some great pasta! #cbias #FreshFinds #Shop