26 Photos - Sep 28, 2012
Photo: Before going to Walmart I made a list of the Poise products and some things we needed or wanted.Photo: I love my All You subscription! There are great coupons like this one I clipped out for Poise products.Photo: We arrived at Walmart we had to grab some groceries and goodies. I brought my daughters, Bella and Olivia, along with me.Photo: I enjoy Fall so much, just look at all the locally grown pumpkins in front of the Walmart entrance.Photo: The girls spotted these pumpkin characters, they were cute but I like to do my own.Photo: They have it set up so right when you walk in the door there are baked goods. Being pre-menopausal I seem to want everything sweet and chocolatey!Photo: When I see apple cider like this I automatically think Fall, but it's still hot where we live.Photo: I decided to grab some groceries first, off to the cereal aisle. They had a great deal on three boxes on POPS!Photo: Now this is my daughters favorite cereal but when I am craving chocolate and I'm feeling hot from a hot flash a cold bowl of Cocoa Pebbles is a great treat!!Photo: Right accross from the cereal is juice, apple juice is on my list for my smoothies.Photo: Going into the cold section I picked up a couple Lunchables for the girls.Photo: Oh how I enjoy tapioca pudding, I'll use the calcium as an excuse to get it. Now off to grab OJ.Photo: Heading towards the OJ I couldn't help myself, we love the Honey Butter so I decided to get the Pumpkin Spice to try.Photo: As a woman it is so important to get enough calcium, this OJ has a good amount.Photo: My husband just has to have his Mountain Dew, I don't care for it but he doesn't ask for much. Now to grab the Poise products.Photo: They had all four Poise products next to each other. I looked around for the Panty Freshner pads.Photo: I looked through all the Poise pads and couldn't find them. I really want to try them so hopefully they will have some soon.Photo: I went to look at shoes and my girls found these witch hats, they like to make me laugh when I get a little crabby, another fun part of being pre-menopausal.Photo: I am so happy that Poise came out with cooling wipes because I was ready to start carrying around these ice packs and I am not even joking!Photo: These were right next to the ice packs, they are so cool! I realized I forgot some things on my list so I went back to the grocery section.Photo: Can't believe I almost forgot my fudge brownies Goldfish.Photo: And for all you women that are pre-menopausal or dealing with menopause these are delicious!!Photo: Last thing on my list, the smoothie mixes which are perfect when you need to cool down or want to go off somewhere and read a book alone.Photo: And now my cart is full and I am so ready to go home and try my new Poise products.Photo: Once I got home I was so excited to try my new Poise products, I almost forgot to snap a photo of them.Photo: Thanks to Collective Bias and Poise for this great shoppertunity.