27 Photos - Aug 26, 2012
Photo: Before leaving to Walmart I checkout My Friend Bernard on the Redbox website so I can read what it's about.Photo: I think it's funny that there are palm trees in front of this Walmart, where we live there are very few palm trees, so now you know California isn't full of palm trees!Photo: My mom and my 3 daughters joined me for our stop at Walmart to rent My Friend Bernard and pick up a few things.Photo: The Redbox is right around the corner when you walk into Walmart.Photo: Here it is My Friend Bernard, if you look closely you can see previous movie slides behind this one.Photo: This is my motto while shopping in Wlamart! My daughter didn't want to have her picture taken.Photo: First thing we come to is several clearance tables full of neat things.Photo: I remember making these magnets as a kid, I didn't pick these up and now I wish I would have.Photo: With a pre-teen a stop in the Juniors section is a must, Angry Birds seems to be everywhere these days.Photo: Ok now onto grabbing things for our movie. A stop in the candy section is a must. Skittles, check!Photo: I HAVE to have my caramel popcorn especially during a movie, I think polar bears would like caramel popcorn too.Photo: Since we already have cheddar goldfish at home I grabbed a package of fudge brownie ones, I think the little boy in My Friend Bernard would like these.Photo: It seems like we always need markers! I picked up a package, I think it's another thing the little boy in the movie would like.Photo: Before leaving my son asked if I would grab a binder for him. So I picked out a black one.Photo: So My Friend Bernand is about adventures, when traveling having travel sizes is a must!Photo: We kept finding clearance sections all over the store, I have been wanting one of these by Brita, but it's too small for all the water I drink.Photo: Another thing I should have grabbed, such a great deal!Photo: With 3 little girls a stop in the toy section can't be over looked. My daughters have wanted this Barbie Photo for years. You can see me on her screen!Photo: My daughter Isabella bought herself a My Little Pony with her birthday money.Photo: As we were leaving out the garden area I saw another clearance section, they must be getting ready for new inventory.Photo: My two youngest daughters love Monster High but neither spotted these, maybe I'll come back alone for some Christmas shopping.Photo: I put my things on the counter for a photo and the cashier started scanning quickly but you can see some of my purchases. We are ready for a fun movie night!Photo: I cannot believe my total was only $20.04, not bad for a movie night plus a few extras for the kids.Photo: I really like that once I am home I can check my email and see my rental total. Plus check out their giveaway at the bottom.Photo: We decided that polar bears love fish, so we were having tuna fish sandwiches during the movie. Oh and I turned around for two seconds and my husband made a fish out of our tuna!Photo: My daughter played with her tuna sandwich, which I only allow once in awhile.Photo: Thank you Collective Bias and the makers of My Friend Bernard for a fun movie night!