29 Photos - Aug 20, 2012
Photo: Before leaving to get TCBY Orange & Vanilla bars, I checked the TCBYGrocery.com site to see which stores in my area carried them.Photo: I went to Walmart to with my son, Anthony, daughters, Kaylen and Olivia, and my Mom. We were going to look for a birthday present for my youngest daughter and to get TCBY Orange & Vanilla Bars.Photo: When we walked into Walmart we saw this blue Redbox, is it just me or is this silly!?Photo: My husband and sons love the Raiders, maybe for my sons birthday next month he will get a new shirt.Photo: I would really like to buy some new items for the house, but I am not a fan of all the cherry decorations for a kitchen, maybe it's just me.Photo: I really like this pitcher, a little pricey but maybe once summer is almost over I can buy it cheaper.Photo: I love these little trifle dishes, I should have bought some to make my daughter tiramisu for her birthday but she wanted a chocolate cake.Photo: I love a good bath towel, I really want some but not these ones.Photo: Looking at this Dora made me laugh and remember the days my girls loved to watch the cartoon, over and over and over again!Photo: I think a Mickey Mouse bathroom would be cute for both boys and girls, especially doing things in black, white and red.Photo: My son asked, "Couldn't you get a splinter in your behind from that seat?" I was laughing so hard!!!Photo: This paint sounds great for using through out the house, maybe soon we'll start doing little projects.Photo: I want to test some of these water filtration systems, I want one for our sink maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas.Photo: I have never seen one of these! This would be great for some many events. Maybe I'll buy one soon, it would be great to use while camping.Photo: I love pillows, I would love for my bed to be covered in them! I thought the image on this one was cute.Photo: My sons birthday is next month so he was showing me these weights that he might want.Photo: And he wants another football, I think I buy both my sons a football once a year.Photo: This is what I want for my birthday, not that my body would like it!Photo: And one more thing I really want!! But that's not why we are at Walmart time to go look for the TCBY Orange & Vanilla Bars.Photo: Found them! They were pushes all the way to the back so I could barely see them.Photo: I pulled this one forward to show it off. The price isn't too bad. Hope they are really good.Photo: We went on to look for something for Isabella, she would love these shoes but they didn't have her size.Photo: My son wanted to get this for her, but I said it cost too much and she would probably want Barbie not Skipper.Photo: I almost bought her a month of Club Penguin, but with school starting I want her to focus on her studies. Maybe for Christmas.Photo: We already have this game, if you have kids you should get this game it is a blast! This is when an employee saw me taking pics so I had to put my phone away. We only purchased a couple of boxes of TCBY Orange & Vanilla Bars anyways.Photo: We were ready to rip the box open and start enjoying them! It was Tuesday August 14th National Creamsicle Day!!!Photo: What a beautiful site! They are the perfect size and the perfect combination! I enjoyed  National Creamsicle Day with my family.Photo: Just look at the beauty of this TCBY Orange & Vanilla bar! They are delicious!!!Photo: Thank you Collective Bias & TCBY!