27 Photos - Jul 31, 2012
Photo: Before going to Walgreens I checkout their website, there was a lot of great information there.Photo: The Prescription Savings Club online pamphlet. More great information!Photo: The prices are great!!Photo: I really like that they offer a 90 day option, that would be great, now I can refill mine less often.Photo: This is the best, you can see what you will pay before you go. Now off to Walgreens!Photo: I brought my son and daughter with me, we come to this Walgreens at least once a week.Photo: They were walking ahead of me and my daughter tried to jump back out of the picture, her face cracked me up! I wonder why they went with just the "W". Time to go in.Photo: I really like that they have their ads and coupons books on display right when you walk in.Photo: Walking through the store I saw this huge sign, I am not ready for the kids to go back to school.Photo: I thought this was so cute.Photo: On our way to the pharmacy I kept noticing these signs on the front of the aisles.Photo: My son saw these bottles and wanted one, I was a skeptic that they will work as well as they say.Photo: I decided I will look online at reviews first before I spend this much on straws!Photo: Another cute sign!Photo: My daughter pointed these out. New Blingkers bracelets, they are cute.Photo: As I walked down the toy aisle towards the pharmacy I was so tempted to buy these for my daughters at home but they didn't need them.Photo: The same signs that were on the front of the aisles are on the back, they really like these advertisements.Photo: I noticed this sign but half of it is covered up.Photo: And below it you can't see what the pamphlets are for.Photo: Waiting in line I snapped this other sign, I am noticing a lot of the savings club signs!Photo: I love my Walgreens app on my phone, I can scan my prescription bottle to send in a refill request.Photo: The prescription savings club is even promoted on the register screen. It took me 5 tries to get this photo!Photo: Join the Rx Savings Club today!! No but really you can save a lot over time! Signing up was so quick I missed snapping a photo.Photo: I got my prescriptions and saved myself some money!!! I received a temporary card, my card should be here in 10-14 days, not too bad. Time to go home.Photo: On my way out I saw these Unreal candies, they are suppose to be made with all real ingredients. Pretty cool.Photo: Ok I wasn't even looking for another sign and this one was just there when I was leaving!Photo: Thank you Walgreens for the savings and Collective Bias for letting me be a part of this shop!