36 Photos - Jul 27, 2012
Photo: Before heading out to Target for MaLo underwear, I wanted to check the ad we just got in the mail. Not much to it, so we left for Target.Photo: Can't miss where Target is with this tall sign!Photo: My husband and daughter joined me for this shopping adventure.Photo: The ads are right out in the open when you walk in. We looked for a minute then went to grab a drink.Photo: Isabella ordered an Icee and I picked a soda, the heat made us thirsty.Photo: We enjoyed our drinks and were ready to shop!Photo: Fresh groceries sign, that food looks good!Photo: Oh how I love the Happy Bargains area with such low prices! But we were here for MaLo underwear so off we went.Photo: I had to snap a photo of my husband, Rene and Isabella.Photo: As we passed the shoe section Isabella spotted these and wanted them but there was no price and no associate around. Maybe next time.Photo: We made it to the underwear section.Photo: Hanes is usually what Rene wears but he is wiling to try the MaLo undies.Photo: Trying to find the MaLo underwear we saw these socks, my husband actually liked them, he usually only wears ankle socks.Photo: We finally found them! There was no signage but Rene has a good eye.Photo: This was the entire display, there were a lot! I liked the tees but we were here for the undies.Photo: These were the MaLo underwear that Rene picked to try out.Photo: He was willing to hold them up but didn't want to be in the picture.Photo: As we were leaving the underwear area Isabella saw these and said, "Eww gross!"Photo: I love the Men's graphic tees that Target carries.Photo: Our little shopper Isabella was enjoying her Icee.Photo: We walked over to the electronics, we need a new camera badly. This bloggie camera is one that I wouldn't mind having.Photo: Isabella took over taking photos.Photo: This is Isabella's photo of the camera I want. I think she takes good pictures for a (almost) 7 year old!Photo: We headed to the grocery area. I like this sign. This would look cute in a classroom.Photo: Isabella found this backpack across from the grocery area, she said it was perfect for her older sister, Olivia.Photo: I decided to get Isabella a cupcake for being such a good girl. Then we headed for the checkout.Photo: Right before we got to the checkout we saw this. Isabella just loved this balloon animal lamp, it is pretty cute.Photo: Standing in line I read their low price promise.Photo: The MaLo underwear covered our groceries.Photo: Here we are checking out. We were hungry and tired so we headed home.Photo: We took the freeway to get home faster.Photo: While on the freeway we could see the Sierra Nevada Foothills. You can only see a little bit of them, California smog covers them a lot.Photo: Almost home. Isabella liked snapping photos in the car, she even took video of us!Photo: This was the only modeling that Rene was willing to do with his new white pair of MaLo underwear.Photo: And here are his black MaLo underwear. I really like them, they are really soft too.Photo: We had a great time shopping, thank you so much CBias & MaLo!