27 Photos - May 28, 2012
Photo: I arrived at Walmart with my two daughters, Olivia and Bella. We were ready to shop, I didn't make a list, I didn't need much.Photo: We went in the evening once it had cooled off. Summer was already here and I prefer to shop at night.Photo: This flag made from soda boxes was on display right when I walked in, I thought it looked pretty cool.Photo: The lollipop display was literally in the middle of the aisle that you walk down, my daughters picked out a flavor. I was tempted but chose not to get one.Photo: On our way to grab some shampoo I stopped to look at the accessories, ours hair ties disappear around our house.Photo: These are new Sauve products, they smell so good, I grabbed a shampoo and conditioner. Then we headed to the Men's dept.Photo: This is a decent price for a shirt but I didn't like that it was all messy. So I looked around some more.Photo: I think I found my Dad a fun Fathers Day gift!Photo: If I wasn't looking and paying attention I would have missed the MMA Elite clothing. There were no signs anywhere that said MMA Elite clothing.Photo: Both my sons didn't care what shirts were picked out for them. I chose this one for my husband.Photo: I had a hard time picking a shirt for my sons and husband, there was a great variety. I liked this one for my oldest son.Photo: I love the color of this shirt, but I don't like that there is a skull with the cross. I still picked it up for my youngest son.Photo: I really liked this shirt's design but not the color, it wasn't something any of my guys would wear color wise.Photo: Out of all the shirts this design was my favorite, I would like a Women's MMA shirt!Photo: Another great shirt, the design is nice and I like the MMA Elite on the front of it.Photo: This was the last of the shirts to choose from. My daughter had to hold this one out, it was a 3XL. Nice to see they carry larger sizes.Photo: I noticed these MMA Elite shorts behind because of the MMA Elite tag. Again no signage, I was disappointed they didn't have anything advertising the MMA Elite line.Photo: I really liked the color of these shorts, they are good quality. I am happy Walmart is carrying MMA Elite, but I think they need to have signs advertising it.Photo: As we left the Men's dept. I noticed this shirt and made a mental note to come back and pick it up for my husband! He definitely let's my kids do more than I do!Photo: We were headed to grab some Gatorade when my daughter begged for her favorite Sun Chips. We grabbed a bag and went on our way.Photo: In our house Gatorade goes as fast as water. I had to pick up a bunch.Photo: Walking out of the Gatorade aisle I spotted the M&M's display, if you find a bag of all brown m&m's then you win money! Fingers crossed my bag is all brown!Photo: My daughter, Olivia, loves these Zebra Cakes so I let her get a box to share with her siblings. She modeled the box so nicely.Photo: As we approached the register I looked over and saw this Raiders gift set. It would be a nice for my husband but he doesn't drink much.Photo: They had this cleverly by the registers, since summer is here I think I'll come back and stock up on water guns for a big water gun fight!Photo: Waiting at the register to pay I was asked by a mom behind me where I found the MMA Elite shirts, I was happy to tell her where to find them. I can't wait to see my guys in there new shirts!Photo: Thanks to Collective Bias and MMA Elite for this fun shop!!