28 Photos - May 28, 2012
Photo: My shopping journey begins, with my daughter Bella with me. I am excited to shop for Allegra and beauty products! I didn't need a list since I knew exactly what I wanted.Photo: As I walked in CVS I was immediately met with this great outdoor set, very nice.Photo: As I kept walking towards the allergy aisle I came across this table full of discounts. Nothing that I needed though.Photo: I found the Allegra brand easily, the purple color makes it stick out! Here is a 45ct for $23.99 until 6/2/12.Photo: Here is the shelves of Allegra, sitting right next to it is the CVS generic for Allegra. I picked up a box of five and continued my shopping.Photo: There was a $2 off coupon sticking out of the Allegra shelves.Photo: I was walking pass the pharmacy and spotted this $2 off coupon for Allegra.Photo: Then I looked over and there was this Allegra pamphlet! How cool that the store had these at the pharmacy too.Photo: I opened the pamphlet, it was full of good information but wasn't too long which is good.Photo: I walked down the beauty aisle and spotted this Sally Hansen display of nail polishes, I am obsessed with nail polishes so I had to admire this display. I'd love this in my room!Photo: I was surprised to see the Wet N Wild display looking a little empty. There were only a couple things I wanted and luckily they had them.Photo: I have wanted to try this Juicy Lip Balm with an SPF15 for a while, I prefer balms to lipstick.Photo: I always seem to lose my black eyeliners, so I grabbed a stick and continued on.Photo: As I turned the corner I found another display I would love to have in my room, look at all these lip balms! Oh and my daughter, Bella, still looking at the Wet N Wild display!Photo: This Stiletto mascara has been around but I have wanted to try it so I decide now is a perfect time since the Allegra will help my eyes stop watering.Photo: Look what I spotted a very small nail polish display. The brand is called Spoiled, I picked a color called, Paying with Platinum.Photo: I like that CVS has a variety of beauty items and the shelves are not crammed with stuff.Photo: I bought this mascara a couple months ago but couldn't use it because of my allergies, now it has disappeared. I hope to find it, I want to see if it actually works.Photo: I like Rimmel products, so I picked one of these eyeshadows, on the back it shows how and where on your eye to apply it.Photo: I am so surprised by how many choices there are for foundations. I want something that has an SPF and I think I want to try something new.Photo: I decided this Mineral Power with SPF18 will be good to try, I am so excited to take an Allegra and put on some makeup. I am getting anxious.Photo: Just as I decide on my foundation I look over and spot another wall of foundations! I stuck with my mineral foundation though.Photo: These 24-hour eyeshadows sound neat but why would you want eyeshadow on for that long? Maybe I'll try one in the future since my allergies won't be a problem anymore!Photo: I saw a commercial about this new shampoo, it was a trial size so I thought I'd give it a try.Photo: I liked this display, it was a neat way to display Revlon's new products.Photo: My final beauty product was a small Nivea face, body and hands lotion. Moisturizing is important.Photo: Here are all my purchases, Bella was so good so I treated her with her favorite peanut butter M&M's. I can't wait to take my Allegra and then apply all my beauty products!Photo: Thank you to Allegra, Collective Bias & Social Fabric.