40 Photos - Feb 7, 2012
Photo: The beginning of my shopping fun. My mom joined me, we like to shop together.Photo: Walking into Save Mart I was excited to see the Pepsi floor mat on display, I love my Pepsi!! #PepsivsCokePhoto: How cool is this?! I wanted to roll it up and take it with me!Photo: I started my shopping with Pepsi, they had a great deal buy two 12 packs, get 3 free! The Pepsi section was looking a little sparse.sPhoto: I snapped a quick photo of the Coke section just to show how full it was, sorry but Pepsi is better! #PepsivsCokePhoto: My mom was helping me by grabbing a Sierra Mist which is her favorite. I didn't have a shopping list written out it was all in my head this time.Photo: Checking out the Mountain Dew box, they have a promo for Call of Duty, which made for a cool looking box.Photo: I have always loved root beer especially an ice cold MUG root beer.Photo: I grabbed a orange Crush for one of my daughters, it has become her favorite. I love that Pepsi has so many great products to choose from there is something for m whole family.Photo: I decided to grab some things to decorate cookies and on the way they had this little display right by all their Valentines candy.Photo: This is just one side of a display of the Valentines display. I love that there is so much variety.Photo: Some cute stuffed animals, they were a little too high in price for me.Photo: I love this choclate bar, "You're One In A Billion" and only 99 cents! I skipped on getting it though, I was already going to be buying a lot of sweets.Photo: I couldn't believe they had a light up Valentines duck! My middle daughter collects all things duck, and so I had to get this for her!Photo: Here is the other side of the Valentines display, now that's a lot of candy!!Photo: We seem to always need water, this 35 pack was only 3.75 which is a great price.Photo: Bananas! This is another item we always seem to need.Photo: I thought this cupcakes were cute, but not enough for us to eat during the Superbowl, my snack I have planned would be better anyways!Photo: This was another neat idea, but again not what I needed.Photo: I thought it was neat that Save Mart decorated throughout the store for the Superbowl!Photo: This was the Deli area covered with 'Touch Down" and footballs.Photo: Here are the Valentines sugar cookies that I decided to grab for me and my girls to decorate together later this week.Photo: Some great Valentines gifts, I really like stuffed animals.Photo: They are all stocked up ready for the holiday parties, that's a lot of Valentine goodies!Photo: I grabbed a large Mr Goodbar and Almosd Rocha's for my husband, he loves his chocolate bars.Photo: I needed this large bag of plain M&M's for my Superbowl snack recipe.Photo: On my way to grab popcorn I saw a bunch of Cracker Jack's, I decided to pass it up for now...Photo: What's Pepsi without Doritos?! Of course I grabbed a bag, plus they were only 1.99 a bag and that's a steal!Photo: I needed a bag of pretzels for my snack recipe, my mom and I decided pretzel sticks would be best for this recipe.Photo: I grabbed toffee covered peanuts for my snack recipe.Photo: Here is all the Orville Redenbacher popcorn that Save Mart offers, I was hoping for more choices but this was still good. I got the Classic Recipe.Photo: I also wanted Caramel popcorn for my snack recipe.Photo: Ok this was the second time seeing Cracker Jack so I decided to go ahead and buy some.Photo: I realized I needed frosting to decorate our sugar cookies, so down the baking aisle we go.Photo: Cream cheese frosting is just the perfect amount of sweetness for sugar cookies.Photo: There are so many decorating choices now, I just grabbed red decorating gel.Photo: This Pepsi display was right behind me while waiting in line to checkout, they really are promoting Pepsi in Save Mart, which makes me like this store even more.Photo: Our basket filled with so many great items, I couldn't wait to get home and make my snack recipe.Photo: Our goodies up on the belt, I forgot to mention that we decided to try the Pepsi Throwback. We bought quite a bit but I have everything needed for cool snacks and drinks!Photo: My long receipt, it was a great shoppertunity, I had fun and really loved looking around! I really like shopping at Save Mart! This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own. #CBias