38 Photos - Jan 10, 2012
Photo: The Save Mart sign, my mom, my daughters and I were ready to shop! We shop here at least once a week.Photo: Our grocery list I prepared at home, we need some ingredients for our family dinner. A nice steak dinner.Photo: We entered the store on the produce side, bananas were right there and on our list.Photo: So many apples to choose from, we ended up getting the red apples, my daughters like to snack on them.Photo: Many different sizes of carrots, I wanted baby carrots though they are the perfect size to snack on.Photo: Great looking celery, it's on our list. I can use these for cooking or as a snack with peanut butter!Photo: The onion display looked so nice, my mom is grabbing our potatoes for dinner in the background.Photo: This was in the produce area, Cuties smoothies, I grabbed one for my daughters to try.Photo: One of our favorites is the Odwalla smoothies, but we don't need them this time.Photo: Over on the bakery side I grabbed the french bread on our list. We will turn it into garlic french bread for dinner.Photo: I loved this Cupcake Cake! So cute!!Photo: This Pies, Pies, Pies sign made me laugh!Photo: We decided to have Dutch Apple Pie for dessert!Photo: Cranberry juice never lasts long in our house. Had to grab a bottle.Photo: We got a great deal on the water!Photo: We headed to the meat department I spotted the bratwurst.Photo: We use a lot of chicken, we don't need any right now, but I like seeing that it's fresh.Photo: Look at all that meat!!Photo: I grabbed a roast, perfect for the crock-pot. I'll use it later this week.Photo: I couldn't believe they had this deal! Perfect timing for our steak dinner tonight!Photo: We needed steaks for our family dinner.Photo: We needed some lunch meat, I like ham and everyone else likes bologna.Photo: So I picked my husbands favorite Oscar Mayer thick cut bologna.Photo: My kids like Iron Kids Bread so I grabbed a loaf for them.Photo: We almost forgot the milk so we headed back and grabbed a couple gallons. Wow the prices keep going up!Photo: Right next to the milk is my favorite juice by Dole, but I still had some at home.Photo: I did go grab my Pepsi as we went to get my cereal.Photo: I'm still a kid at heart, I have to have my Cocoa Pebbles!Photo: As we walked to get ice cream my daughter spotted a really big bag of Jamba Juice smoothies.Photo: So many yummy ice creams, but vanilla goes best with apple pie.Photo: Going towards checkout there was a huge display of sodas. Oh and some chips too!Photo: Next to the soda display is all the Valentines Day candy, lots and lots of candy!Photo: We loaded the belt with our groceries, my daughters were sneaky and grabbed some extras while I wasn't paying attention.Photo: I made sure to have my Save Mart Rewards card ready, I use my rewards card every time, saving some money on gas is great!Photo: They had the rewards posted below the register. I like that you can add up the savings each time you shop!Photo: The rewards sign on the register screen. That's a good place to remind people to use their card.Photo: I got my reward! We had a good time shopping at Save Mart. With this and my other rewards I will save 30 cents a gallon!!Photo: Here is some of what I picked up at Save Mart, these items were for our family dinner. *This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias.