40 Photos - Sep 2, 2012
Photo: Making a pit stop for some #DipDipHooray menu items on this gorgeous end of summer day. Before arriving, I made out my shopping list and gathered what coupons I might have!Photo: First I need to do a quick return.Photo: My next stop was for a few personal items. Love when I make out a list and then actually remember to bring coupons! :)Photo: I can't wait until the boys are old enough to play Scrabble!Photo: But for now I'm checking out the Preschool selection of toys.Photo: CandyLand is a favorite of ours! Though I'm also tempted to try out Chutes and Ladders.Photo: We probably should tackle the "regular" Connect 4 first, but this Launchers edition of Connect 4 seems so cool!Photo: Cbear and Bbear play a version of this on Daddy's phone. We should consider trying out the real thing!Photo: I can't tell you how many times I have heard that "no one would play Monopoly with me" from my husband. I wonder if I should let him win when we eventually play this one with the kids?Photo: While it's ages 6+, I think both Cbear (4) and Bbear (nearly 3) would have a great time with Pictureka!Photo: On my way over to the market section, I passed this cute little number. So many cute little girl things are now catching my eye!Photo: Ore Ida Extra Crispy Golden Crinkles - YUM!Photo: The boys love Shoestring fries. So many choices!Photo: Decisions, Decisions... regular chicken nuggets, or...Photo: Tyson Chicken Tenders, or...Photo: the ever popular Fun Nuggets (aka Dinosaurs)? Yep, definitely the Fun Nuggets. And I can't miss that it mentions they are an "Excellent source of Calcium"!Photo: What a great find! When you buy Heinz ketchup, Tyson nuggets and Ore Ida fries during one purchase, you can get $2 off! Not to mention great information on Dip Dip Hooray! This was the only place I found reference to Dip Dip Horray!Photo: We opt for the 40 oz Heinz ketchup. We go through quite a bit of Heinz!Photo: Great items for a family meal/game night! and a QR code on this coupon so you can visit the www.diptoplay.com site!Photo: And of course my usual staple - Coca Cola!Photo: Filling up the cart with fabulous deals!Photo: Always an adventure, I had birds flying overhead during my trip. You can see two of them perched right above the Toaster Pastries sign.Photo: Yay! Today's new discovery is that the new Wendy's is open!Photo: And we are ready for family game night - #DipDipHooray !Photo: We also added a few chicken tenders for Daddy. Love being able to make a quick dinner for the fam!Photo: And then I'm prepping our games Hasbro games for the evening.Photo: Ready for dinner!Photo: Quite the rainy day, we set up an indoor picnic in the sunroom.Photo: Check out my Ore Ida Crinkle Fry with Heinz ketchup!Photo: Big brother is getting our game of Memory ready.Photo: Then we moved on to CandyLand. Bbear is contemplating his next move.Photo: We got a bit confused at turn taking....Photo: Next up was Elefun. The first time we started the game, the boys were not too sure what to make of the butterflies or nets.Photo: And the butterflies went soaring!Photo: Daddy helped get the butterflies back inside the elephant for another turn.Photo: Cbear is READY! Game on!Photo: And BBear had a big smile just holding his net.Photo: Hooray! Butterflies in the net!Photo: And the boys were ready for more!Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. and Tyson and Heinz. All opinions are my own #CBias #SocialFabric