206 Photos - Feb 5, 2012
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I even calculated the grid spacing on the wall and installed vinyl sticker decor :-)Photo: New "wings" added to this cabin deckPhoto: I can assemble just about anything that comes out of a box with instructions and all the needed partsPhoto: Steps and railing up this slippery hill make for safe travel up to poolPhoto: Another shelf option when open walls are availablePhoto: ... so the space over stove can accommodate a commercial grade exhaust hood, vented to outsidePhoto: Kitchen cupboard provides alternative location for microwave ...Photo: Beaded paneling and corbels dress up this islandPhoto: A creative (and safe) treatment for a 9ft opening at the top of a stairway.Photo: Custom adjustable pantry shelves tripled the usefulness of this closetPhoto: New tile made the former tub space ready for a phone-booth radiant sauna!Photo: Beautiful custom bench built from customer's plans (thanks to Pinterest!!)Photo: Simple workbench and pegboard make this garage more productive!Photo: Handicap ramp for a sweet gentleman with a walkerPhoto: Beautiful IKEA pieces assembled for home officePhoto: Wall shelves and two 48"x48" pulley-lift platforms for out-of-the-way storagePhoto: This Man Cave with its many wall trophies needed a creative way to replace the old chandelier with a genuine antler light over the pool tablePhoto: Thru-the-wall doggie door is weathertight and securePhoto: Simple and thrify garage shelves - lots of storage space and mighty sturdy!Photo: Previous patio blocks in the mud just wasn't very safe or sturdyPhoto: The finished result after replacing a rotted-out particle board floor. Vinyl makes it nearly a lifetime guarantee!Photo: ... then remove the tub and the concrete puddle it sat in ..,.Photo: No use for this tub, so first we had to see how we could eliminate the plumbing ...Photo: An extra set of steps off this large deckPhoto: Super sturdy and beautiful industrial-grade shelves line the walls in this garagePhoto: I love to hang pictures, mirrors and decor of all kinds in any pleasing arrangement you likePhoto: Most kitchen cabinets or large pantries such as this can become much more useful and accessible with Rev-A-Shelf glide-out baskets.Photo: Heavy-duty wood shelves in closet hold lots of toys, games and storagePhoto: Workbench and tool pegboard ready to be loaded and usefulPhoto: Strong installation of roomy shelves for inventoryPhoto: Another tall door opening begged for this fancy stained-glass panel (hidden in an antique store)Photo: AFTER:  New "ScreenTight" system brings newly screened porch back to lifePhoto: BEFORE:  Tired porch needs to be rescreened and several boards replaced.Photo: Yet another style of garage shelves - STURDY!Photo: Lovely new sink and faucet to replace an old rusty cast/porcelain onePhoto: Photo: A beautiful little wine service tucked ingeniously under the stairwellPhoto: Here's one of the larger IKEA pieces I've assembled - always a pleasure because it's so precisely engineered!Photo: Sturdy shelves are easily installed on open garage studs.Photo: AFTER: Strong, sturdy railing keeps little ones safe, older ones steadyPhoto: Many sheds built of fiberboard find doors sagging and worse - these are PVC frames for the long haulPhoto: BEFORE: This landing and garage steps were open to dangerous falls ...Photo: Strong 24" deep plywood shelves add lots of storage!Photo: I thought I'd assembled some pretty unusual things before I was presented with this 4-foot tall mansion dollhouse!Photo: New laundry cabinets add lots of storage space up highPhoto: Simple but beautiful backsplash ties in with tile around the walk-in showerPhoto: Striking pergola makes a bold statement on this 12'x12' deckPhoto: A beautiful new front door adds security and classPhoto: Full bath gets new tile floor tooPhoto: New tile floor in laundry roomPhoto: I didn't build this gorgeous playhouse, but I sure did dress up the inside with shelves, blackboard, whiteboard and finishing touchesPhoto: Backsplash tile really sets off the granite countertopPhoto: Knotty pine wainscotting really set off the light cabinets in this kitchen!Photo: This old 50's fireplace was really a downer after the rest of the house was remodeled and upgraded ... what to do?Photo: No, it's not a phone booth - it's a tool shed that decorates and complements an exquisite backyard patioPhoto: A deck becomes a private hide-out with the addition of a pergola roof and lattice wallsPhoto: Attic space was useless until we added a full-size entry door and flooring - voila! more than 100 square feetPhoto: Shelves and cupboards provide room for TV, library and morePhoto: Before: open space in the living room waits to be built outPhoto: How's that for a fresh face - with real flagstone the customer provided!Photo: I didn't build this - I just dismantled it moved it from one room to another for a new home buyer who hired me from California to get it moved between her closing and move-in day!Photo: What a transformation to add this top section to a simple, basic fireplace!Photo: More IKEA assembled cabinets with glass doorsPhoto: I even did the graphic design and installation on this one! (It has since been re-mounted on new brick entrance monument.)Photo: Vinyl picket fence with gate keeps the puppy away from cars - and bulliesPhoto: It's a gift wrapping station (hangs on the wall) - space for 5 rolls of paper, bows, ribbons, scissors and morePhoto: The feature here is the exquisite 3-piece mirror, installed to reflect the upper landing view from the front doorPhoto: My most impressive IKEA assembly yet - cabinets, drawers, cupboards, shelves, glass doors and disco lighting!Photo: There's one way to avoid Lazy Susan hassles - rugged slide-out shelves!Photo: Vinyl fence with gate makes for a private patio, separates parking space from viewPhoto: Open garage framing makes it simple to add 24" deep shelves, strong enough for the heaviest storage tubsPhoto: The HUGE mirror behind that lattice was deemed unsightly, now much more interesting and attractivePhoto: The "before" was too nasty to show - now beautiful new (tight, fiberglass) screen and trimPhoto: Custom tiled backsplash above granite counter with random decorative insertsPhoto: What is it? A back-row seating platform in the Theater Room - note receptacles wired into front for power reclinersPhoto: Even more impressive if you'd seen the "before" - rotted post, dented and rusty box ...Photo: A clean white paint job on an old walnut surround and shiny black for the hearthPhoto: How to make lots of room for many herbs in a limited space - attractively.Photo: This cute gate actually rolls on a caster to keep it from sagging with the planterPhoto: A simple but decorative gate to keep little Poochie within boundsPhoto: Voila - new, strong and ready to sealPhoto: Wraparound bench in dining nook has 28 square feet of storage under hinged lids! Note bun feet; cushions on order :-)Photo: Challenge: add matching component drawer and TV hideaway on top of that!Photo: Rebuilt 6-foot gates allow WIDE mower and secure latchPhoto: Another custom corner shelf accommodates gadgets with a clean lookPhoto: Corner shelf in master bedroom matches trim, houses cable boxPhoto: Single gate wasn't wide enough for commercial mower to get to the back yard ...Photo: Another patio makeover - the difference from dirty old aluminum screen is hard to believe!Photo: The new center is taller and wider, and features hinged grill cloth panels hiding speakers and componentsPhoto: Another total patio makeover - ScreenTight system makes it so clean, clear and bright!Photo: Super rugged sandbox seats four, easy to relocatePhoto: Wainscotting even dresses up a new nursery!Photo: This old entertainment center was recessed in the wall, but wasn't big enough for the new flat-screen TV and all its accessories ...Photo: Here's what it looks like FULL - so you can see how helpful the "bleachers" are to see what's on handPhoto: This customer wanted the stain-glass wolf panel inserted into a new fir door!Photo: Elegant new storm door with full glass and brass hardwarePhoto: Another amazing upgrade - if you'd seen what this sink and new faucet replaced!Photo: Overhead cubbies, coathooks and even a hinged bench for boots and more!Photo: I'm never intimidated by a mountain of parts and hardware (as long as there are directions) ...Photo: In just a couple hours it becomes something useful and beautiful!Photo: Wall cupboards were installed under this overhanging countertop for lots of storage in this condoPhoto: A sturdy matching gate keeps the dogs from escaping the deckPhoto: Simple laundry room ungrade - wainscotting, hooks and trimPhoto: Triple doors (one fixed, two swinging) give the end of this master bedroom privacy as an officePhoto: A pantry transformation - "bleachers" for canned goods etc. to be seen for access!Photo: This storage space under the spiral staircase proved a challenge to add shelves, but what a lot of useful room!Photo: This round storage space under the spiral staircase was the perfect place for some specially rounded shelvesPhoto: The original mantle was dwarfed in this large living room - but the grand extension on the top transforms it!Photo: Small space at the bottom stair landing, but oh how handy now!Photo: My diagonal tile backsplash was the finishing touch to this kitchen remodel ...Photo: My famous floor-ectomy: new solid floor with sealed vinyl tile. (Note center stile - gone! How handy!)Photo: Common problem: pipes leak and the particle board floor under the sink disintegrates to mush. Solution? >>Photo: More IKEA storage furniture - I love to assemble their units, so well made and sturdy!Photo: This scrapbooking center won the prize for most pieces of anything I've assembled, but came together beautifullyPhoto: One of hundreds of chandeliers large and smallPhoto: This is the BEFORE photo of a nightmare disposal replacement - forgot to take the AFTER shot but I do lots of these!Photo: Garage ramp makes a safe way in and out for an aging Golden RetrieverPhoto: In case you didn't know I do faucets ... just one thing I rarely think to photograph when I'm done (like disposers and ceiling fans and ...Photo: Photo: Oner of the larger cubby/coatracks I've built, with hinged seats for boots, helmets and morePhoto: One of my first garage storage cubbies with hinged bench and hooks all around for coats, bookbags ...Photo: The most beautiful epoxy garage floor I've done - royal blue with gray and light blue texture sprinkles.Photo: Custom gate and fence assembled slat by slat to follow contour slope to neighbor's yardPhoto: More French doors - this time with a transom window to fill the extra opening heightPhoto: Simple as that to add - 12 feet wide, 32" extension.Photo: The new aluminum attic ladders are a joy to install and sturdy to usePhoto: Almost finished with another STEEL attic ladder - WOW! (Haven't installed an old WOOD one in years!)Photo: Huge tall shelf/drawer units from IKEA feature mirror doors, shoe shelves and morePhoto: New pantry shelves in this small closet DOUBLED the shelf space and provide great access to EVERYTHING!Photo: This converted garage needed some rain protection over the patio doors ...but how?Photo: A simple lattice shelter hides the rollout containers on this condoPhoto: By shortening the cabinet above, we were able to replace an old vent hood with a combo microwave unitPhoto: Wheelchair ramp makes access smooth and safePhoto: French doors enclose a hallway room into a private officePhoto: Another of the many screen porches I've done with the ScreenTight systemPhoto: A most unusual kit to assemble, but sturdy for 2 overlooking the pondPhoto: I'll assemble just about any kind of a kit you can challenge me with!Photo: Two large pieces finished in my shop and ready to load up for installationPhoto: Sitting and storage space in the playroom - even with a hinged corner cubbyPhoto: This condo bathroom was so dark before this slider window was added!Photo: This simple cover hides a well pump snugged in the shrubberyPhoto: Another way to install and support quick garage shelvesPhoto: Lots more newly screened sunrooms!Photo: Simple corner shelf for TV/DVD and morePhoto: This sunroom welcomed a cute gas stove into this real stone hearth tucked in the cornerPhoto: A simple trim-out for this gas fireplace will be a big upgrade in the living room's ambiancePhoto: The outside view of the newly added windows.Photo: New triple window gives lots of much needed light without limiting furniture and bookcase arrangement.Photo: Some view now - with a larger sliding window with screen!Photo: Picture window over this garden tub (upstairs) wasn't much view of the back yard ...Photo: This half-wall at the top of the stairs to bonus room was just waiting to double as library and storagePhoto: This long counter became a great home office desk - with a custom "hutch" above for books, files, manuals and morePhoto: Installing or removing sliding shower doors is a simple improvementPhoto: Beautiful new clear doors make that old shower curtain ... history!Photo: Useless hallway space was a perfect place for lots of storage space and coat hooksPhoto: ... and lots more room still to grow into for years to come!Photo: On of many doggie doors to allow Fido free rangePhoto: Before: books everywhere on 3 rickety (dangerous!) shelvesPhoto: 3 steps are wider and safer than the single concrete step they now hidePhoto: Simple handrails made these steps safe for elderly visitors to navigatePhoto: Cute little desk hangs on the wall in the cubby playroom, opens for books, crayons and morePhoto: Insulation, drywall and shelves in a tiny attic hideaway for the kidsPhoto: Tada! How's that for display pzazz!Photo: Bring on the custom wheels for this 12'x22' display case ...Photo: ... so a simple triple cubby stores bookbags, coats and more.Photo: Useless corner inside the door from the garage begged to be made more useful ...Photo: Voila! Ready for paint and occupancyPhoto: Next comes an office for the manager - walls, window, door ...Photo: Ready for phones, computers and service managerPhoto: This 5000 square foot showroom started out completely bare! Top priority: a customer service desk - 13 feet long!Photo: The shed outlasted the doors, but they were easily re-created, better than original!Photo: This open overlook to the TV room left no privacy for the kids up or the adults down ... solution?Photo: A shortened door (64") gives full access to previously inaccessible attic storage space!Photo: Vinyl privacy fence includes gate, matching existing fence between condo units.Photo: Closed doors keep great room below separate from rooms abovePhoto: Folding and insulated doors close for privacy and limited noise in both directionsPhoto: Wood picket fence and gate for condo privacyPhoto: Hallway shelves almost 17' long provide space for hundreds of books!Photo: Narrow hallway makes room for lots of paperback!Photo: ...to sturdy, wide and safe new steps.Photo: Upper cabinets awaiting doors and stain.Photo: Beautiful cabinets ready for the customer to stain and add hardwarePhoto: 64 square feet of storage up out of the way makes room for lots of clutterPhoto: ... and also prevents running the wheelchair off any unguarded edges.Photo: A carefully engineered ramp on both sides of the sliding door track makes it possible to navigate by wheelchairPhoto: New white cabinets and cupboards, counter and sinkPhoto: Double fence for attractive privacy from both sidesPhoto: Circular fence with arbor gives privacy to this lovely garden patio (brick work NOT mine)Photo: Pegboard doors hide hundreds of feet of storage on 24" deep shelvesPhoto: Enclosed garage shelves with lockable plywood doorsPhoto: Simple garage shelves provide neat storage and organization