15 Photos - Jun 11, 2015
Photo: Heading up Snarker Pike for our Saturday horseshoe.Photo: Looking north off the top of Red Screes to Brotherswater. It still had not rained by this point!Photo: Windermere looking nice and sunny. Not where we were.Photo: The cairn and a half on top of Ill Bell.Photo: What a ridiculous concept.Photo: Rydal Cave the Lesser.Photo: Rydal Cave the Greater!Photo: Elterwater from somewhere on one of Loughrigg’s many knobbles.Photo: Tom Heights or Black Crag or something like that.Photo: This is a gag.Photo: Stepping stones on Great Langdale Beck.Photo: Knobbly bits near Elterwater in the sun. Sun! I was sweating.Photo: I am a sheep and I like garlic.Photo: Up on Silver Howe in the evening.Photo: Sour Milk Gill, and a campsite for the night.