12 Photos - May 25, 2015
Photo: The ever-present mast of Bilsdale West Moor.Photo: Photo: Ground nesting birds and adders. Probably incompatible.Photo: Heading down Black Moor towards Miley Pike, the flattest pike I’ve ever seen.Photo: On the way up Arden Great Moor, looking north. Colourful!Photo: Heading up onto Arden Great Moor.Photo: Heading up onto Arden Great Moor.Photo: To the west of Arden Great Moor, there’s Northallerton and the A19. Thankfully, I can’t see either in this photo.Photo: Tree.Photo: Ambling down into Thorodale. Adrien said it was full of dead animals, but all we saw were purplebells.Photo: Purplebells out in force.Photo: Tea shop!