33 Photos - Aug 8, 2011
Photo: Open air galleryPhoto: Yellow eveningPhoto: Umbrella?Photo: UmbrellasPhoto: Why so sad?Photo: ItaliansPhoto: LipstickPhoto: YawnPhoto: The bankerPhoto: BagsPhoto: BlondsPhoto: I had such a great time in San Francisco, this is one of my favourite street shot!Photo: Red^2Photo: "The angry barman" Rome, Italy.Photo: Swagging, Los Angeles.Photo: Street photography in a church: ever tryed?Photo: Green thumb, red sweaterPhoto: Don't know why shooting street photographies by night is so fascinating to me...Am I the only one?Photo: Everybody was looking at a street painter, I was looking at everybody!Photo: I had such a great time in LA!!!Photo: Another shot from my last trip to SF, a cafè by night, taken with my Fuji X100.Photo: Bon Appetit! (Los Angeles)Photo: Lonely man. Mount Tuscolo, Italy.Photo: Where is your Romeo, Juliet?Photo: Sunset at lake of Bracciano, Italy.Photo: Commuters IPhoto: 5, San FranciscoPhoto: Benimaclet, Valencia 2012Photo: Hasta el fin - To the endPhoto: Hasta el fin - To the endPhoto: Photo: Leashes (nobody is really free)Photo: Leashes (nobody is really free)