26 Photos - Mar 23, 2012
Photo: The sun was beaming as we pulled into Walmart!Photo: Greated by lovely spring flowers.Photo: I had my girls with me and they went crazy every time we passed by this display of balls.Photo: HOP movie display.Photo: I love the swimwear and sunglasses display.Photo: Spring air freshener display.Photo: Walmart has Easter displays ALL OVER.Photo: In the Easter card section, they had these great new "Blooms to Reveal a Message."  Adorable!Photo: I buy these buckets each year for Easter Egg Hunts!Photo: Smarties!!  I was hoping they would have more varieties, but happy they had these.Photo: I went to the Easter baking section to look for ideas for my Easter treat.Photo: Very convenient!  Plastic eggs and grass.Photo: How can you not stop.  So cute!Photo: My girls were begging to hug the bunnies.Photo: Easter party supplies.Photo: More Easter ideas.Photo: I always do holiday crafts with my girls.Photo: My youngest is in search of a "big girl" bike!Photo: Of course, we must have a matching helmet.  What a huge selection!Photo: I've been using my grill for weeks already.  Love grilling season!Photo: My oldest picked up a tomato plant hanger.  We get one each year so she can grow her own tomatoes.Photo: I've been contemplating buying this for a few days.  I wonder how messy it is??Photo: Excellent display.  Snacks and games!Photo: These are great for guacamole.  Especially if you eat it as much as we do!Photo: Everything I need to create my Easter treat!Photo: My Disclosure.