34 Photos - Jan 31, 2013
Photo: Early morning at TriRail station in Lake WorthPhoto: TriRail makes it easy to transport bikesPhoto: Sun rises around 7am this time of the yearPhoto: Final TriRail stop near Miami airportPhoto: 8:30am, time to ridePhoto: First 5 miles on Hwy 27 are really bad, three lanes, no shoulder, lots of trafficPhoto: At least the SE wind is pushing me along nicelyPhoto: Occasional stops at busy intersectionsPhoto: After the first 15 miles it gets much nicerPhoto: Sawgrass, farm and swamp landPhoto: A rearview mirror would be useful to see what's coming up behind you.Photo: After about 25 miles Hwy 27 intersects with I75, the "alligator alley"Photo: White open spaces, very different from the densely populated areas along the beachesPhoto: Crossing under I75Photo: Coming up to a rest stop. Note the nice tailwind!Photo: Sawgrass Recreation Park just North of the Hwy27 and I75 intersectionPhoto: A good place to rest, for the next 35 miles there is a whole lot of nothing ahead.Photo: Picked a good dayPhoto: The main attraction at this park are air boat rides. Personally, I don't think it's all that great because it's very loud and you sit too low to the water to see much.Photo: The bike waiting to goPhoto: More tailwind along long straight stretches of mostly empty highwayPhoto: Good speed along this section with perfect tailwindPhoto: Along these nearly 60 km my average was actually around 40 km/hPhoto: The view from my tri-barsPhoto: South Bay has a gas-station and convenience store where I refuel with some gatoradePhoto: Western bus terminal of Route 40, which brings me back to Wellington, 40 km for just $1.50Photo: The bus goes every hour. I got to this one with two minutes to spare.Photo: Here the bike rides on a rack in front of the busPhoto: Back in Wellington. Now I got another 15 km to ride back to the TriRail station. That's hard as I cooled down and now the ride is diagonally against the wind.Photo: Back in Lake Worth at TriRail parking lot.Photo: Back home in the garage.Photo: GPS track of the ride. Between Belle Glade and Wellington I took the bus and had paused the GPS tracker, hence the straight line between two points not following a road there. The wind was SE turning to SSE, 15-25mph.Photo: My Suunto Ambit computer with heart rate monitor collects some interesting stats. This intense 90-min section between I75 and South Bay had me burning at a rate near 1000 kcal / hour.Photo: Speed (GPS recorded) over the same 90 min section. Not a single traffic light or other reason to stop. Average near 41 km/h over 61 km - with strong tailwind riding feels like a pro! Note also the very flat road, only 30m over 60km.