9 Photos - Jan 24, 2013
Photo: Deliciously salty brown-butter flatbread and dainty rye rolls at Aska.Photo: Thick slices of chewy, dense sourdough at Flex Mussels.Photo: A mini warm, crusty baguette, thick-sliced sourdough, a large olive roll and a hot, buttery brioche - all served with housemade seaweed butter at Maison Premiere.Photo: MareaPhoto: Crusty golden focaccia, rustic sesame Italian loaf and multigrain slices at MareaPhoto: Blue corn, yellow corn and jalapeño muffins, cornmeal-crusted rolls and sweet potato herb bread at Mesa Grill.Photo: Addictive cheesy flatbread, mini pumpkin loaves and onion rolls - all homemade at Park Avenue Autumn.Photo: Rosemary focaccia, sourdough and rolls flavored with saffron and raisin at Public.Photo: Warm cheese-and-salami stromboli, housemade focaccia and ciabatta from Sullivan Street Bakery at Scarpetta