183 Photos - Mar 5, 2014
Photo: ToucanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Interesting mushroomsPhoto: Leafcutter antsPhoto: Photo: Termite nestPhoto: Hanging roots from epiphytesPhoto: Lake ArenalPhoto: Photo: SpiderPhoto: Tiny frogPhoto: Arenal volcanoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Arenal hanging bridgesPhoto: Palm fruitsPhoto: Wildcat in a treePhoto: Wildcat asleep in a treePhoto: Leafcutter antsPhoto: They actually use the decomposing leaves to grow mushrooms to eatPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Next bridge up the canyonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Spiders in a holePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Orange eyelash viperPhoto: Photo: Hanging vinesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: CoatisPhoto: Coatis on the prowlPhoto: Photo: CoatiVsVanessasHatPhoto: Innocent elephant before getting tackled by VanessaPhoto: Vanessa tries to pose with the elephant without squashing itPhoto: Vanessa 1, elephant 0: she tries (unsuccessfully) to put him back togetherPhoto: Old and new staircases to the La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: Getting ready for a dip at Catarata La FortunaPhoto: Vanessa getting her adrenaline rushPhoto: Vanessa loves the pounding waterfallPhoto: La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: Swimming against the currentPhoto: Vannessa feeling alive!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Crossing Lago ArenalPhoto: It's actually a reservoir created by this damPhoto: Photo: On the boat with the wind in our hairPhoto: Photo: Photo: White ibisPhoto: Crossing Lake ArenalPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: View from above Santa Elena townPhoto: Bird of paradisePhoto: Olingo running on a branchPhoto: Sergio feeds the kinajouPhoto: Kinkajou eating bananaPhoto: Photo: Kinkajou (racoon relative) eating bananaPhoto: Kinajou hanging on the bridgePhoto: Got any more bananas?Photo: Headlamp beetlePhoto: Leaf mimic insect (dead leaf variety)Photo: Photo: Photo: Bolivian spiderPhoto: Green mot-motPhoto: Green mot-motPhoto: Fruit bat eatingPhoto: Looking inside the rotted out tree taken over by a strangler figPhoto: Inside the strangler fig looking upPhoto: WrenPhoto: Butterfly chrysallisesPhoto: Jiminy Cricket!Photo: Santa Elena trail mapPhoto: Photo: Wild turkeyPhoto: Photo: Termite nestPhoto: A large tree can literally have a ton of hangers-on (epiphytes, not parasites)Photo: Photo: Photo: The clouds actually come in to the cloud forestPhoto: Photo: The Caribbean side...Photo: and the Pacific side of the continental dividePhoto: Baby hummingbirdPhoto: less than 10 days old and not even fledged yetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Jane watching Tarzan swing through the junglePhoto: SwingingPhoto: Jane admires Tarzan after landingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Waterfall in Santa Elena reservePhoto: Photo: Up in the canopyPhoto: Zipping awayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Vanessa lands after zipliningPhoto: Photo: Iguana hiding in the roof beamPhoto: 3ft iguana up a treePhoto: Sloth in a treePhoto: Photo: Not-a-statue frogPhoto: Photo: Hourglass frogPhoto: Photo: White faced monkeyPhoto: Insectivorous BatsPhoto: DragonflyPhoto: Photo: Sleeping sloth with babyPhoto: Photo: White-faced capuchin monkeyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Monkeys posing for touristsPhoto: Grooming timePhoto: Photo: Monkeys kissing?Photo: Just hanging outPhoto: Iguana up a treePhoto: Photo: Jesus Christ lizard (walks on water)Photo: Line of batsPhoto: Brown pelicans at Playa Espadilla SurPhoto: Photo: Laguna between Manuel Antonio and townPhoto: Howler monkeyPhoto: Howler monkey crossing the road on a monkey comb treePhoto: Howler monkey with baby on boardPhoto: Howler monkey swinging to another treePhoto: Photo: Photo: Pacific OceanPhoto: Photo: Spiky palm treePhoto: Photo: Photo: Racoons on the beachPhoto: Hermit crabPhoto: Hermit crab highwayPhoto: Photo: Playa Manuel AntonioPhoto: Photo: Iguana on the beachPhoto: Photo: Vanessa  goes for a swim at sunset, Playa Espadilla NortePhoto: ParasailerPhoto: