52 Photos - Jan 9, 2014
Photo: Sumida river by dayPhoto: Night view from our hotel room (we did not take the $100+/head dinner cruise on the boat docked here)Photo: Photo: Tokyo port uner the Rainbow BridgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Kyu-Shiba-rikyu GardensPhoto: Shinkansen entering Hamamatsucho StationPhoto: There are also at least two JR lines, a subway line, and the Tokyo Monorail (whilch we took to the airport) running through the same right-of-way.Photo: The gardens were actually tidal flats reclaimed in the 1500s.Photo: Flowers covered with straw in case of snowPhoto: Hungry carpPhoto: Photo: Snow-viewing lanternPhoto: Photo: View to north from World Trade Center building (40th floor)Photo: Photo: The Imperial Palace complex is on the wooded hill at the center of the framePhoto: Tokyo tower above Zojyoji TemplePhoto: Zojoji templePhoto: Fuji-san is hidden in the clouds behind the white tower in the center 270+ days per yearPhoto: Two bullet trains passingPhoto: Tokyo Bay (and the same garden) from abovePhoto: Photo: Photo: Imperial PalacePhoto: Moat and guard towers around imperial palacePhoto: Photo: Photo: Imperial swanPhoto: Tokyo stationPhoto: Apparent redevelopment holdout (that's the same building on both sides)Photo: Main gate (Kaminari Mon), AsakusaPhoto: Nakamise shopping street and templesPhoto: Five-storied pagoda and Kannon TemplePhoto: Photo: Middle Gate (Hozo Mon) and mostly locals out celebrating new yearPhoto: Five-storied PagodaPhoto: Photo: Koi pondPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tokyo Skytree in the distance next to pagodaPhoto: Tokyo Sky Tree and Asahi Beer headquartersPhoto: UyamaBashi BridgePhoto: EitaiBashi BridgePhoto: Chuo-ohasi Bridge (newest bridge over the Sumida river built 1994)Photo: Rainbow bridgePhoto: Rainbow bridgePhoto: Photo: Ferris wheel and light show