183 Photos - Oct 24, 2013
Photo: Ferry from the airport on Baltra to Santa Cruz IslandPhoto: Ferry pier on Santa CruzPhoto: Photo: Cactus treePhoto: Photo: Path to Tortuga BayPhoto: Lava lizardPhoto: Tortuga BayPhoto: Iguana tracks (note line from dragged tail)Photo: First contactPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Pileup on the interstatePhoto: The mangroves grow directly in salt water; the cacti grow directly on the lava flowsPhoto: Photo: Staring contestPhoto: Great blue heronPhoto: Sally lightfoot crabPhoto: One of the 13 kinds of finchesPhoto: Heron watching for a meal from the pierPhoto: North coast of Santa Cruz IslandPhoto: Uninhabited isletPhoto: Photo: Best picture I managed to get of a manta ray leaping out of the waterPhoto: Photo: Approaching BartolomePhoto: Photo: Frigate birdPhoto: Photo: Going ashorePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Penguin swimmingPhoto: Photo: Cactus on Bartolome islandPhoto: Secondary lava flowsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bartolome Island panoramaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It takes two people to hold up an island but Vanessa refused to be picturedPhoto: Submerged craterPhoto: Parasitic cratersPhoto: NaptimePhoto: Crabs galorePhoto: Zodiac coming to pick us upPhoto: Bye-bye BartolomePhoto: Frigate birds circlingPhoto: Going homePhoto: Photo: Free riderPhoto: Land iguana at Darwin CenterPhoto: Photo: Giant tortoises at Darwin CenterPhoto: Photo: Lava tubePhoto: Photo: Sinkhole (one of "los Gemelos")Photo: The other gemeloPhoto: Stopping trafficPhoto: Photo: Photo: Defensive posturePhoto: Another standoffPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Starting contest round II (Vanessa won this one)Photo: Ducks (the red layer on top of the lake is a type of fern)Photo: Woodpecker finchPhoto: Yellow warblerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bath timePhoto: Photo: Nothing like a good mudbath to regulate your body temperature on a warm dayPhoto: Photo: Also a very popular drinking spotPhoto: Photo: Puerto Villamil harborPhoto: Photo: Baby marine iguanasPhoto: Photo: Photo: Beach at Puerto Villamil, Isabela IslandPhoto: Black and orange crabs on lava rocksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Flamingos, Isabela IslandPhoto: Fishing for brine shrimpPhoto: Photo: More marine iguanas in the salt marshPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sunset, Isabela IslandPhoto: On the road to the volcano hike (Vanessa rode in the cab)Photo: Photo: Out of the mistPhoto: Sierra Negra calderaPhoto: Believed to be one of the biggest in the worldPhoto: The lava at the bottom of the caldera is from a 2005 eruptionPhoto: Photo: Clouds spilling over the south side of the calderaPhoto: Full caldera panoramaPhoto: SpringboardPhoto: Descending to Volcan ChicoPhoto: This is a parasitic volcano that grew out of the side of Sierra Negra after the caldera collapsedPhoto: Photo: Lava tubePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Don't look downPhoto: Photo: Panorama from top of Volcan ChicoPhoto: Ridge Vanessa almost walked offPhoto: Photo: Photo: Fruiting cactus and recent lava flowPhoto: Photo: Church in Puerto VillamilPhoto: Vanessa and the kidPhoto: Tintoreras isletPhoto: Lazy water taxi pilotsPhoto: Water taxi captainsPhoto: This guy also has a passengerPhoto: Photo: Breakers coming into the lagoonPhoto: Sea turtlePhoto: Curious passerbyPhoto: Separated at birth from Dali's melting clocks?Photo: Photo: Vanessa feels the dead iguanaPhoto: Photo: Our guide ended up relocating the rocks on the border of the path so we could walk around him without going off the pathPhoto: Looking out over his adoring fansPhoto: Lichen are the first life form to colonize the fresh lavaPhoto: Playing in the surfPhoto: Photo: Nap time for everybody!Photo: Photo: Channel in the lava...Photo: ...filled with sharks!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Galapagos penguinPhoto: Photo: Photo: Isabela airport checkinPhoto: Ground crew and pilot for our flight to San CristobalPhoto: Islander Twin cockpit. I'm pretty sure the GPS on the dashboard and the radio were the only solid-state electronics.Photo: Unstaffed towerPhoto: Photo: Ready for takeoffPhoto: Puerto Villamil from the airPhoto: Photo: Photo: Landing at San CristobalPhoto: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is a sleepy beach town in more ways than one.Photo: Dog vs. sea lionPhoto: Sea lion pupsPhoto: Sea lion pupsPhoto: Photo: Notice how shallow the ocean is between the islands compared to all around