82 Photos - Oct 24, 2013
Photo: Basilica del Voto Nacional, QuitoPhoto: Basilica entrancePhoto: Tower over the navePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Birds instead of gargoylesPhoto: Panecillo ("little bread") hill topped by the winged Virgen de QuitoPhoto: Catwalk Inside the roof, above the domesPhoto: Photo: What time is it?Photo: View from the towerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Inside clock towerPhoto: Plaza grande, QuitoPhoto: Palacio del gobiernoPhoto: San Francisco plaza/church/monasteryPhoto: Photo: Altar in church of SFPhoto: Monastery courtyard (don't ask me why it's filled with foam animal scultpure)Photo: Plaza Santo DomingoPhoto: Winged statue of Mary overlooking the cityPhoto: Quito panorama from PanecilloPhoto: Mary stepping on the dragonPhoto: Quito from the TeleferiQo cable carPhoto: Chapel at the topPhoto: Photo: Zero visibility ride downPhoto: Photo: New cathedral, CuencaPhoto: Photo: Old Cathedral, CuencaPhoto: Sunday in the Parque Calderon, CuencaPhoto: Ice cream vendor and Sunday park-goers, Parque Calderon, CuencaPhoto: New cathedral domesPhoto: Cuenca panoramaPhoto: Photo: Hills above CuencaPhoto: Church of San Cenaculo (Last supper), CuencaPhoto: Rio Tomebamba (one of four in Cuenca)Photo: Photo: Flower market, CuencaPhoto: Photo: Puente Roto (other half washed away in a flood in the 50s)Photo: Pumapungo archeological park, CuencaPhoto: Reconstruction of Canari (pre-Inca) cropsPhoto: Canal/bath and llama-mowersPhoto: Baby llamaPhoto: Tired baby llamaPhoto: MacawsPhoto: ToucanPhoto: ParrotsPhoto: ParakeetsPhoto: More macawsPhoto: ToucanPhoto: "If I can't dance in your revolution, it's not my revolution"Photo: Organ in old cathedralPhoto: (Deconsecrated) altar in old cathedralPhoto: Pre-incan wall with niches, and colonial archPhoto: Colonial mill-racePhoto: River walk in Guayaquil next to hotelPhoto: Cerro Santa Ana neighborhoodPhoto: Cerro del CarmenPhoto: Gardens along Guayaquil boardwalk (including animatronic pre-historic animal park)Photo: Photo: Simon Bolivar and Jose Martin, los liberadoresPhoto: Malecon 2000Photo: Cerrro Santa Ana from MaleconPhoto: Photo: Moorish towerPhoto: Keeps the kids occupied for 4 minutes (or until the oxygen runs out)Photo: Photo: Apparently even the pirates have outboards nowPhoto: Staircase up to the fort/chapel/lighthousePhoto: Sunset over the Rio GuayasPhoto: Only 50 steps to go to the lighthousePhoto: New condo blocks/hotelsPhoto: Capilla Santa Ana atop the hillPhoto: Guayaqil center at sunsetPhoto: El faroPhoto: Foundations of colonial fort