80 Photos - Sep 11, 2012
Photo: Lots of smoke from wildfires further west (CA and ID)Photo: Phelps LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Menor's FerryPhoto: Grand Teton over historic General StorePhoto: Photo: Ferry docked at the other sidePhoto: Chapel of the TransfigurationPhoto: Photo: Who needs an altar screen when you have this view?Photo: Buffalo herd near Mormon RowPhoto: This guy nearly charged the carPhoto: The pink house on Mormon RowPhoto: Mormon Row homesteadPhoto: Moose browsingPhoto: Photo: Manmade nesting platformPhoto: Grand Teton from Moose entrancePhoto: Mennonite girls from PennsylvaniaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Sage scrubPhoto: Photo: Jenny Lake lookoutPhoto: Photo: Photo: Aspen grovePhoto: Jenny LakePhoto: Below Hidden FallsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jenny Lake ferryPhoto: View to south from Signal MountainPhoto: Photo: Jackson Lake from Signal MountainPhoto: Photo: Gathering stormcloudsPhoto: Photo: Snake River from Signal MountainPhoto: Photo: Sunset over the TetonsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Sunrise over Jackson Lake after the thunderstormPhoto: Jackson DamPhoto: Mt. MoranPhoto: Historic mechanism for raising sluice gates (modern ones are across the road)Photo: Photo: Tetons over Jackson LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Emma Matilda LakePhoto: Photo: Mt Moran over the sagebrushPhoto: Photo: Christian PondPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: There are still a few glaciers but they are receding rapidly.Photo: Smoke plume from wildfirePhoto: Photo: Oxbow Bend of Snake RiverPhoto: Mt Moran reflected at Oxbow BendPhoto: Photo: Photo: Steely gray sunsetPhoto: Scampering volePhoto: Photo: Jackson Lake sunsetPhoto: Twilight over Jackson LakePhoto: Lakeside trail at Colter BayPhoto: