16 Photos - Oct 16, 2011
Photo: My Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite with MIII electronics. Yes, those came stock from the factory. My main axe from when I played in Bad Hat.Photo: Another shot of the 'Paul. I snagged this baby out of a music shop in Pennsylvania back in 1993 for $400 when the original owner decided he "didn't like it."Photo: With a little extra flash on purpose, so you can see the transparent blue color over the maple top.Photo: A little blurry, but another for the grain.Photo: Photo: It's a '93. According to someone I spoke to at Gibson once, there were less than 100 made in this configuration.Photo: Ahhh, there we go, the wood and transparent blue in full effect.Photo: This is a completely custom Ibanez Talman guitar. Built for me by a now-deceased member of the Ibanez shop, the thing sounds like John Fogerty with an extra set of balls.Photo: Yes... it's sparkly.Photo: JUST LOOK AT THE SPARKLES. It was awesome under stage lighting.Photo: Even more sparkles!Photo: Here's my secret prize: a 1988 Ibanez AE200 semi-hollow electric/acoustic. This one is a factory prototype, and was never produced for the line. Yes, this is a one-of-a-kind guitar.Photo: With a custom DiMarzio neck pickup and a piezo in the bridge, it can easily do double-duty in a live situation.Photo: Ooo, look at the maple! LOOK AT IT!Photo: Hoshino-Gakki factory, 1988. Guitar #4016 to come out of there so far that year.Photo: Active electronics. The catalog model was slated to have passive, volume/tone/tone. This has neck vol, piezo volume, a dual-band EQ for the piezo, tone for the neck, a pickup selector 3-way and -- get this -- a toggle to kill the active circuit and go passive.