32 Photos - Dec 16, 2011
Photo: Our two little helpersPhoto: Love these mugsPhoto: Oh, my kids definitely fell for the Sprinkle Snowman!Photo: I just love the convenience of these gift card kiosks. Makes one-stop shopping easy!Photo: Ahh... we've hit the red & green aisles! Must mean Christmas!Photo: I'm always searching last minute for gift boxes. This is a great price for the 10-pack - and a cute design, too.Photo: So many stockings to choose from!Photo: We decided to go with a Cars theme, so my son could relate.Photo: These look fun and small enough for a stocking.Photo: Finn is one of my son's new favorites!Photo: Finally we decide on this one - two cars are better than one!Photo: Ooh! And a Lightning McQueen Pez dispenser for a sweet treat.Photo: Wow! My son really wanted to get this tin, but I think we'd have a hard time fitting it in the stocking.Photo: On to the games...Photo: Score! We found a 2-pack of Cars games for only 97 cents!Photo: And on to the birthday section to look for some other small gifts...Photo: My son loves puzzles, so we had to check out the selection for our stocking on the way.Photo: And my son wanted to check out the art supplies to share with another little boy.Photo: This pack looks fun, but we tried to stick with a Cars theme, so we kept looking.Photo: Even more stickers!Photo: And this one even comes with an activity book.Photo: We wanted to pick up a few more fun gifts, but we had a tough time figuring out what the prices were, unfortunately. Some items were 97 cents and some were $3.Photo: Here's just part of what we picked up!Photo: Then we headed to the clothing, because Mom wanted to include something practical. (Moms!)Photo: Graphic tees for $7 - awesome selection of some favorite characters!Photo: Here's a nice one with long-sleeves. Definitely good for winter.Photo: We decided on this cool hat & gloves set. Perfect for the chilly weather!Photo: And we were going to grab some big boy undies, but weren't sure about sizing, so we stuck with the hat.Photo: We also found a small LEGO Tow Mater set. Perfect way to share our love of LEGOs!Photo: Now the question is... how do we fit all these goodies into the stocking?Photo: Phew! We did it! It all fit - and we have one really cool stocking for a fellow Cars fan!Photo: