62 Photos - Apr 13, 2014
Photo: The run is over but for the memories. If only the shoes could talk :)Photo: We teased him mercilessly about 'creating' the event but in the end it was so so good. Thanks Ken and congratulations.Photo: Pre race instructionsPhoto: "How to read trail blazes..."Photo: Kind of an ominous sign at the start ......Photo: The sign said "visitors should wear fluorescent orange" .....Photo: Where it all began ... and endedPhoto: Scotts Run Lake was the base campPhoto: Just after 7 AM and shaping up to be a gorgeous dayPhoto: Photo: Photo: A little too early for shadow photos ...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It was a rough winter for everyone and everywherePhoto: Collecting the gearPhoto: Making new friendsPhoto: "I said stand together like you like each other" and this is what I got. Love it!Photo: The waiting is the hardest part for the volunteers. We passed the time getting to know each other.Photo: For Molly. :)Photo: The only way to get the party started. ... well at zero dark thirty anyway.Photo: Photo: What event wouldn't be complete without a freak out over something. To be fair my personal freak out happened the night before in the privacy of my own home so no one has photographic evidence. And in the end it all worked out beautifully.Photo: Our events would not be the same without Ryan and is awesome signs.Photo: Photo: Photo: Our official first finishers. 16 miles in the  books for these two.Photo: 50k winner, Derek SchultzPhoto: Photo: Photo: First 50K done!Photo: First 50k for her and she takes the first female winner spot as well! She's probably hiding her face so the doc who told her not to run doesn't recognize herPhoto: Another one for Molly.Photo: Photo: Runners and volunteers waiting for more finishersPhoto: Waiting for dad!Photo: Our youngest volunteers and their duct taped walking sticks.Photo: Photo: Photo: Maggie and her dad.Photo: The MLC master.Photo: Tow first timers ... and look they are smiling. :)Photo: The group that runs together .... gets lost together but it's less scary in a group.Photo: Humans make lousy tripods despite our best efforts.Photo: Photo: More finishers.Photo: Where's my pizzaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Everyone signed the cast.Photo: I wish this wasn't so fuzzy but I'm leaving it in anyway.Photo: Beer patty congratulations Ken on his first 50K finishPhoto: Thanks Ken. We really did have a great time being part of the event.Photo: Patrick sacrificed to make sure no one else was last. And it should be noted he was originally only going to do 20 today.Photo: MOM, S/He's touching me!!!!!Photo: Photo: Marcus was one of the two people to finish 50 miles. Sorry I missed Tim's photo.Photo: Photo: