65 Photos - Sep 3, 2013
Photo: We travelled 1234 miles from Philadelphia to Pittsburg to Cleveland to Albany-Rensselaer to New York and back to Philadelphia in 35.5 hoursPhoto: Of course we had to get from Media to 30th Street station via Septa. Look new train cars!Photo: Dave loves route maps!Photo: We need to work on our selfiesPhoto: Shadow pic outside 30th street. The forecast did not bode well for many decent shadow pics. Even this one is a bit dullPhoto: New(er) gardens outside the stationPhoto: And seating area.Photo: The Pennsylvanian which took us from Philly to Pittsburgh. This shot was taken at the Harrisburg stop.Photo: Ok we are getting better at thesePhoto: Crossing the SusquehannaPhoto: Rain at the Lewisburg stop. I thought we were going to be socked in after this but .....Photo: The skies cleared as we moved west.Photo: Random PA cntruPhoto: Freight train. We had to slow down or stop many times for these to pass. Of the many miles we travelled Amtrak only actually owns a few hundred miles. The rest is owned by the freightPhoto: More random countryside. We live in a very pretty state even if taking pics through the train window dulls it a bit.Photo: Altoona depot. There were miles and miles of track and trains here.Photo: Shadow picture of our train.Photo: More PA landscapesPhoto: The Altoona StationPhoto: The view from our seats inside. The train was packed through to Harrisburg and emptied out steadily after that.Photo: The next 7 pics are of the horseshoe curve just past Altoona. The train goes in a 220 degree arc as it makes its way up the mountain.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: We are now on the other side of the river. You can see here how the arc is not done yet.Photo: Tunnel!Photo: Photo: Photo: JohnstownPhoto: Photo: Latrobe; famous for Arnold Palmer and Rolling RockPhoto: Photo: Sunset heading into Pittsburgh.Photo: The train gets a well deserved rest in PittsburghPhoto: See I told you we arrived!Photo: First stop Primanti Brothers.Photo: Photo: All primanti brothers sandwhiches come with coleslaw, tomato and French fries ON the sandwhich. Yum. Back in my much younger days I could eat two at once. Tonight I barely made it through the one without the bread!Photo: We arrived in Pittsburgn at 8 pm and were schedule to leave at midnight. After Primantis we walked a bit and settled by the fountain at the Pittsburgh Steel Building.Photo: The Capitol Limited which would take us to Cleveland.Photo: Appropriately blurry photo on the Capitol Limited. We would sleep from midnight to 3 am on this train. Actually we got an extra half hour as the train was late getting into Cleveland.Photo: The Quiktrak machine was out of service. I can read but that didn't stop it from repeating over and over "This machine is out of service". There was no where in the terminal far enough away not to hear it at 3:30 in the morning.Photo: At 6 am Sunday we boarded the Lake Shore Limited for a nine hour ride to Albany. This is the Erie station.  Seriously the entire station stop looked like this. :(Photo: We had breakfast shortly after boarding. Our table mate - Jim - took this photo for us. Jim was heading 'home' to the Boston area - the Lakeshore Limited's final destination.Photo: The sun is trying to break through the clouds.Photo: The view from our seats on this train.Photo: Look closely you can see thePhoto: Buffalo was a designated smoke stop. It also serves for as a stretch your legs top for the rest of us. Here is a shadow pic with the train in the background.Photo: See the guy in the kilt.Photo: On Saturday the skies cleared as we moved West. On Sunday they clouded back up again as we returned East.Photo: Riding along side a canalPhoto: Syracuse. Not a fan of the Orange and the station is kind of blah too.Photo: The train was stopped by this algae filled pond for quite a while. Once we got moving again our attendant informed us that a censor on the train indicated that there was a problem with the brakes which causes the train to automatically brake. Once stopped the engineer climbs out and checks everything. I don't know if it was a false alarm or he fixed something but we were on our way again.Photo: Saw lots of these along the way.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Checking the timetable. We were running pretty late into Albany. Between the brakePhoto: We are on the Empire Service now. I forgot to get a picture of this train. Trust me it looked al lot like the others.Photo: Lighthouse on the Hudson River.Photo: Photo: Photo: We made it to Penn Station. Walked around the block and then went back in for our train to Philadlelphia. After that it was too dark for any more photos. Note the "Post No Bills" signs across the top of the scaffolding. Really? As busy a place as this station is... is anyone going to try?