264 Photos - Aug 15, 2013
Photo: Proof we did not walk or drive to CanadaPhoto: Seattle, WashingtonPhoto: Listening to Seattle's version of BEN FM (called Jack FM). Kept displaying random messages while playing songs. This was one of the more amusing onesPhoto: Dave letting his sister Lyn know that we were stuck at the border crossing. It took 45 minutes.Photo: Alongside the crossing is a provincial park (think state park). I couldn't understand whey a Canadian park had a photo of Abe Lincoln outside the rest room.Photo: See I told you it was a long linePhoto: For Emma. :)Photo: Of course :)Photo: Dave and his sister Lynn after a nice meal together and before we finished our day 1 journey to Kamloops, BCPhoto: Vancouver, BCPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Car shadow picture!Photo: Auntie Lynn asked us to deliver this for Dawson.Photo: Day 2. View out the back of Carmen and Todd's housePhoto: Shadow on their deckPhoto: Went for a walk around their development - Raleigh - with Dawson and Brendan. The mountains surround them.Photo: Introducing the grandkids to the wonders of shadow pictures. They were confused but humored Granpaula anyway.Photo: Killing time waiting for Dad to get home from work so we could head for Paul Lake for the weekend http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/paul_lk/Photo: Just part of the packing for the weekend.Photo: Dawson and Bailey (their dog)Photo: I was fascinated by this rock and took way too many photos of it I'm sure. You can simply skip over them :) Carmen and I hiked to the top on Sunday.Photo: View from the second porch of the cabinPhoto: view from the bunkhouse above the cabin. The boys slept herePhoto: Another view from the bunkhousePhoto: The second bunkhouse above where the boys slept. Meant to climb up there but never got around to itPhoto: Yes it's real but there was indoor plumbing as well :)Photo: Looking straight out from the second porch. Dave and Carmen lower left outside the door to the lower bedroom where Carmen and Todd slept. To the left of the photo is the main cabin w living room/dining room combo, kitchen, bath and one more bedroom.Photo: Told you.. This rock/mountain captivated me.Photo: Looking down at the dock to this cabin and the "Huck Finn" which fortunately had a motor. We did not have to use poles to move it.Photo: Photo: Looking back up at the cabin from the dock. Cole on the right in black t shirt and Carmen on the left. Gathering stuff for an evening trip on the Huck Finn.Photo: First of many cannon balls by Dawson (and bonus shadow pic...LOL)Photo: Brendan's ready to jumpPhoto: Where kid goes dog must follow!Photo: Grandpa Dave and DawsonPhoto: Photo: Looking the other way. Not as fascinating as the rock but still very pretty.Photo: Dawson getting ready to show me his ....Photo: ...."synchronized" swimming skills.Photo: Umpire at rest. :)Photo: Cole up on the porch.Photo: Brendan.Photo: Photo: Brendan waiting to set sail. It's better not to ask him to pose...Photo: Cole, Dawson and Bailey waiting to push off as well.Photo: Sun is setting.Photo: Carmen and the boys. Can you tell who the ham is in the family?Photo: Photo: Getting up close and personal with the rock.Photo: Photo: Photo: Cole is telling me about jumping off the rock.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: People hanging out on the rock. Still not sure how they got there.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Captain ToddPhoto: Photo: Photo: About the only time Brendan sat still the whole weekend... when a fishing rod was in his hands.Photo: Nice pic of Todd and Brendan.Photo: Carmen, Cole and Dawson. It did get chilly fast when the sun started to go down.Photo: See, I was there too! LOL Squinting from the sun.Photo: Took some random photos of the houses along the shore.Photo: Our cabin. Actually belongs to someone Carmen works with.Photo: Photo: Photo: Bailey is a good dog... and a spoiled one :) She deserves it.Photo: While putting the raft to bed for the night Brendan found a dead but whole dragonfly. They were everywhere (alive) around the lake.Photo: Photo: The view from our bedroom. Day 3 around 5:30 am -ish.Photo: Sunrise photo 1Photo: More sunrisePhoto: Taking a break from looking for end piecesPhoto: Sun is getting higherPhoto: We flunked the first rule of jigsaw puzzles. Remove the table cloth. We were forever having to put pieces back together.Photo: Morning has broken for sure now!Photo: Photo: The lower porch. We didn't use this much.Photo: We did not get the whole puzzle together in two days... but we did do a decent job of it.Photo: Photo: Paula and Dawson taking off for a paddle around the lake. PS I also did my arm challenge that morning. This was extra!Photo: Photo: Old lady enjoying the sun... with a ton of #50 sunscreen.Photo: Bailey wishing he could go out with Brendan and Carmen on the pedal boat.Photo: I forget what Todd was doing. Likely Bailey had jumped in and he was coaxing her up the bank out of the lake.Photo: Carmen and Brendan returning from a pedal on the lake.Photo: Brendan does not want to wait to dock.Photo: And Bailey is right behind him.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The neighbors dockPhoto: Photo: Bailey "rescuing" the buoy. It was either that or one of us had to jump in and bring the rope back.Photo: Photo: And she let go just a second too soon. I think she did it on purpose.Photo: Photo: For the Disney fans among you.Photo: Dad and daughter having a quiet moment alone.Photo: Brendan wanted to take some photos.Photo: Photo: Photo: On the road back into Kamploops. Dave and I had some souvenir shopping to do and Carmen and Dawson had a volunteer thing to do. The lake is about 25 minutes up the mountain (and a world away) from their home in the valley.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Back at the cabin we head out for an after dinner cruise. It was thundering in the distance.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Approaching the spot where Cole will get out and jump.Photo: Cole climbing to the jump off spot.Photo: Photo: Photo: If you look close about halfway between the bottom of the tree and the water and a little to the right of the tree you see Cole just after jumping. Please note as well, Mom's calm exterior as he did so. Inside I don't think she was quite that calm. Kudos to her!Photo: And Bailey jumps right in after him. When the kids jump in there is no stopping the dog. Ask me how and I know... :)Photo: We are not near the shore now so this is how Bailey gets out of the water. No wonder Todd's back hurts all the time.Photo: Photo: Photo: Next stop the rope swing around the corner of the rock.Photo: Photo: Photo: First Cole....Photo: And there goes Dawson.Photo: Sun setting on a stormy eveningPhoto: Photo: Photo: King of the world...Photo: Poor mom needs to ... well you can guess.Photo: And we are not close enough to home ...Photo: Photo: Trying to distract herself and Brendan from the call of nature by pointing out some nature.Photo: Unfortunately the boys would rather tease mom. Dawson is dripping water and they are both changing "Drip, Drip, Drip ...."Photo: Photo: Photo: Finally.......Photo: Birthday cake for the birthday girl. Double Fudge brownies with marshmallows on top. General consensus was the marshmallows adding nothing to the treat.Photo: Sunday morning. Cole and Brendan and Todd are going fishing; Dave and Dawson hang out at the cabin and Paula and Carmen are going to hike to the top of the rock. The fishermen floated us over to the base first.Photo: Bailey came with us.Photo: The trail. We started at the parking lot on the right hand side bottom of the v shaped markings.Photo: It's 1 km more or less straight up to the top. Fortunately it's well tree covered. If I can't see where I will fall I'm ok.Photo: We are at the top now. See the You are here marking. Now we follow the dotted line over to the viewpoint. Fortunately still dense trees for the fear of falling crowd. (ME!)Photo: Photo: So worth it!!!Photo: I was fine until Carmen tried to take my photo to prove I was there. As soon as I turned my back on the drop I lost all confidence. Sneaky kid that she is she snuck this one of me trying to turn around and stand up. Oh and I have not suddenly turned hunchback.. that's my water bottle shoved in my bra sticking out of my back.Photo: HA! ... :) I really have to get over the height thing because I really want to do more of this! It was a great hike. I think we both wanted to run it but Carmen is recovering from ACL surgery and I'm still getting my lungs back after being off for 10 weeks.Photo: Wait! I have apple in my mouth....Photo: That's better.Photo: We walked around the top of checking out the view.Photo: Photo: Photo: The bare spots across the other hill is a ski run on Harper Mountain.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Still standing :)Photo: Photo: See the shapes in the water... one of them is the boys fishing. If I had a grown up camera I probably could have gotten a decent shot of them.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Even my shadow made it to the top.Photo: So we are heading back down now. I had to take this though. The right path is for brave people the left path is for folks like me. :) Just a little further away from the edge.Photo: So we are at the point of the V now. It's 2 km down the other side. The map is not true to the trail though. It's about 1 km switchback down to lake level and then 1 km along the lake out to the road.Photo: Tree done in by the beetles.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: At lake level now. Letting Bailey cool off.Photo: Photo: Looking across to our cabin.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: See I really need a grown up camera. The boys were fishing still.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: For the Misery Loves Company trail running gang especially Steve and Ryan who have an affinity for impaling themselves on rocks in the trail.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: And we are at the bottom now. We still have to walk across on the road to the other side of the lake and then back down about 3/4 of the way on the other side to the cabin. All told we hiked/walked about 3-4 miles is my guess.Photo: Photo: To the left is the trail exit. We are looking out over the lake from the roadPhoto: Didn't see any real ones.Photo: Brendan caught a fish!Photo: Back in Kamloops on Monday now. We went down to the Thompson River... near their home for some swimming, fishing and Frisbee chasing.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I wonder how many Canadian refrigerators have the Phillie Phanatic on them.Photo: Another bug.. this time a grasshopper and this one was alive.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Taking the 'ferry' across the river.Photo: Photo: Brendan (in black) and his friend....wait for it.... Brendan.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It's Tuesday now. We left Kamploops and drove to Osoyoos to see Dave's sister Anne. It's about 3.5 hours of gorgeousness.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: And we had to get some Tim Horton's coffee. It's not Wawa but it will do :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Goofing at the visitor center which thankfully had a bathroom.Photo: We were tourists with Nevada plates this week.Photo: View from Anne's front porch. I would never get tired of this.Photo: View from her living room.Photo: Dave torturing his sister.Photo: Dave and Anne.Photo: Wasn't sure the first one would come out in the glare of the sun.Photo: On the road again... now it's a 5.5 hour drive to just outside Vancouver to have dinner with Dave's friends Patrick.Photo: Photo: But first a stop in Hope, BC for ice cream.Photo: From the chainsaw competition a few year back.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ice cream stop :)