23 Photos - Nov 25, 2012
Photo: Wide spacesPhoto: Wide and easy trailPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The path behind usPhoto: Photo: Look at all the people down there, buying Black Friday crap they don't need.Photo: Cows hiding from the (weak) November sunPhoto: Photo: The trail aheadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Coyote LakePhoto: Cows are everywhere. I wonder how hard is to round them up.Photo: Photo: Coyote Lake (Download the picture or maximize your browser window for the full resolution)Photo: Photo: Photo: We had two trail options and decided to take the short one. Good thing, since the sun starts to set really early in late November.Photo: Cows on the trail. Some bikers went thru and shouted some "Yee haws" to shoo them away :)