54 Photos - Jul 10, 2010
Photo: Coyote PeakPhoto: Coyote PeakPhoto: Coyote PeakPhoto: Coyote Peak (can you spot the biker?)Photo: Coyote Peak, looking at San JosePhoto: Coyote PeakPhoto: Coyote Peak (sadly, not much sun)Photo: Mountain Lion SnackPhoto: Hidden Springs Trail (on the way to Coyote Peak)Photo: Hidden Springs Trail (Facing East)Photo: Hidden Springs Trail (wheeee)Photo: Tree and red UFO on Hidden Springs TrailPhoto: Hidden Springs TrailPhoto: Photo: Photo: Orange RockPhoto: Photo: Photo: Going up on the other side of Stile Ranch TrailPhoto: Down on Stile Ranch. Valley ahead.Photo: Top of Stile Ranch. Now it's down a valley and up again.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Random Bikers at Stile RanchPhoto: Stile Ranch TrailPhoto: Photo: Fortini TrailPhoto: Photo: Shadows!Photo: Photo: Stile Ranch Trail entrancePhoto: Fortini/Stile Ranch trail entrancePhoto: More springtime greeneryPhoto: Everything is so green at springtimePhoto: Get off my lawn you darn kids!Photo: Private land in front of the parkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Going up?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The top is a lonely placePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: