33 Photos - Nov 13, 2010
Photo: Skull Rock Trail!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The trail goes through a washPhoto: Skull RockPhoto: I love these desert roads.Photo: Photo: Photo: Climbing to the top...Photo: Photo: We photographed these fellas photographing us (can you spot them?)Photo: Hopping all the way to the topPhoto: Ready to leave to Black Rock, our last stop, Mr Squirrel is hoping to grab a quick bite of leftoversPhoto: He stays still as a rock. True nerves of steel...Photo: When I approach, he goes away quick, and returns a la commandoPhoto: Barker Dam TrailPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The dam is dry at this time of the yearPhoto: View from the damPhoto: View from the damPhoto: Photo: It was a sunny and cold dayPhoto: The infamous “Wait a minute Bush”. Notice the hook-shaped thorns. It grabs your clothes very strongly, hence the namePhoto: Petroglyphs. Those in color have been vandalized. Originally, they're white.Photo: More petroglyphsPhoto: Colorful bushPhoto: Photo: Black Rock campground at dusk. We'll hit the road home tomorrow. Amazing how even inside the RV, this night turned out to be one of the most uncomfortably cold nights I've ever been through.Photo: Black Rock CampgroundPhoto: Weird Joshua Tree at Black Rock