26 Photos - Nov 13, 2010
Photo: The Mitchell Caverns CenterPhoto: Lots of people getting ready for the Mitchell Caverns tourPhoto: Photo: On the way to the caverns. A view from the trailPhoto: The trail to the cavernsPhoto: Skull cave!Photo: Yes, it looks like a skull. The left entrance is now closed to the public.Photo: The trail to the caverns, another angle.Photo: Inside we go...Photo: Inside the caves. The caves have lights at some points, which are turned off as people leavePhoto: Terracota soldier? Genghis Khan?Photo: Cave madnessPhoto: Dripping waterPhoto: The path inside the cavePhoto: The “indian”. Notice the eyes, mouth and nose.Photo: Cave shieldPhoto: Pointy!Photo: Don't look upPhoto: This is where one scene of “The Doors” was filmedPhoto: Going backPhoto: Spot the RV!Photo: Some fellas contemplating jumping off and making us laughPhoto: The yellow cover you see on the rocks to the left only happens inside caves. This area was originally inside a cave.Photo: Back to the RV. Going to amboyPhoto: Amboy crater. This was a big bummer. It was hot as hell and we were short on time, so no hikes herePhoto: Back to the RV. Heading to Joshua Tree