28 Photos - Nov 13, 2010
Photo: On our way to Hole In the WallPhoto: Early on the next day, we take the Barber Loop trail. The RV is left behind...Photo: Rocks holding the fence togetherPhoto: Melons? In the desert? WTF?Photo: Solitary daisies in the middle of nowherePhoto: A solitary and unhealthy looking treePhoto: Photo: Mysterious and cryptic trail signPhoto: Photo: Heading back. Notice the cattle gatePhoto: Big drop. Stay away.Photo: This is what's down there. Doesn't look so much until you fall.Photo: The path we just walked. Ready to go around the mountain now.Photo: We just did 6.2 miles. A few more to go.Photo: The way aheadPhoto: The place is well maintained, but an absolute “don't fall on the cacti around” areaPhoto: Do I see faces in the rocks?Photo: Or just holes?Photo: Entrance to the ring loop trailPhoto: We spent a few minutes here trying to understand how to continue. This seemed like a dead end.Photo: Ah... The way is up and using rings.Photo: There's two set of rings. It's not hard to pull yourself up. I just wish they were spaced differently.Photo: We reach Mitchell Caverns at dusk. The mountain west of us causes a premature sunsetPhoto: View from the RV. Mitchell Caverns is a beautiful (and windy) campground up in the mountains. There's limited space (6 campgrounds only) and it costs more than twice the price of the nearby Hole in the Wall campgroundPhoto: Niña Mora lies here. She was 8 days old. :(Photo: Abandoned prospect mine.  Dug by Mr. Mitchell himselfPhoto: Mine prospect entrance. All mines are closed to the public for safety reasons.Photo: Telescope at dusk