20 Photos - Nov 13, 2010
Photo: The Kelbaker road has this strange paving that looks burgundy if the light is right. Looking at the mirror shows a regular black pavementPhoto: We reach the Teutonia Peak trailheadPhoto: A hiker passes by and warns us that “reptiles are pretty active today”. I wonder why not “snakes are active today” and wonder what other kind of lizards afflicted the poor guyPhoto: Joshua trees. Lots of themPhoto: Joshua Trees are tough. These are *not* soft leavesPhoto: A caved-in minePhoto: A much bigger abandoned mine. This is a dangerous place. Rocks take almost two seconds to reach the bottom.Photo: Stay away!Photo: Really, stay away from this...Photo: Joshua trees and blue skiesPhoto: Strange colored berries in a Juniper BushPhoto: We're climbing...Photo: Me + cactiPhoto: Bare mountains in the distance (Kessler peak?)Photo: Can you spot the RV?Photo: Rocks and cacti everywhere you lookPhoto: Follow the trail downPhoto: Back to the RV. Heading to Hole in the Wall CampgroundPhoto: Pause to call the family and tell them we were still alive. This is one of the few spots where we got cell phone signal.Photo: Going to Hole in the Wall. We made the wrong choice and ended up on poorly paved road with a maximum speed of 5 MPH. :(