13 Photos - Jan 30, 2009
Photo: Photo: A view from our hotel room of the lower basin of the Dead Sea at Ein Bokek.  Jordan is on the other side of the Sea.Photo: A view of the main outdoor pool from the room.  The smaller pool to the left is filled with Dead Sea water as is another pool inside the spa further to the left.Photo: A view towards the south at the end of the strip of hotels at this location.Photo: It is a little hard to distinguish in this photo but this woman is covered with Dead Sea mud which has therapeutic qualities for the skin.Photo: About to take a Dead Sea dip.Photo: It is extremely easy to float in the Dead Sea--so much so that it is hard to return to upright from a floating position.  The salt content is ten times that of the oceans.Photo: The Dead Sea is both the saltiest water on earth and the lowest point on the planet.Photo: Looking north towards other hotels on the beachPhoto: Rock cliffs are on the back side of the hotels.Photo: Our hotel, the DanielPhoto: Although salty, the water is beautiful.Photo: A closeup of some of the strawberries purchased earlier