33 Photos - Jan 23, 2009
Photo: Photo: Looking north from Jaffa towards Tel AvivPhoto: Tel AvivPhoto: Jonah set sail from JaffaPhoto: Modernistic sculpture in Jaffa square showing Biblical scenes including the ram sacrifice by AbrahamPhoto: Jaffa parkPhoto: Noah's ark sculpture at the Frank Meisler gallery in JaffaPhoto: Hanging tree planterPhoto: Napoleon laid waste to Jaffa but the plague forced him to withdraw--a few Napoleon remnants remain.Photo: The house of Simon the Tanner where St. Peter stayedPhoto: St. Peter's Church in JaffaPhoto: Modern sculture at CaesareaPhoto: Coal is off-loaded from ocean ships to a conveyor belt connected to a power plant; all utility plants are heavily guarded in Israel.Photo: Caesarea ruinsPhoto: Caesarea has had many rulers--Muslims typically destroy the heads of statues in accordance with their lack of images in their religious rite.Photo: The Roman AmphitheaterPhoto: Ruins off the amphitheaterPhoto: The Hippodrome, site of chariot races and gladiator fightsPhoto: Herod the Great built Caesarea in honor of the Roman Emperor.Photo: Herod built two huge breakwaters, creating one of the great harbors of antiquity.Photo: Pontius Pilate governed from here at the time of Jesus.Photo: The stands of the Hippodrome--many animals were used here to combat gladiators and torture other victims.Photo: A tablet mentioning Pontius Pilate who governed here from 26-36 A.D.Photo: Statue of the prophet Elijah, who fought against the heretics of his time.  The statue is on Mount Carmel.Photo: According to the Bible, Elijah fought the prophets of Baal here; the site is revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews.Photo: A view from Mount CarmelPhoto: Small animals seen on Mount Carmel--their DNA has characteristics common to elephants.Photo: Previously, similar animals were viewed on another trip at Table Mountain at Cape Town.Photo: A Carmelite monastery on Mt. CarmelPhoto: Unusual crucifix at the monasteryPhoto: The Carmelite Order was established here at the time of the Crusaders.Photo: Outdoor chapel at the monasteryPhoto: Photo of a Druze follower in a village on Mt. Carmel.  Druze people speak Arabic and their religion is an offshoot of Islam.  They have good relations with the Jewish people but are frequently persecuted by Muslims.