26 Photos - Sep 8, 2013
Photo: An extensive truss and microphone boom system straddles the Small Hot Jet Acoustic Rig. At right is the larger Nozzle Acoustic Test Rig.Photo: Close and distant microphone booms are utilized in the Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory (AAPL).Photo: Acoustic wedges, each two feet thick, line the floor and dome of NASA Glenn's AAPL.Photo: NASA's Advanced Noise Control Fan Rig is used to develop noise-control concepts for turbofan engines.Photo: A microphone boom runs near the AAPL dome's pinnacle.Photo: Wire mesh was added to the AAPL's dome to prevent birds from nesting in this NASA test facility.Photo: The Nozzle Acoustic Test Rig at NASA Glenn's AAPL allows for acoustic and aerodynamic testing of jet engine nozzles.Photo: A wall of acoustic wedges rises toward the pinnacle of NASA's Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory dome. The dome is 65 feet high.Photo: A size 13 shoe compared to individual acoustic wedges at NASA Glenn's AAPL.Photo: A crane rests in front of the two acoustic test rigs at NASA's Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory.Photo: Visiting NASA Glenn Research Center and the AAPL.Photo: Reflective self-portrait via a display at Glenn Research Center. This is a 1940s plaque from the pre-NASA days of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.Photo: NASA Glenn began as the NARC Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory, commemorated with a ground-breaking ceremony on January 23, 1941.Photo: The Lake Erie waterfront, and the steamship William G. Mather as seen from the Great Lakes Science Center.Photo: View of Cleveland out the front of the Great Lakes Science CenterPhoto: Looking out toward Lake Erie from the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, OhioPhoto: A test model of the Mars Pathfinder landing bag system, now housed in the NASA Glenn Visitor Center.Photo: A 1:44 scale model of the space shuttle that was tested in a NASA Glenn supersonic wind tunnel.Photo: A practice science equipment rack used by astronauts preparing to visit the International Space Station. This rack houses a light microscope with a turret of magnifying objectives.Photo: The Skylab 3 Command Module, housed at NASA Glenn's Visitor Center.Photo: A crew seat is visible in the Skylab 3 Command Module at Great Lakes Science Center, home to NASA Glenn's Visitor CenterPhoto: An authentic piece of Moon rock on display in the NASA Glenn Visitor CenterPhoto: One of many hands-on exhibits at the NASA Glenn Visitor Center gives people the chance to fly a shuttle simulator. (I landed successfully at medium skill level, courtesy many previous hours of flight time...on my iPad app.)Photo: The city skyline as viewed from a lookout at the Cleveland Lakefront Nature PreservePhoto: Lake Erie as seen from a loop trail in the Cleveland Lakefront Nature PreservePhoto: