19 Photos - Dec 18, 2012
Photo: Holidays can be so exhausting, everyone needs a bread. So I decided to plan a family movie night...the easy way!Photo: I headed to WalMart to get some supplies. The new Ice Age 4 just came out so I got that for our movie night.Photo: Pirates, mammoths and saber tooth tigers...that should be interesting. We have all three up to this point, so need to watch the 4th one.Photo: If you are missing the other, you can also pick them up. The price is awesome!Photo: Now to make my night busy, I need something easy and delicious! Gotta love the convenience meals isle for that!Photo: I never noticed how many choices there are! I should look into this more often. These are lunch options and the paninis look awesome.Photo: These are also plenty of individual dinners as well. There have been times when hubby was working late and I didn't feel like cooking just for me.Photo: Even more options but for some reason I still don't see lasagna...
As popular as lasagna is, how can it be that they don't have it?...Photo: Oh, wait....These is a WHOLE SEPARATE section for lasagna. Just lasagna in all different brands and flavors. Wow, it is popular!
Stouffer's is popular and as this is my first time trying frozen lasagna, I will go with the best!Photo: Hubby loves bread with dinner. I will go all the way in trying new things! Plus there is a coupon...Photo: On the box of New York Texas Toast, there is a coupon for free candy!Photo: I think that I am all done with the shopping. I will also be making a wonderful easy dessert. You should check it out: http://cbi.as/d63eePhoto: Not bad for movie, dinner, dessert and a couple of little gifts!!Photo: Ok, lasagna and toast are all ready and save until the family night. Can't wait!Photo: Well, the movie is ready, the dinner is ready and the desert it ready! No phones, no computers...just the 3 of us!Photo: Look at all the goodies we have! The lasagna was great. Very flavorful and so easy! The bread was great too, perfectly garlicky and buttery :)Photo: The lasagna really was delicious. Wait till you see the dessert...Photo: Easy was to make cannoli in a cup. You should read my whole story and get the recipe here: http://cbi.as/d63eePhoto: