39 Photos - May 12, 2013
Photo: Tim Holmes, spokesperson for BlueBills.usPhoto: David Barsamian, founder and host of Alternative Radio. He is one of the real heros of both good journalism and democracy! Hear his great program on KUFM or at http://www.alternativeradio.org/Photo: Victoria Ratledge takes the Blue Bills idea to Europe and the Euro.Photo: Susanna NadiaPhoto: Lily Templeton; don't cross her!Photo: Don't mess with Brian LaMoure!Photo: Ásta BowenPhoto: Tara Atkins; don't let her get too far ahead of you!Photo: Laura Brayko is grateful.Photo: Susanna Nadia places a warning.Photo: Emily Fuller's good news.Photo: Garret Garrels votes every day!Photo: William Lonnell & Marie DibblePhoto: Tom Butts; always a warrior.Photo: Garret Garrels; dignity is his middle name!Photo: Dale Waniata, "Another day, another vote!"Photo: Asta Bowen takes BBs to the lake district.Photo: Mark Scarff; the miracle.Photo: Kelly Manos has it all together.Photo: Photo: David Barsamian, with Lincoln, Franklin and Tim Holmes.Photo: David Barsamian, with old friends Lincoln and Franklin.Photo: Garret Garrels (rt) with a homeless man who helps people take their pictures on the Philly "Rocky" steps.Photo: Blue Bill on Wall St.Photo: Photo: Ti m Holmes with Blue BillsPhoto: GE, larger than New Zealand, but paid no taxes last year!Photo: Blue Bills for the people.Photo: Blue Bill $10, large filePhoto: Subtle coloration is preserved in  the Blue Bill $10, -large file.Photo: Ben shines through!Photo: Luminescence: Blue Bill $10, 78k filePhoto: Blue Bill $1, large filePhoto: Watermarks clearly show on a Blue Bill
-large filePhoto: Blue Bill $1, 460k filePhoto: Blue Bill $1
-large filePhoto: Franklin watermark
largePhoto: surreptitiously, as you can see from the cop's reaction.)Photo: I just did an interview with ABC TV news on the BlueBills. It will air Monday the 15th though I don't have details.  http://bluebills.us/