53 Photos - Mar 24, 2014
Photo: Mill house on the BramPhoto: Bridge over the Bram.Photo: Bridge 2Photo: Reflection in the BramPhoto: Marvellously old-fashioned signPhoto: First lamb!Photo: CutePhoto: Still cutePhoto: Nose nuzzlingPhoto: TwinsPhoto: Time to eatPhoto: SunsetPhoto: Sunset 2Photo: DuskPhoto: Rooftops at duskPhoto: Oooh, scary green smokePhoto: Tree nests across the riverPhoto: ReflectionPhoto: What is this?Photo: Le Pont GothiquePhoto: Le Pont Gothique 2Photo: Cathy strikes outPhoto: I think it's this wayPhoto: The start of the 7km walkPhoto: Dead tree in sunshinePhoto: Sunlight through bare treesPhoto: Twinkly riverPhoto: Fast waterPhoto: First point on the walkPhoto: Directions to Point 2 on the walkPhoto: Arrival at point 2Photo: Le GartempePhoto: Muddy riverPhoto: Our Pooh sticks have disappearedPhoto: HollyPhoto: Lovely village signPhoto: Very yellowPhoto: The river comes back into viewPhoto: Mini waterfallPhoto: Unexpected viaductPhoto: Getting closerPhoto: Sunny viaductPhoto: Bright lightPhoto: Very tallPhoto: Shiny riverPhoto: Quiet villagePhoto: Interesting letterboxPhoto: Flowery wallPhoto: Pretty wallPhoto: Mini stone bridgePhoto: Our start and finish pointPhoto: Buddhist monasteryPhoto: 10 year celebration