33 Photos - Jul 16, 2011
Photo: The child was born shockingly small.Photo: Though the mother didn't mind, the Village Doctor was concerned.Photo: Over the next several years, every child in the village was born small.Photo: Including the Doctor’s own son.Photo: Every day, the Doctor forced the children to bathe in a special  growth formula.Photo: But it was no help, and a whole generation grew up to be only half the size of their parents.Photo: One day, the children rebelled and refused to take their special bath.Photo: They built their own village down by the river...Photo: ...and made their houses too small for their parents to enter.Photo: Over time, the two communities began to fear and distrust each other.Photo: Trips to the river were the only time the Doctor saw his son.Photo: Until one day, many years later, there was a knock on the Doctor’s door.Photo: It was his son asking for help.Photo: The Doctor took a long look at his grandson...Photo: ...and began to laugh uncontrollably.Photo: It wasn’t long before another village appeared further down the river.Photo: Years later, an older villager was on his way to the river to get water.Photo: ...and had a terrible accident.Photo: Tensions mounted as each side blamed the other for the tragedy.Photo: That night, the two smaller generations banded together...Photo: ...and launched a surprise attack.Photo: Only the Doctor managed to escape.Photo: He lived alone in the woods for many years, keeping himself alive with his knowledge of plants and herbs.Photo: But as the years dragged on, he began to wonder if it wasn't too late to make things right with his son.Photo: He returned to his son’s village, only to find the place deserted.Photo: But then, inside one of the smaller huts...Photo: ...he made a frightening discovery.Photo: Suddenly, they were everywhere.Photo: Without thinking, he struck back.Photo: Only to realize with horror...Photo: ...what he had done.Photo: The doctor dropped to his knees...Photo: .and let his offspring overwhelm him.