24 Photos - Apr 23, 2014
Photo: Video: IntroductionVideo: MODES, part 1Video: Video: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTIVideo: Video: Video: the creator is with usPhoto: Wire used for rows and columnsPhoto: Places for openings in wire, where LEDs connectPhoto: The grid assemblyPhoto: LED lights need to be shortenedPhoto: Shortened and labeled lights, waiting to be connected into the gridPhoto: (...two hours later) The LEDs are connected !Photo: First of the four layersVideo: Testing the first layer, iuliPhoto: And then there were two !Photo: That's how my head feltPhoto: Final productPhoto: Oh wait, there's all this other stuff (4x MAX7219 chips, 1x Arduino, PC ATX power supply, control panel, and some wires)Photo: Photo: Le garbagePhoto: Cristi in focused satisfactionPhoto: Cristi playing with it when there's noone watching