20 Photos - Nov 11, 2012
Photo: I'm out of diapers, so I'm heading to Walmart. First thing, check for coupons!Photo: I have to make a list or else I'll forget everything. Shopping with a toddler is tough!Photo: Arriving at Walmart!Photo: First things first, snacks! Got to keep her happy!Photo: So many choices. I've tried them all. Only Huggies for my babies!Photo: There weren't any signs, but they rang up on a price rollback! $2 less than what the take says! Yay!Photo: 2 boxes, one for me and one for a baby shower!Photo: I love seeing this!Photo: She's still a happy shopper!Photo: Look at this sign I spotted, isn't it beautiful!Photo: It's time for checkout, she's not so happy anymore!Photo: I got everything on my list...and then some!Photo: There's that smile! We made it out of the store!Photo: That's a lot of diapers. One package for me and one package for a new mommy!Photo: Putting the diapers to the testPhoto: I see this side of her the most, and me chasing after her!Photo: Still playing and diaper problemsPhoto: That's right, I'm a Huggies baby!Photo: Photo: