16 Photos - Nov 6, 2012
Photo: Headed to Walmart in search of a BB Gun!Photo: Found it! the classic Daisy Red Ryder!Photo: I love the way it looks. It's looks very classic, he'll be able to pass it along to his kids!Photo: I was checking out which BBs to get.Photo: The family helping me shop. They are Santa's little helpers, hopefully they can keep a secret!Photo: Look at all the toys!Photo: I think she would have rather be in the "Princess" aisle!Photo: Photo: I wanted to get some targets for practice.Photo: Our shopping cart. Full of goodies!Photo: After spending about 30 minutes in this same aisle I was ready to go!Photo: Daisy Red Ryder BB gun!Photo: I had to leave it in the car and sneak it in when the kids were sleeping! Sneaky, Sneaky!Photo: Photo: Photo: