24 Photos - Sep 29, 2012
Photo: Before we left to go shopping we downloaded the Royal Ball app on my phone. While in the store we looked for trigger points.Photo: The Royal Ball App is so cute! She can create her own princess outfit, carriage and then dance at the royal ball!Photo: Both girls loved playing with the Royal Ball App.Photo: You can dance at the Royal Ball by following a bird and dancing around the room. She LOVED it!Photo: A cute picture I took of my princess from the Royal Ball App!Photo: Dress for the Ball using the Royal Ball App!Photo: On our way to Walmart to get decorations for this little girl's birthday!Photo: Walmart!Photo: Wait for me!Photo: Ohhh!! Look at all the new Cinderella stuff!Photo: She loved all the new Cinderella toys!Photo: Can I get it...please?!Photo: Searching for more toys to put on the birthday list!Photo: Look at all these CUTE decorations for a Cinderella party!Photo: More Cinderella decorations and wrapping paper.Photo: A little girls dream party...come true!Photo: Cinderella plates!Photo: Please Mom!Photo: I think she put one of everything Cinderella in the cart!Photo: Princess Cake decorations. I've decided to make a doll cake for her this year.Photo: After a little more grocery shopping this little princess is DONE!Photo: Here's what we got! Decorations and some snacks for the party. I forgot my list so I'm sure I'll have to come back.Photo: Ready to check out....the cashier could tell we were having a party!Photo: